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Euro 2020 Quiz! Know your UEFA European Champions trivia? Answer these Euro 2020 Quiz Questions and find out now! MyFootballFacts brings you a collection of Champions League Euro 2020 Quiz Questions from our Daily Football Quiz Questions. Use these Euro 2020 questions and answers to create Euro 2020 trivia quizzes to ask friends and family. Click on the questions for the answers and link to Euro 2020 Stats and Facts or simply search MyFootballFacts trove of football facts. Enjoy the football quiz!

  1. Which six Paris Saint-Germain players participated in the UEFA European Championships 2020?

  2. Who were the Top six Goalscorers at Euro 2020?

  3. Which 15 Chelsea players are participated in the UEFA Euro 2020 Finals?

  4. Which eight Nations have competed in ten or more UEFA European Football Championship Finals from 1960 to 2020?

  5. Which five Rangers FC players are due to play in the Euro 2020 Finals Tournament?

  6. How many of UEFA’s nine Presidents can you name?

  7. How many of the 24 Managers at UEFA Euro 2020 Finals played for English League Clubs?

  8. Which 6 players from Brighton, Burnley, QPR, Stoke, Sunderland & West Brom were in England Euro Finals Squads?

  9. Which six players won 70 or more Caps for Scotland before Euro 2020?

  10. Which five Nations have finished in the UEFA European Championship Top Four the most times?

  11. Which four England Players scored the most Goals in UEFA European Championship Matches 1962-2019?

  12. Which six Former Nations were past Members of UEFA?

  13. Which is the only one of the 24 Countries at the UEFA 2020 Euros Finals not to have any players from their National League?

  14. Which seven players scored Italy’s Goals at the UEFA Euro 2020 Finals?

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