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Burnley FC Premier League Record 2009-10 to 2019-20

Burnley FC All-Time Premier League Record from season 2009-10 to 2019-20.
Complete record of every match played during their five seasons in the Premier League

Burnley Premier League Record from 2009-10 to 2019-20

Bournmouth Results

AFC Bournemouth860218818

Arsenal Results


Aston Villa Results

Aston Villa61328116

Birmingham Football Results

Birmingham City2101333

Blackburn Rovers Results

Blackburn Rovers2002240

Bolton Wanderers Results

Bolton Wanderers2011121

Brighton and Hove Albion5230529

Cardif Results

Cardiff City2200416

Chelsea Results


Crystal Palace Results

Crystal Palace931591310

Everton Results


Fulham Results


Huddersfield Town4130326

Hull City Results

Hull City642010314


Leicester City1032591311

Liverpool Results


Manchester City Results

Manchester City1113711296

Manchester United Results

Manchester United1224681710

Middlesborough Results


New Castle United Football Results

Newcastle United82428910

Norwich City Goalscorers

Norwich City1100203

Potsmuth Results


QPR Results

Queens Park Rangers2101233

English Football

Sheffield United1001030

Southhampton Results


Stoke City Results

Stoke City83326712

Sunderland Results


Swansea Results

Swansea City6105473

Tottenham Results

Tottenham Hotspur1223710259

Watford Results


WBA Results

West Bromwich Albion61236145

West Ham United Results

West Ham United11416181813

Wigan Results

Wigan Athletic2002140

Wolverhampton Results

Wolverhampton Wanderers5113464

Statistics correct to 9th March 2020 (Matchday 29)

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