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Does Sponsorship from Online Casinos Benefit Dutch Football?

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By Martin Graham | 22nd Jul 2022

Playing at online casinos that offer sports is a growing trend. This has also led to more online casinos choosing to sponsor elite clubs and professional players. By exposing the casino’s brand in this way, it is easier to reach a specific target group. Currently, there’s a discussion going in Netherlands whether this is appropriate. The question is whether football benefits from Dutch casinos sponsoring players and clubs. Or is the sport actually being hampered by this type of modern marketing method?

Football and betting

Many Dutch people choose to play at an online casino, even though it involves a certain amount of risk. After all, these types of online casino are making millions every year at the expense of their players. This means that you, the user, can play whenever you want and for however much you want, without the operator being involved in controlling the levers. On the other hand, online casinos are popular precisely because they offer a smooth and easy way to start playing.

Of course, online casinos have a responsibility to offer safe and secure content. Casinos with a Dutch license are the first thing any Dutch players should look for. It is also important for clubs and football players to choose serious players in the category of licensed Dutch casinos. Sports and sports betting do not spontaneously go together, but there is something that benefits both parties – that is, if the cooperation is based on a serious and secure approach.

Advantages and disadvantages

Football is always in need of money and the sport therefore benefits from this type of cooperation between players, clubs and online casinos. Matches, leagues and championships get attention. This in turn leads to increased ticket sales, more streamed matches and so on. A good example is the cooperation between Toto and Feyenoord, which has definitely contributed to an increased interest in Dutch football betting.

The disadvantage of casino partnerships, whether it is an online casino or a traditional betting site, is the individual risk. That is, that players will end up in a difficult situation with, for example, gambling addiction or debts as consequences. Advertising can be very targeted and therefore there is a risk that the “wrong” people will fall for it. This is something you as a casino player can quickly control on your own. Whether it’s a casino banner ad or a casino site’s website, you should always be able to find information on responsible gaming. That is, how the casino in question works to counteract gambling problems, but also which tools the operator actually offers to help players.

The importance of a serious approach

Football is one of the world’s biggest sports in terms of both players and spectators. It is therefore important to look after the best interests of the sport, even if this does not always involve a direct sporting approach. Betting and betting on odds has nothing to do with what happens on the pitch itself. On the other hand, betting on football is a phenomenon that has always existed on the periphery of football.

If you are interested in betting on football, it is your responsibility to choose a reputable casino. First and foremost, choose a reliable and registered casino that has a Dutch license. For example, if you come across a commercial where Andy van der Meijde  recommends Betcity, you can image it’s actually a serious business.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer