Top 10 Best Slots for Football Fans

Top Ten Best Slots that Football Fans Really Like

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By Jonathan Lewis | 1st JUL 2022

Top 10 Best Slots for Football Fans

Slots generally provide a variety of different themes to players. These themes range from Arabia to Oceanic and football themes. Football-themed slots are exhilarating games to play because of huge available bonuses, accompanying fun, and exciting gameplay. Players are always enthusiastic about playing football-themed slots as their chances of winning are incredibly high, in addition to the exciting gameplay that comes with it. If you are a newbie, or a stale player looking for the best football-themed slots, this article has you covered.

The List of 10 Best Slots for Football Fans

Lots of football fans like playing slots, because due to the latest graphics and music effects it seems like you are involved in a real football match. Moreover, it is a chance to win huge. The following section comprehensively reviews our top 10 best slots for football fans. Without any further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Hot Shots

Hot Shots is a popular football-themed slot with prominent symbols of animals, footballs, and numbers. The animals usually represent different countries. The slot has a whopping RTP of 97.12% and 234 pay-lines, increasing players’ chances of winning. The football symbol appears on the third, fourth, and fifth reels. The logo symbol allows players to enjoy free spins and multipliers. If you get three or more of the logo symbol, you stand the chance of enjoying free spins and a 10x multiplier on your bet. To make your experience more enjoyable, hot shots are accompanied by a frenzied atmosphere as its background noise keeps you engrossed while playing. The features of Hot Shots include but are not limited to 234 pay lines, huge bonuses, 97.12% RTP, etc.

Top 10 Best Slots for Football Fans

Top Strike Championship

Top Strike championships are known to be generic, and they are not the most fashionable around. Contrary to Hot Shots, it comes with a lesser pay-line, 20, and an RTP of 94.99%. What it lacks in pay-line and RTP, it offers free game bonuses. You can activate your free spins and land a win as your first bonus game. Also, when you land three or more trophy symbols, you’ll be awarded free 20 spins. Additionally, getting the golden ticket on the fifth reel enables you into the second bonus game. Nevertheless, in the second bonus game, you are required to predict the exact winner of a match. Three correct scores land you into the knock-out stages, and in the knock-out stages, you’ll select a team you deem to make it through the remaining rounds. If you select the right team, you land yourself great prizes. However, if your selection turns incorrect, you’ll be redirected to the free spins stage, as you can keep playing with your remaining spins. Top Strike appeals to many fans as it combines slots with betting in addition to its lively audio design features.

Super Striker

Super Striker is remarkably simpler to play than the majority of slot games. Super Striker combines a 3×3 grid with five pay-lines and an RTP of 96.04%. While the chances of winning are low, super striker makes up for this in its terrific bonuses. For example, you win a free spin bonus if you get three footballs or two footballs and gold. Bonus games use free spins to fill the screen with footballs. In every five levels, there are multipliers that, if combined with scatter symbols, result in astonishing wins. Super Striker also has a bonus, where players can predict the number of times a symbol will appear on the screen. If correctly guessed, you win incredible rewards and prizes.

Top 10 Best Slots for Football Fans


Bicicleta is a fashionable slot adapted from Yggdrasil. Ostentatiously designed with 3D visuals and deep sound effects, the gaming experience with Bicicleta is incomparable. Especially, it has a suspense-tickling feature, where anticipation builds up as you spin the reels. If you play more than three footballs, you’ll get 24 spins, and in an event, you get trophies on the fifth reel; you stand the chance of winning as many as 1000 coins and getting other immeasurable bonuses. Bicicleta draws broad appeal because it is suitable for players playing with low deposits or wagers. Like previous football-themed slots, Bicicleta combines slots with sports betting and enjoys a frenzied atmosphere with animated audio-visual features.

