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How can I Bet on the FIFA World Cup 2022?

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By Jonathan Lewis | 5th Oct 2022

The biggest event in the world football calendar and arguably the world sporting calendar is on the horizon, as the 2022 FIFA World Cup gets underway in Qatar on November 20th.

When it comes to gambling on a huge event like the FIFA World Cup, finding the best betting sites is often a tricky task for punters, simply due to the number of betting options available to them: all international and Irish sports betting sites will activate their betting offers.

A total of 64 matches are set to be played over a breath-taking 28-day period in Qatar, a World Cup that has been one of the most controversial in recent memory, due to its scheduling within the calendar. FIFA decided to tear away from the traditional summer World Cup and host the event in November and December 2022, bang in the middle of the domestic competition structures in most football-playing nations. So here is a rundown of how to bet on the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Embrace the Betting Options

One of the key appeals of the FIFA World Cup is the diversity within the competition, with 32 countries from all over the world taking part.

Qualification for the World Cup encompasses every football-playing nation on the planet and reaching the World Cup finals is the ultimate accolade for any country competing.

Consequently, betting on the World Cup is seriously big business, for all levels of punter – as bookmakers look to offer the most comprehensive betting options available to gamblers.

There are plenty of options when it comes to betting on the World Cup – here are a few of the most sought after World Cup betting markets:

  • Match Winner  – Probably,  the most common football betting market you will find. This is simply a bet on who you think will win the match, or if you think the match will be a draw. There are three possible outcomes: Team 1 to win, a draw or Team 2 to win.  Quite often these options are represented by the symbols 1 X 2, where 1 stands for the first team, X – for the draw, 2 – for the second team. Worlds “Home”, “Draw” and “Away” are also possible.
  • Outright Winner – The most self-explanatory of the World Cup betting markets, backing a specific team to run out as World Cup winners. Whilst the usual big hitters of Brazil and France are often available at shorter odds, plenty of value can be found within the marketplace.
  • Golden Boot Winner – At every World Cup, one player will scoop the Golden Boot trophy – by virtue of scoring the most goals. Once again, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Harry Kane and the like will inevitably be the front runners at the 2022 FIFA World Cup but there are plenty of enticing betting options in the wings.
  • To Win the Group –Winning the group in any World Cup is essential, as it enables sides to have a more favourable draw as they progress through the competition. With 4 teams in each group all playing against each other, there is a real element of unpredictability and backing a side to win the group can pay dividends.
  • To Qualify for the Knockout Stages – Making it out of the group stages is always the initial hurdle every country has to overcome and with so much at stake, unusual results are commonplace in World Cup football. Backing an unfancied side to make it out of the group stages is always a good market for punters to access.

Build the Accumulators

Few sports betting offerings deliver the chance to balance risk and reward in the way that accumulator bets do and the 2022 FIFA World Cup presents the perfect opportunity for punters to efficiently place accumulator bets.

With 64 matches crammed into a congested 28-day period in Qatar, punters have a fantastic opportunity to try and predict the outcome of various matches and combine them together as part of an accumulator bet.

It must be said at this point, that accumulator bets always carry an increased element of risk – simply as punters are betting on the outcome of multiple matches – not just one – meaning getting just one result wrong, can scupper the whole bet.

However, it generally does not take much of an initial stake from punters, in order to yield some significant rewards.

Backing 4+ teams in any accumulator can be a rewarding strategy, particularly in a competition as evenly contested as the World Cup, where there shouldn’t be a huge differential in the playing abilities of every side.

In addition, the fact the matches are played so frequently enables punters to become invested in a set of results within a relatively short space of time, ideal for punters who are looking to keep betting frequently and keep their bank balance ticking over.

Get Engrossed in the Live Action

World Cups are hosted every 4 years, making them one of the most watched sporting events on the planet and the ability they have to bring nations together through football is unrivalled.

All levels of sports betting enthusiasts have been able to benefit hugely from the developing trends within online sports betting, that has enabled more fans than ever before to be able to bet on and watch the action unfold at the same time.

Betting on in-play sport and particularly football, has never been easier, with the connected world in which we all live seemingly perfect for online sports betting. The 64 matches to be played at the 2022 World Cup will all offer up a range of odds and bets for punters to get stuck into.

Placing a bet within the live, in-play market is exhilarating for punters, as they can be fluid with their betting strategy as the action is unfolding. Betting on the finite details of any match such as the next team to score, how many cards will be shown and how many corners each team will have are just some of the myriad of markets punters can access when betting in-play, making the sports betting and viewing experience more holistic than ever before for fans.

Take Advantage of the Bookmaker Offers

With domestic football coming to a kind of standstill for 6 weeks to accommodate for the 2022 edition of the FIFA World Cup, all bookmakers will be looking to use the World Cup as the vehicle to promote their sportsbook and attract new members.

Every bookmaker will be offering Free bet credits and tokens to new and existing customers, as well as in-play betting promotions and special World Cup specific betting opportunities. You can find a list of reliable bookmakers operating in Ireland at Match.Center. Shopping around for the best bookmaker is always recommended but there will be plenty of options out there for punters of all levels when it comes to betting on the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer