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Now is the Time to Bet at EPL. And this is the Best Way to Do It.

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By Jonathan Lewis | 28th Feb 2022

The general consensus is that the confrontation between the Reds and the Sky Blues will determine the champions for this season. Apart from that, there are six teams claiming the remaining five tickets for the European competitions, while there are plenty of teams at the bottom of the table fighting to avoid relegation. For the punters this can only be regarded as the idyllic setting. The odds to win the Premier League will have real value and here we come to tell you where you could find the best options.


The Issue to Consider

There are plenty of betting establishments out there and all of them will make quite enticing offers from now on. To find the best of them, one would need to compare. Not only on the odds but also on aspects like dependability, honesty and trustworthiness. This is a time wasting process that may result in a loss of possible profit. Not to mention of course that there will be a need for the best possible professional tips.

The holistic solution to this problem is to use the product line of the top agent for Asian and European bookmakers. BET-IBC has been around since 2007. This is a lot of time to prove that it is both a trustworthy and reliable enterprise, where all financial transactions are handled promptly, all personal information is kept safe, there are plenty of deposit and withdrawal options to use, and a customer support that is available 24/7 in a massive total of 31 languages.

What Makes it the Best Option for EPL

First of all, they have their own team of professional tipsters. Their job is to provide the advice that every bettor needs to make a fully informed decision on solid information about the underlying circumstances of every event. What we described above may be the chance for some great profits for those who bet on the Premier League, but it is also a slippery slope as the teams that complete at each set of rewards are more or less equal. Punters will need every bit of guidance that they can get.

BET-IBC offers its customers two ways of placing their bets. Either through a selection of the betting establishments it represents, or via the best betting platform that they have placed at their disposal. Especially for the high rollers there is also the option of Skype betting, where they can wager at really high amounts without the fear of void bets.

VIP-IBC is the platform in question. Its concept is to gather all the prices that the top class bookmakers it cooperates with provide, and then present them in a comprehensive manner, all in one display and accessible through a single account. Meaning that for those looking to wager either on which side will cross the finish line first, or on those that will be featured as the new members of the Championship next year, it will be just a click on the mouse button to make a choice. Easily and quickly.



The usual problem when using the traditional European bookies, is the risk of restricted or blocked accounts for people that keep winning. Opening a betting account via agent offers quite an advantage. When there is less risk of losing money due to the legalisms, there is more chance to make a profit.

This chance is increased even more when the accumulation of prices in one place offers the chance of always spotting the very best offers. The same stands true for the limits of each wager. The existence of more bookmakers means higher amounts as more players get involved. And that means even more profits. Consequently, any and all correct predictions on who will be the Champions, or which teams will go over the bar successfully, will bring to those who made the right ones, a substantial amount of money.


The notion is quite simple. Either waste a considerable amount of time circling through sites and prices and studying on one’s own on what may happen (probably without an adequate number of sources for data), or take some professional advice (from people that have the necessary access to all of the available pieces of information), view everything in one screen, sit on a couch, watch the matches on TV (or for those close, to be present in the making of history) and then just collect the proceeds. Which option sounds better?

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer