Tottenham Hotspur Football League Cup Record 1966-67 to 2021-22

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Tottenham Hotspur Football League (EFL) Carabao Cup Record 1966-67 to 2021-22 from West Ham United in 1966 to the 2021-22 Two-Leg Semi Final against Chelsea.
Tottenham Hotspur Won the League Cup in 1971, 1973, 1999, 2008.


Tottenham Carabao Cup Results & Fixtures

Tottenham Hotspur EFL Cup Record

Spurs EFL Cup Goalscorers and Opponents

Spurs Carabao Cup Results

#DateRoundAttnVenOpponentsResFATottenham's Goalscorers
114-Sep-66Lge Cup 234,000AWest Ham UnitedL01
24-Sep-68Lge Cup 224,775AAston VillaW41Jones, Chivers (3)
325-Sep-68Lge Cup 325,798HExeter CityW63Venables, Pearce (2), Greaves (3)
416-Oct-68Lge Cup 428,378HPeterborough UnitedW10Greaves
530-Oct-68Lge Cup 535,198HSouthamptonW10Collins
620-Nov-68Lge Cup SF (1L)55,237AArsenalL01
74-Dec-68Lge Cup SF (2L)55,923HArsenalD11Greaves
83-Sep-69Lge Cup 234,017AWolverhampton WanderersL01
99-Sep-70Lge Cup 215,848HSwansea CityW30Perryman, Peters, Morgan
1025-Sep-70Lge Cup 323,559HSheffield UnitedW21Chivers, Pearce
1128-Oct-70Lge Cup 431,598HWest Bromwich AlbionW50Peters (3), Gilzean (2)
1218-Nov-70Lge Cup 531,670HCoventry CityW41Chivers (3), Gilzean
1316-Dec-70Lge Cup SF30,002ABristol CityD11Gilzean
1423-Dec-70Lge Cup SF29,982HBristol CityW20 (a.e.t) – Chivers, Pearce
1527-Feb-71Lge Cup FINAL100,000WemAston VillaW20Chivers (2)
168-Sep-71Lge Cup 226,203AWest Bromwich AlbionW10Pearce
176-Oct-71Lge Cup 320,100ATorquay UnitedW41Pearce, Chivers (2), Peters (pen)
1827-Oct-71Lge Cup 430,338HPreston North EndD11Chivers
198-Nov-71Lge Cup 4®27,239APreston North EndW21Perryman, Chivers
2017-Nov-71Lge Cup 530,099HBlackpoolW20Chivers, Peters
2122-Dec-71Lge Cup SF43,330AChelseaL23Naylor, Chivers
225-Jan-72Lge Cup SF52,755HChelseaD22Chivers, Peters (pen)
236-Sep-72Lge Cup 221,422HHuddersfield TownW21Gilzean, Chivers
243-Oct-72Lge Cup 323,822AMiddlesbroughD11Pearce
2511-Oct-72Lge Cup 3 replay19,256HMiddlesbroughD00
2630-Oct-72Lge Cup 3 2nd replay19,287HMiddlesbroughW21Gilzean, Peters
271-Nov-72Lge Cup 428,904HMillwallW20Perryman, Peters
284-Dec-72Lge Cup 548,677ALiverpoolD11Peters
296-Dec-72Lge Cup 5 replay34,565HLiverpoolW31Pratt, Chivers (2)
3020-Dec-72Lge Cup SF29,327AWolverhampton WanderersW21Pratt, Peters
3130-Dec-72Lge Cup SF41,653HWolverhampton WanderersD22Chivers, Peters
323-Mar-73Lge Cup FINAL100,000WemNorwich CityW10Coates
338-Oct-73Lge Cup 223,353AQueens Park RangersL01
3411-Sep-74Lge Cup 215,216HMiddlesbroughL04
359-Sep-75Lge Cup 214,997AWatfordW10Jones
368-Oct-75Lge Cup 310,561ACrewe AlexandraW20Pratt, Conn
3712-Nov-75Lge Cup 449,161HWest Ham UnitedD00
3824-Nov-75Lge Cup 4 replay38,443AWest Ham UnitedW20(a.e.t) Young, Duncan
393-Dec-75Lge Cup 525,702HDoncaster RoversW72Pratt, Chivers (2), Duncan (3), Chappell (og)
4014-Jan-76Lge Cup SF40,215HNewcastle UnitedW10Pratt
4121-Jan-76Lge Cup SF49,657ANewcastle UnitedL13McAllister
4231-Aug-76Lge Cup 219,042AMiddlesbroughW21Moores, Neighbour
4322-Sep-76Lge Cup 319,146HWrexhamL23Hoddle, Moores
4431-Aug-77Lge Cup 222,807HWimbledonW40Osgood (pen), Duncan (3)
4526-Sep-77Lge Cup 335,099HCoventry CityL23Pratt, Armstrong
4629-Aug-78Lge Cup 2 (1L)24,335ASwansea CityD22Hoddle (pen), Armstrong
476-Sep-78Lge Cup 2 (2L)33,672HSwansea CityL13Villa
4829-Aug-79Lge Cup 2 (1L)29,163HManchester UnitedW21Pratt, Hoddle
495-Sep-79Lge Cup 2 (2L)48,292AManchester UnitedL13Armstrong
5027-Aug-80Lge Cup 2 (1L)20,087AOrientW10Lacy
513-Sep-80Lge Cup 2 (2L)25,806HOrientW31Archibald (2), Crooks
5224-Sep-80Lge Cup 329,654HCrystal PalaceD00
5330-Sep-80Lge Cup 3 replay26,885ACrystal PalaceW31Villa, Hoddle, Crooks
544-Nov-80Lge Cup 442,511HArsenalW10Ardiles
552-Dec-80Lge Cup 536,003AWest Ham UnitedL01
567-Oct-81Lge Cup 2 (1L)39,333HManchester UnitedW10Archibald
5728-Oct-81Lge Cup 2 (2L)55,890AManchester UnitedW10Hazard
5811-Nov-81Lge Cup 324,084HWrexhamW20Hughton, Hoddle
592-Dec-81Lge Cup 430,214HFulhamW10Hazard
6018-Jan-82Lge Cup 531,192HNottingham ForestW10Ardiles
613-Feb-82Lge Cup SF (1L)32,238AWest Bromwich AlbionD00
6210-Feb-82Lge Cup SF (2L)47,241HWest Bromwich AlbionW10Hazard
6313-Mar-82Lge Cup FINAL100,000WemLiverpoolL13(a.e.t) Archibald
646-Oct-82Lge Cup 2 (1L)20,416HBrighton & Hove AlbionD11Brooke (pen)
6526-Oct-82Lge Cup 2 (2L)20,755ABrighton & Hove AlbionW10Crooks
669-Nov-82Lge Cup 314,366AGillinghamW42Archibald (2), Crooks (2)
671-Dec-82Lge Cup 427,861HLuton TownW10Villa
6819-Jan-83Lge Cup 530,771HBurnleyL14Gibson
695-Oct-83Lge Cup 2 (1L)20,491HLincoln CityW31Galvin, Archibald, Houghton og
7026-Oct-83Lge Cup 2 (2L)12,239ALincoin CityL12Falco
719-Nov-83Lge Cup 348,200HArsenalL12Hoddle (pen)
7226-Sep-84Lge Cup 2 (1L)7,027AHalifax TownW51Falco (2), Crooks (3)
739-Oct-84Lge Cup 2 (2L)14,802HHalifax TownW40Hughton, Hazard (2), Crooks
7431-Oct-84Lge Cup 338,690HLiverpoolW10Allen C
7521-Nov-84Lge Cup 427,421ASunderlandD00
765-Dec-84Lge Cup 4 replay25,835HSunderlandL12Roberts (pen)
7723-Sep-85Lge Cup 2 (1L)13,828AOrientL02
7830-Oct-85Lge Cup 2 (2L)21,046HOrientW40Roberts (2), Galvin, Waddle
796-Nov-85Lge Cup 316,899HWimbledonW20Leworthy, Mabbutt
8020-Nov-85Lge Cup 428,619HPortsmouthD00
8127-Nov-85Lge Cup 4 replay28,100APortsmouthD00
8210-Dec-85Lge Cup 4 2nd replay26,306APortsmouthL01
8323-Sep-86Lge Cup 2 (1L)10,079ABarnsleyW32Roberts, Allen C, Waddle
848-Oct-86Lge Cup 2 (2L)12,299HBarnsleyW53Close, Hoddle (2), Galvin, Allen C
8529-Oct-86Lge Cup 315,542HBirmingham CityW50Roberts, Allen C (2), Hoddle, Waddle
8626-Nov-86Lge Cup 410,033ACambridge UnitedW31Allen C, Close, Waddle
8727-Jan-87Lge Cup 528,648AWest Ham UnitedD11Allen C
882-Feb-87Lge Cup 5 replay41,995HWest Ham UnitedW50Allen C (3, 1pen), Hoddle, Claesen
898-Feb-87Lge Cup SF(1L)41,256AArsenalW10Allen C
901-Mar-87Lge Cup SF(2L)37,099HArsenalL12Allen C
914-Mar-87Lge Cup SF replay41,005HArsenalL12Allen C
9223-Sep-87Lge Cup 2 (1L)5,000ATorquay UnitedL01
937-Oct-87Lge Cup 2 (2L)20,970HTorquay UnitedW30Claesen (2), Cole og
9428-Oct-87Lge Cup 329,114AAston VillaL12Ardiles
9527-Sep-88Lge Cup 2 (1L)9,269ANotts CountyD11Samways
9611-Oct-88Lge Cup 2 (2L)14,953HNotts CountyW21Fenwick (pen), Gasgoigne
971-Nov-88Lge Cup 318,814HBlackburn RoversD00
989-Nov-88Lge Cup 3 replay12,961ABlackburn RoversW21(a.e.t) Thomas, Stewart
9929-Nov-88Lge Cup 417,357ASouthamptonL12Osman og
10020-Sep-89Lge Cup 2 (1L)15,734HSouthend UnitedW10Fenwick
1014-Oct-89Lge Cup 2 (2L)10,400ASouthend UnitedL23(a.e.t) Allen P, Nayim
1026-Nov-89Lge Cup 345,759AManchester UnitedW30Lineker, Samways, Nayim
10322-Nov-89Lge Cup 413,789ATranmere RoversD22Gasgoigne, Higgins og
10429-Nov-89Lge Cup 4 replay22,720HTranmere RoversW40Allen P, Howells, Mabbutt, Stewart
10517-Jan-90Lge Cup 530,044ANottingham ForestD22Lineker, Sedgeley
10624-Jan-90Lge Cup 5 replay32,357HNottingham ForestL23Nayim, Walsh
10726-Sep-90Lge Cup 2 (1L)19,760HHartlepool UnitedW50Gasgoigne (4, 1pen), Lineker
1089-Oct-90Lge Cup 2 (2L)9,631AHartlepool UnitedW21Stewart (2)
10930-Oct-90Lge Cup 325,451HBradford CityW21Stewart, Gasgoigne
11027-Nov-90Lge Cup 425,852ASheffield UnitedW20Gasgoigne, Stewart
11116-Jan-91Lge Cup 534,178AChelseaD00
11223-Jan-91Lge Cup 5 replay33,861HChelseaL03
11325-Sep-91Lge Cup 2 (1L)11,416ASwansea CityL01
1149-Oct-91Lge Cup 2 (2L)20,198HSwansea CityW51Stewart, Samways, Lineker, Allen, Brazil og.
11529-Oct-91Lge Cup 317,017AGrimsby TownW30Howells, Durie, Lineker
1164-Dec-91Lge Cup 420,095ACoventry CityW21Durie, Allen
1178-Jan-92Lge Cup 529,471HNorwich CityW21Walsh, Lineker
1189-Feb-92Lge Cup SF(1L)21,402ANottingham ForestD11Lineker (pen)
1191-Mar-92Lge Cup SF(2L)28,216HNottingham ForestL12(a.e.t) Lineker
12021-Sep-92Lge Cup 2 (1L)19,365HBrentfordW31Sheringham, Watson, Durie
1217-Oct-92Lge Cup 2 (2L)11,445ABrentfordW42Sheringham (2, 1pen), Turner, Anderton
12228-Oct-92Lge Cup 318,399AManchester CityW10Samways
1232-Dec-92Lge Cup 422,812ANottingham ForestL02
12422-Sep-93Lge Cup 2 (1L)16,844ABurnleyD00
1256-Oct-93Lge Cup 2 (2L)20,614HBurnleyW31Sheringham (2), Howells
12627-Oct-93Lge Cup 319,855ADerby CountyW10Barmby
1271-Dec-93Lge Cup 422,295HBlackburn RoversW10Campbell
12812-Jan-94Lge Cup 531,408HAston VillaL12Caskey
12921-Sep-94Lge Cup 2 (1L)13,659AWatfordW63Anderton, Klinsmann (3), Sheringham, Dumitrescu
1302-Oct-94Lge Cup 2 (2L)17,798HWatfordL23Barmby, Klinsmann
13126-Oct-94Lge Cup 313,952ANotts CountyL03
13220-Sep-95Lge Cup 2 (1L)17,645HChester CityW40Armstrong (2), Sheringham, Rosenthal
1334-Oct-95Lge Cup 2 (2L)5,372AChester CityW31Sheringham (2), Howells
13425-Oct-95Lge Cup 318,227ACoventry CityL23Armstrong, Busst og
13517-Sep-96Lge Cup 2 (1L)16,258APreston North EndD11Anderton
13625-Sep-96Lge Cup 2 (2L)20,080HPreston North EndW30Anderton (2), Allen
13723-Oct-96Lge Cup 324,867HSunderlandW21Armstrong, Campbell
13827-Nov-96Lge Cup 418,621ABolton WanderersL16Sheringham
13917-Sep-97Lge Cup 2 (1L)19,255HCarlisle UnitedW32Fenn, Fox, Mahorn
14030-Sep-97Lge Cup 2 (2L)13,571ACarlisle UnitedW20Ginola (pen), Armstrong
14115-Oct-97Lge Cup 320,390HDerby CountyL12Ginola
14215-Sep-98Lge Cup 2 (1L)11,831ABrentfordW32Carr, Dominguez, Vega
14323-Sep-98Lge Cup 2 (2L)22,980HBrentfordW32Nielsen, Campbell, Armstrong
14427-Oct-98Lge Cup 37,422ANorthampton TownW31Armstrong (2), Campbell
14510-Nov-98Lge Cup 420,772ALiverpoolW31Iversen, Scales, Nielsen
1462-Dec-98Lge Cup 535,702HManchester UnitedW31Armstrong (2), Ginola
14727-Jan-99Lge Cup SF (1L)35,997HWimbledonD00
14816-Feb-99Lge Cup SF (2L)25,204AWimbledonW10Iversen
14921-Mar-99Lge Cup FINAL77,892WemLeicester CityW10Nielsen
15013-Oct-99Lge Cup 325,486HCrewe AlexandraW31Leonhardsen, Ginola, Sherwood,
1511-Dec-99Lge Cup 418,134AFulhamL13Iversen
15219-Sep-00Lge Cup 2 (1L)8,580ABrentfordD00
15326-Sep-00Lge Cup 2 (2L)26,909HBrentfordW20Leonhardsen, Iversen
15430-Oct-00Lge Cup 327,096HBirmingham CityL13Anderton (pen)
15513-Sep-01Lge Cup 220,347HTorquay UnitedW20King, Ferdinand
1569-Oct-01Lge Cup 312,386ATranmere RoversW40Sheringham (pen), Anderton, Poyet, Rebrov
15728-Nov-01Lge Cup 417,006AFulhamW21Rebrov, Davies
15811-Dec-01Lge Cup 528,340HBolton WanderersW60Davies, Ferdinand (3), Barness og, Iversen
1599-Jan-02Lge Cup SF (1L)37,264AChelseaL12Ferdinand
16023-Jan-02Lge Cup SF (2L)36,100HChelseaW51Iversen, Sherwood, Sheringham, Davies, Rebrov
16124-Feb-02Lge Cup FINAL72,500CarBlackburn RoversL12Ziege
1621-Oct-02Lge Cup 223,723HCardiff CityW10Sheringham
1636-Nov-02Lge Cup 313,512ABurnleyL12Poyet
16424-Sep-03Lge Cup 215,474ACoventry CityW30Kanoute, Keane, Ricketts
16529-Oct-03Lge Cup 336,053HWest Ham UnitedW10(a.e.t) Zamora
1663-Dec-03Lge Cup 431,727HManchester CityW31Anderton, Postiga, Kanoute
16717-Dec-03Lge Cup 525,307HMiddlesbroughD11(a.e.t) Anderton (Spurs lost 4-5 on pens)
16823-Sep-04Lge Cup 28,548AOldham AthleticW60Kanoute (2), Keane, Defoe, Bunjevcevic, Gardner
16927-Oct-04Lge Cup 318,037ABolton WanderersW43(a.e.t, 2-2) Defoe (2), Bunjevcevic, Brown
1709-Nov-04Lge Cup 410,639ABurnleyW30Keane (2), Defoe
1711-Dec-04Lge Cup 536,100HLiverpoolD11(a.e.t) Defoe (Spurs lost 4-5 on pens)
17220-Sep-05Lge Cup 28,206AGrimsby TownL01
17325-Oct-06Lge Cup 38,306AMilton Keynes DonsW50Mido (2), Defoe (2), Keane
1748-Nov-06Lge Cup 434,560HPort ValeW31(a.e.t) Huddlestone (2), Defoe
17520-Dec-06Lge Cup 535,811HSouthend UnitedW10(a.e.t) Defoe
17624-Jan-07Lge Cup SF (1L)35,485HArsenalD22Berbatov, Baptista og
17731-Jan-07Lge Cup SF (2L)59,872AArsenalL13Mido
17826-Sep-07Lge Cup 330,084HMiddlesbroughW20Bale, Huddlestone
17931-Oct-07Lge Cup 432,196HBlackpoolW20Keane, Chimbonda
18017-Dec-07Lge Cup 538,564AManchester CityW20Defoe, Malbranque
1819-Jan-08Lge Cup SF (1L)53,136AArsenalD11Jenas
18223-Jan-08Lge Cup SF (2L)35,979HArsenalW51Jenas, Bendtner og, Keane, Lennon, Malbranque
18324-Feb-08Lge Cup FINAL87,660WemChelseaW21Berbatov, Woodgate
18424-Sep-08Lge Cup 320,577ANewcastle UnitedW21Pavlyuchenko, O'Hara
18512-Nov-08Lge Cup 433,242HLiverpoolW42Pavlyuchenko (2), Campbell, F (2)
1863-Dec-08Lge Cup 516,501AWatfordW21Pavlyuchenko, Bent
1876-Jan-09Lge Cup SF (1L)31,377HBurnleyW41Dawson, O'Hara, Pavlyuchenko, Duff og
18814-Jan-09Lge Cup SF (2L)19,533ABurnleyL23(a.e.t) Pavlyuchenko, Defoe (Won 6-4 on aggregate)
1891-Mar-09Lge Cup FINAL88,217WemManchester UnitedD00(a.e.t) (Spurs lost 1-4 on pens)
19026-Aug-09Lge Cup 212,923ADoncaster RoversW51Huddlestone, O'Hara, Crouch, Bentley, Pavlyuchenko
19123-Sep-09Lge Cup 316,533APreston North EndW51Crouch (3), Defoe, Keane
19227-Oct-09Lge Cup 435,843HEvertonW20Huddlestone, Keane
1931-Dec-09Lge Cup 557,212AManchester UnitedL02
19421-Sep-10Lge Cup 335,883HArsenalL14Keane
19520-Sep-11Lge Cup 315,023AStoke CityD00(a.e.t) (Spurs lost 6-7 on pens)
19626-Sep-12Lge Cup 312,625ACarlisle UnitedW30Vertonghen, Townsend, Sigurdsson
19731-Oct-12Lge Cup 416,465ANorwich CityL12Bale
19824-Sep-13Lge Cup 322,975AAston VillaW40Defoe (2), Paulinho, Chadli
19930-Oct-13Lge Cup 435,617HHull CityD22Sigurdsson, Kane (aet) (Spurs won 8-7 on pens)
20018-Dec-13Lge Cup 534,080HWest Ham UnitedL12Adebayor
20124-Sep-14Lge Cup 331,912HNottingham ForestW31Mason, Soldado, Kane
20229-Oct-14Lge Cup 433,537HBrighton & Hove AlbionW20Lamela, Kane
20317-Dec-14Lge Cup 534,677HNewcastle UnitedW40Bentaleb, Chadli, Kane, Soldado
20421-Jan-15Lge Cup SF (1L)35,323HSheffield UnitedW10Townsend (pen)
20528-Jan-15Lge Cup SF (2L)30,236ASheffield UnitedD22Eriksen (2)
2061-Mar-15Lge Cup FINAL89,294WemChelseaL02
20723-Sep-15Lge Cup 335,687HArsenalL12Chambers OG
20821-Sep-16Lge Cup 331,912HGillinghamW50Eriksen (2), Janssen (pen), Onomah, Lamela
20925-Oct-16Lge Cup 453,051ALiverpoolL12Janssen (pen)
21019-Sep-17Lge Cup 323,926WemBarnsleyW10Alli
21125-Oct-17Lge Cup 436,168WemWest Ham UnitedL23Sissoko, Alli
21226-Sep-18Lge Cup 323,650H WatfordD22(at Stadium MK) Alli (pen), Lamela (pens 4-2)
21331-Oct-18Lge Cup 450,270AWest Ham UnitedW31Son (2), Llorente
21419-Dec-18Lge Cup 559,016AArsenalW20Son, Alli
21508-Jan-19Lge Cup SF (1L)44,371WemChelseaW10Kane (pen)
21624-Jan-19Lge Cup SF (2L)38,610AChelseaL12Llorente
21724-Sep-19Lge Cup 39,481AColchester UnitedD00(Spurs lost 3-4 on penalties)
21822-Sep-20Lge Cup 3N/AALeyton OrientByePPBye to Spurs
21929-Sep-20Lge Cup 4N/AHChelseaD11Lamela (Spurs won 5-4 on pens)
22023-Dec-20Lge Cup 5N/AAStoke CityW31Bale, Davies, Kane
22105-Jan-21Lge Cup SFN/AHBrentfordW20Sissoko, Son
22225-Apr-21Lge Cup FINAL7,773WemManchester CityL01
22322-Sep-21Lge Cup 328,798AWolverhampton WanderersD22(Spurs won 3-2 on penalties) Ndombele, Kane
22427-Oct-21Lge Cup 414,637ABurnleyW10Moura
22522-Dec-21Lge Cup 540,031HWest Ham UnitedW20Bergwijn, Moura
22605-Jan-22Lge Cup SF (1L)37,868AChelseaL02 
22712-Jan-22Lge Cup SF (2L)45,603HChelseaL01 
TotalAttendances6,414,891Goals For – Against431235

Tottenham Hotspur’s League Cup Record 1966-2022

1 away match v Leyton Orient won on a Bye
*5 drawn matches lost & 4 drawn matches won on penalties

Tottenham Hotspur EFL Goalscorers and Opponents 1966-2022

Spurs Goalscorers (127)Spurs Opponents (67)
23Chivers 14Arsenal 
14Defoe 13Chelsea
13Allen, Clive 11West Ham United
13Sheringham 8Burnley
12Own Goals 8Liverpool
11Peters 8Manchester United
10Armstrong, Chris 7Brentford
10Hoddle 7Middlesbrough
10Keane   7Nottingham Forest
9Anderton 5Aston Villa
9Crooks 5Coventry City
8Gascoigne 5Leyton Orient 
8Lineker 5Preston North End
7Archibald   5Swansea City
7Duncan 5Watford
7Kane 4Blackburn Rovers
7Pavlyuchenko 4Manchester City
7Pearce 4Newcastle United 
7Pratt 4Sheffield United
7Stewart 4Torquay United 
6Gilzean 4West Bromwich Albion
6Iversen 4Wimbledon
5Allen, Paul 4Wolverhampton Wanderers 
5Ferdinand 3Barnsley  
5Greaves 3Bolton Wanderers
5Hazard 3Brighton & Hove Albion 
5Huddlestone 3Carlisle United
5Roberts 3Fulham
4Alli 3Norwich City
4Campbell, Sol 3Notts County
4Crouch 3Portsmouth  
4Eriksen 3Southend United
4Ginola 3Sunderland
4Howells 3Tranmere Rovers 
4Kanoute 2Birmingham City
4Klinsmann 2Blackpool  
4Lamela 2Bristol City 
4Samways 2Chester City
4Son 2Crewe Alexandra
4Waddle 2Crystal Palace
3Ardiles 2Derby County
3Armstrong, Gerry 2Doncaster Rovers 
3Bale 2Gillingham 
3Claesen 2Grimsby Town
3Davies, Simon 2Halifax Town 
3Durie 2Hartlepool United
3Falco 2Lincoin City 
3Galvin 2Southampton  
3Mido 2Stoke City
3Nayim 2Wrexham  
3Nielsen 1Bradford City
3O'Hara 1Cambridge United 
3Perryman 1Cardiff City
3Rebrov 1Colchester United
3Villa 1Everton
2Barmby 1Exeter City 
2Berbatov 1Huddersfield Town 
2Bunjevcevic 1Hull City
2Campbell, Fraizer 1Leicester City
2Chadli 1Luton Town
2Close 1Millwall  
2Fenwick 1Milton Keynes Dons
2Hughton 1Northampton Town
2Janssen 1Oldham Athletic
2Jenas 1Peterborough United 
2Leonhardsen 1Port Vale
2Llorente 1Queens Park Rangers
2Mabbutt 225Total Matches
2Moura, Lucas
1Brown, Michael   
1Davies, Ben   
1Jones, Chris   
1Jones, Cliff   
1Ndombele, Tanguy 
1Young, Willie   
431Total Goals   

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