How to Bet and Win When Playing Football Betting Online

How to Bet and Win When Playing Football Betting Online

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By Martin Graham | 12th Jul 2022

Football betting is the most interesting game for betting enthusiasts. So, how to bet and win when playing football betting online. Let’s stay up to date with the latest news here!

Online football betting and traditional football betting are both forms of money betting. However, online football betting has many advantages over traditional football betting. Nowadays, online football betting is very easy over the phone. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can bet online anytime and anywhere.

So, in this article, we will share with you how to bet and win when betting online.

How to Bet and Win When Playing Football Betting Online

How to bet football online

Football betting is not easy. Therefore, to be able to play football betting with a high win rate, you need to have good knowledge of this type. You must learn how to properly create a football betting account before placing a bet. In the immediate future, you must choose a reputable and safe bookie to access. There are dozens of bookies operating, but try going and see the features that KUBET  has to offer. If you are a sports betting lover, then Kubet will definitely be an address to meet your needs.

Step 1: Understanding the rules of the game

Everyone wants to be the winner in football betting. To do this, it is imperative that you learn about football betting rules to be able to handle the bet quickly and accurately.

The match result will be calculated in the round you bet on. If the first half result is abandoned, bets relating to the first half will also be considered void. If only the result of the second half is abandoned, bets on the first half will be settled.

In the event that a match is postponed or suspended within 12 hours. Bets for that match will be automatically voided. The dealer will refund all bets on these bets.

When participating in a football betting game, the bookies will publicize information about the football match such as the football pitch, the performance of the two teams, and the time of the match. All of this information is for players’ reference only and will change from time to time. Therefore, you should update the information regularly to bet more accurately.

Step 2: Calculating money in football betting

If the bet is to lose half of the bet, you will lose half of your bet. If the bet you bet on loses the whole match, you will lose most of your bet. When collecting money, you will calculate money according to the amount formula: Bet x Odds = Amount to lose

When you win the bet, the amount you receive will also depend on the odds of the bet. The bonus you receive will be the amount of the bet multiplied by the match odds.

Each bookmaker will have a different calculation formula. The above is the most common calculation method that we often encounter at the big bookies.

How to Bet and Win When Playing Football Betting Online

Step 3: Knowing the types of football bets

Basically, there are 3 most popular bets, which are Asian, European, and sic bo. However, if you expand and go deeper, there will be a lot of odds on football betting. For Asian markets, there is some terminology that is different from European markets. The terminology of the European bookie is much simpler than that of the Asian bookie. However, there are terms you need to know in order to place your bet correctly.

Step 4: Choosing a reputable football bookie

The first thing to do is to choose a reputable bookmaker. This step is very important because of many influencing factors such as promotional offers, odds, customer service, etc. Each bookmaker will have different advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you need to consider choosing a reputable bookmaker for yourself.

Step 3: Signing up for an account

You access the homepage of the bookie of your choice. Next, you just need to click “Register” on the homepage. This button is usually located in the right corner of the screen. Then, you enter the account registration information. You need to enter all the personal information that the bookie requires, especially the password. Then you choose to confirm to complete the registration. Next, you choose the sports hall of the dealer you have chosen to start the game.

How to Bet and Win When Playing Football Betting Online

Step 4: Depositing and betting

Once you have enough money in your account, you can start placing bets. You will log in to your account and choose any sports hall. Then you choose the desired bet you want to bet on.

Step 4: Placing your bets

First, you choose the team you want to bet on. Next, you choose the amount you want to bet. The (-) button is to decrease the bet and the (+) button to increase the bet. Finally, you press the button to complete the betting round.

Thus, the betting process has been completed. You can check and track your chosen bet ticket yourself.

How to win football betting online

Step 1. Football odds

For accurate and effective football betting, players need to collect and analyze information about the match. This information includes the ranking position of the two teams, the confrontation history of the two teams, the density of the two teams, the starting lineup, …

Step 2. Choosing the best door

The information on the table of odds and its fluctuations will also show the bookmaker’s opinion on the first match. The bookmaker has a strong betting team, so understanding the bookmaker is to see 80% of the match results correctly.

Usually, the odds increase and the meal money also increases. The bet is reduced, the food will also decrease.

Step 3. Doing not place bets for example

Example markets are bets that change frequently. The keonhacai changes constantly to entice players to bet. These types of bets have very good odds but are unlikely to happen so winning is very low. To maintain capital and secure your bets, you should stay away from this type of bet. You should only bet on fair odds to ensure safety.

How to Bet and Win When Playing Football Betting Online

Step 4. Prioritizing European bets

Betting in Europe is a very good bet and is suitable for players who prefer safety. With European bets, you will increase the probability of winning better than other bets. Because there are only 3 bet doors, the chance of winning is 33.3%. The reasonable calculation of European rafters will help you maintain capital and inherit profits in only a long time.


The above is our guide to winning online football betting. We hope this information will help you to win big in the matches.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

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