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Football quiz questions on Tottenham Hotspur.
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  1. Who were the three Tottenham Hotspur Players with UEFA Champions League Hat-Tricks?

  2. Who were the eight Football Writers Association Player of the Year Winners from Tottenham Hotspur?

  3. Which seven players wore Tottenham Hotspur’s Number Ten shirt in the Premier League Era?

  4. Which six players were sold by Leeds United to Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League Era?

  5. Which five Tottenham Hotspur Players were in England’s 2010 FIFA World Cup Squad in South Africa?

  6. Which three Tottenham Hotspur Captains lifted Major European Trophies?

  7. Which five Foreigners made over 200 Premier League Appearances for Tottenham Hotspur?

  8. Which four goalkeepers won England Caps as Tottenham Hotspur Players?

  9. What were the Original Names of Burnley, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur & Manchester City?

  10. Which three Managers have been in charge of both Chelsea FC & Tottenham Hotspur?

  11. Which four Foreign Countries have hosted Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur matches?

  12. Which six footballers won the PFA Young Player of the Year with Tottenham Hotspur?

  13. Football Coloring Book / Soccer Coloring Book
  14. Which three clubs have Tottenham Hotspur won the most Premier League points off?

  15. Which eight players have worn Tottenham Hotspur’s number nine shirt in the Premier League Era?

  16. How many Tottenham Hotspur players can you name who won the Premier League Player of the Month Award?

  17. Who are Tottenham Hotspur’s Top Five All-Time Scorers.


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