Football Mania Deluxe

Unlike the previous slots, this slot doesn’t enjoy the fashionable features of many other slots. Its designs are typically simple, and its features are not as advanced as other slots. However, this doesn’t mean the slot is not as interesting. While Football Mania doesn’t come with the characteristic pay lines of other slots, wins still automatically guarantee you free bonuses. Bonuses in Football Mania Deluxe are triggered when you win three lottery tickets in the second reels. The bonus game demands that you pick one of three available tickets to win a prize. Your bonus free spins become activated when your bonus square is filled with enough footballs. Also, every win in Football Mania gives in to a mini-game where you can win random prizes. Football Mania is appealing as it accommodates different types of players with varying deposits.

Top 10 Best Slots for Football Fans

Ultimate Dream Team

Ultimate dream team slots are one of those old-school slots. The game is mainly symbolized by letters, although famous players like CR7 and Neuer are used occasionally. The ultimate dream team has 25 fixed pay lines and five reels. The chances are not as comprehensive as previous slots, but they are enough to win. While you might not win real cash, you can get the opportunity to land free bonuses and spins. For example, if you match the manager scatters, you will get a 12-man team with a coin attached. Also, matching a Ronaldo look-alike guarantees nearly 800x winnings of your initial bet.

Football Girls

This slot uses female players as symbols. There are women clad in female wear, including five reels and 30 pay lines. Bet amounts usually start at $0.5; if you match three symbols correctly, your deposit can be multiplied 10x. In extreme cases, matching the symbols five times guarantees 10,000x on your initial bet. While these slots are waning in fame, they are preferred for their low deposit cap.

Top 10 Best Slots for Football Fans

Football Star

The football star was designed in 2014 to commemorate the World Cup held in Brazil. It has five-reel slots and a 234 pay line. Football star requires low betting amounts of $0.5 to start, and the RTP (Return to Players) is the second-highest on our list, pegged at 97%. Expectedly, football stars’ symbols include a referee, a football star logo, and football boots. In addition, winning is usually made to look like a goal celebration.

Football Champions Cup

The Football Champions cup was adapted from the 2016 Euros tournament. Football Champions cup slot attempts to replicate the atmosphere of Euro 2016 into life. It contains an extensive background, a pitch, and sky-blue clouds. In the football Champions cup, there are five reels and 20 pay lines, increasing the chances of winning. Events like shooting and scoring goals equally earn bonuses. Saving and scoring penalties go as far as making huge bonuses and real cash. The game’s format is four tournament rounds, and you stand to win amazing prizes as you move higher.

Top 10 Best Slots for Football Fans

FIFA World Cup

FIFA world cup is a top-rated football-themed slot available both on physical and virtual casinos. This slot provides an ideal opportunity for players who look towards winning amazing prizes with little deposit. In the FIFA world cup, there are different characters offering the opportunity to triple earnings through huge bonuses. The slot is a 5×3 grid and has attractive game themes depending on which suits your taste. The themes encompass teams, kits, world cup trophies, and international players.

Summary of The Best Slots for Football Fans

Having explored the best 10 football-themed slots for football fans, we have carefully created a summary of the best 3 you shouldn’t miss out on for any reason. See the table below for the details:

Football-Themed Slots Details
Hot Shots Hot Shots offer higher chances of daily wins, bonuses, and gifts to players. In addition, the game features animal symbols representing different football-playing countries.
Super Striker You shouldn’t miss out on playing Super Striker, particularly because of the game’s comparative simplicity. It is simpler to play than several other slot games with lower risks and bigger bonuses.

However, because of its low risk, the chances of winning are also relatively lower than other top football-themed slots.

Bicicleta If you want to wager with low fees, then Bicicleta is your best bet! Apart from the possibilities of earning money, Bicicleta also offers an immersive gaining experience that makes every minute spent playing enjoyable and thrilling. You won’t want to miss out on that too!



There’s no doubt that football is one of the most popular sports on earth. As casinos are giving in to new technology, casino owners have successfully introduced football on slot machines. With the top 10 football-themed slots for football fans explored in this article, you are assured of exposing yourself to even more opportunities to upscale your earnings while betting on the game you love. Moreover, all the games represented above are real money as well as free slot machines, which enable gamblers to have some free practice before trying their luck playing with their real funds. Free modes are also suitable for those football fans who want to be involved in football gambling but don’t want to take risks. You can choose what is the best option for you and try all the games mentioned above.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer