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The Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) is one of the six continental confederations of international association football, consisting of Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and island nations such as Tonga, Fiji and other Pacific Island countries. It promotes the game in Oceania and allows the member nations to qualify for the Copa do Mundo.  Of the six worldwide confederations, the OFC is by far the smallest and is predominantly made up of island nations where football is not the most popular sport. Consequently, the OFC has little influence in the wider football world, either in terms of international competition or as a source of players for high-profile club competitions.

In 2006, the OFC’s largest and most successful nation, Australia, left to join the Confederação Asiática de Futebol, leaving New Zealand as the largest federation within the OFC. The departure of Australia also left the OFC without a professional domestic league in any of its nations.