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Football Uniting Us One Club at a Time

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English football is a worldwide phenomenon – it’s touched the hearts of millions the world over. The Premier League is massive everywhere and always has been the most popular and watched league.
Betway documentary: Over Land and Sea features West Ham’s Mark Noble and Declan Rice explore the idea that you can be a real fan, even if you live on the other side of the world.
Question remains: Do they live and breathe it like the match fans back home? The documentary follows the story of Pan – and reveals how he became a West Ham fan and shows his loyalty to the club.
Football Uniting Us One Club at A Time
Importantly, it also highlights why he didn’t go for more successful sides like Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool – and even delves into what the Hammers mean to him alongside the lengths he goes to to follow his club.
It also features an exclusive interview with legendary West Ham captain Mark Noble – England international Declan Rice, and former Man City full back Zabaleta.