Quick Guide to Matched Betting

Quick Guide to Matched Betting

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By Jonathan Lewis | 9th SEP 2021

Match betting is a betting technique used by bettors, as a way of profiting from all the free bets and incentives that are available ready from select bookmakers. Generally, it is seen as a risk-free form of betting, as you base your betting on mathematics rather than chance. This form of betting allows punters the chance of converting their free bets into cash, and spreading their bets across multiple potential outcomes within a sporting event. The reason this can help create profit is down to the fact that it does not matter which team actually wins the sporting event, but rather down to the potential outcomes instead, that you select.

You can get involved in no risk matched betting today and start making profit. However, before you jump head-first, make sure to read up on the quick guide surrounding the topic of matched betting. This will ensure that you have the best start towards making your match betting journey a successful one!

How does match betting work?

Match betting works through a series of free bets which are offered by your online bookmaker. Match betting will involve you placing bets on both the outcomes, meaning you are guaranteed a win in the process. Within the region of the UK, match betting is always given to punters with association to free bets which operate via new player sign-ups.

How much can you earn?

In terms of how much you can earn, this will depend on the time you are willing to put into the gambling niche. Usually the sign-up offers associated with this form of betting, can actually be profitable and very satisfactory. In addition to this, if you happen to upgrade and move past the free bets, and onto the reload offers, you can find this is another way to boost your winning potential too. Multiple winners have reported great success from their match betting Premier League gambling, with profits of £300, all the way up to £1000. Of course, this will entirely depend on you and the attitude you give to your gambling activities. However, don’t count on this strategy as your investment, make sure you follow the rules and don’t over-gamble, thinking you will become one of the most successful sports gamblers.

How long does it usually take?

Match betting can usually take around 5 hours a week, and discipline to make the average of £300 in a month. While that can seem quite little in comparison to how much time you are putting in, you can easily put in the entire 20 hours in a week, if you have the mind for it! It will all depend on you and your own individual goals at the end of the day. You make what you sow!

Do you need to know about sports betting to be successful?

It is not necessary to know a great deal of sports, to have a successful turn in this field of gambling. The reason why is because the outcome of the sports event is actually pretty irrelevant to you and your profit results, meaning a beginner can do really well if they know how to perform match bets correctly.

How can I make money from matched betting?

To make money from matched betting, you will need to be able to first of all track a bonus from a bookmaker that works with you and your gambling motives. Match betting involves you placing multiple bets, to trigger the offers and incentives from bookmakers. Regardless of the outcome, you will select a different series of bets within match betting to unlock the promotional incentives of a bookmaker.

Match betting is also known as lay betting, double betting or arb betting. It all depends on the region you play from, and the bookmakers presenting you the chance and space to express the forms of gambling there. Usually, a typical return that you can make from match betting, is 85% of the entire bet promotional offer that is presented to you. Meaning on average if you see a £10 free bet promotion available by a bookmaker, you will be able to unlock £8.50 of that incentive, to use towards your betting profit. Once you have obliged the terms, you will be able to withdraw and do whatever you like with the profits!

You will need to place multiple bets to trigger the offers and potential from them. The more bets you make, the less risk you have from losing a large percentage of the profit you have available.

An example of match betting would be like this:

Imagine a bookmaker is giving a total of £10 to you, if you place a bet within the sports niche tennis. If the odds happen to be right and viable, you would be able to bet on a certain player to win, and place another bet for the opposing player to lose. Both bets are an exchange and would put you in favour for whatever the outcome. This would allow you to be returned with your original stake, but also trigger the bonus from the bookmaker too, meaning you will have double the amount you started with originally.

These promotions are usually only available to new customers, even though they are regularly available always, you usually can only use them once at each bookmaker, unless they offer such incentives for existing customers. Before you do begin using matched betting, please always remember to gamble responsibly.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer