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By Jonathan Lewis | 10th MAY 2022

Understanding the betting markets is the first step to achieving consistent returns from sports betting. While you can use the speculations and tips from experts for your bets, it is important to develop the capability to make your assessment based on statistical analysis.

You can get the news and analysis of sports events from various platforms, including However, the toughest part is finding the right market to enable you to develop a strong betting strategy.

In this post, we will cover the top 5 betting markets that you can focus on as a beginner to improve your betting skills and betting strategy.

  • Handicap Markets

You will find the handicap market in football as with other sports. It is a great starting point for beginners in sports betting. While it may be easier to pursue the goal scorer or outright winner markets, focusing on handicap markets can improve your earning potential.

If a sports event is too close to call, you can minimize your betting risk by choosing the handicap market and betting on a narrow margin in exchange for lower odds. When betting on a match that you are sure of, you can extend your odds and bet on a bigger margin with handicap markets.

  • Match Winner Market

When you bet on the match-winner, you cut out a lot of analysis in your prediction. It is all about choosing a winner and your odds of winning are 50%. It is either your chosen team wins or not. You can make consistent winning when you bet on the match-winner market.

  • Half-time Score Market

Many gamblers would prefer to bet on the final score market but betting on the half-time score market is a smart move. When you bet on the final score, you double the time in which an unexpected event can occur.

Statistics have shown the merits of the half-time score market. For instance, the most common half-time score is 0-0 while the prediction for the final score is not very predictable. Betting on the half-time score market improves your winning odds.

  • Goalscorer Market

If you have a favorite football team that you have studied well, betting on the goalscorer is a good move. All you have to do is bet on a specific player to score in a match. This market offers numerous betting options such as betting on the first or last goalscorer during the match.

It is worth mentioning that the odds of scoring at any time will be shorter than putting a specific timing to it because there is a higher chance of that happening, anyway.

  • Draw No Bet Market

Although the odds for this type of betting market are low, it is a good choice for beginners in sports betting. Here, you get to bet on the outcome of a sports event. If the match ends in a draw, you get your stake. It is a simple bet that any beginner can bet on.


There are numerous sports betting markets that players can explore. However, the five markets enumerated in this post are the top options for beginners in the world of sports betting.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer