Tottenham Hotspur FA Cup Records 1894 to 2022

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View here Tottenham FA Cup Wins, Draws and Losses from the history of Tottenham FA Cup starting from West Herts (Watford) in 1894 to Morecambe in 2022.
Tottenham FA Cup Records includes all of Spurs FA Cup games, opponents, scores and goals.
Tottenham Hotspur have won the FA Cup Final eight times.


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Chronological Tottenham Hotspur FA Cup Records 1894-2022

#DateRoundAttnVenFA Cup OpponentsResFATottenham's Goalscorers
113-Oct-1894FA Cup Q12,000HWest Herts (Watford)W32Hunter, Goodall (2)
203-Nov-1894FA Cup Q23,000HWolvertonW53Hunter (2), Goodall, Payne (2)
324-Nov-1894FA Cup Q35,000AClaptonW40Eccles (2), Hunter, Goodall
415-Dec-1894FA Cup Q43,000HLuton TownD22Cubberley, Eccles
519-Dec-1894FA Cup Q4 Replay4,000ALuton TownL04
612-Oct-1895FA Cup Q12,000ALuton TownW21Owen, Hunter
702-Nov-1895FA Cup Q21,500AVampiresAn24Pryor, Clements (Match replayed after a complaint)
816-Nov-1895FA Cup Q2 Replay1,300HVampiresW21Hunter, Pryor
923-Nov-1895FA Cup Q32,000AIlfordW51Payne (2), Almond, Pryor (2)
1014-Dec-1895FA Cup Q42,500HOld St Stephen'sW21Clements, O'Sullivan og
111-Feb-96FA Cup 16,000AStokeL05
1212-Dec-96FA Cup Q32,000HOld St Stephen'sW40Clements (3), Payne
136-Jan-97FA Cup Q42,000HMaidenheadW60McElhaney, Newbigging (2), Payne, Crump (2)
1416-Jan-97FA Cup Q55,000ALuton TownL03
1530-Oct-97FA Cup Q34,000H2nd Coldstream GuardsW70Black, Crump, Meade (2), Joyce (2), Tannahill
1620-Nov-97FA Cup Q412,000HLuton TownL34Black, Joyce (2)
1729-Oct-98FA Cup Q33,000HWolvertonW40Bradshaw, McKay, Cameron, Joyce
1819-Nov-98FA Cup Q47,000AClaptonD11Bradshaw
1923-Nov-98FA Cup Q4 Replay2,000HClaptonW21Cameron (2)
2010-Dec-98FA Cup Q512,000HLuton TownD11Joyce
2114-Dec-98FA Cup Q5 Replay4,000ALuton TownD11Joyce
2219-Dec-98FA Cup Q5 2nd Rep8,000TPLuton TownW20Bradshaw, Cameron
2328-Jan-99FA Cup 113,721HNewton HeathD11Joyce
241-Feb-99FA Cup 1 Replay6,000ANewton HeathW53McKay, Joyce (2), McNaught, Smith
2511-Feb-99FA Cup 212,371HSunderlandW21Bradshaw, Cameron
2625-Feb-99FA Cup 325,000AStokeL14Bradshaw
2727-Jan-00FA Cup 17,000APreston North EndL01
289-Feb-01FA Cup 115,223HPreston North EndD11Brown (First ever game at White Hart Lane)
2913-Feb-01FA Cup 1 Replay6,000APreston North EndW42Cameron, Brown (3)
3023-Feb-01FA Cup 220,250HBuryW21Brown (2)
3123-Mar-01FA Cup 314,417AReadingD11Kirwan
3228-Mar-01FA Cup 3 Replay11,600HReadingW30Brown (2), Copeland
338-Apr-01FA Cup SF46,000VPWest Bromwich AlbionW40Brown (4)
3420-Apr-01FA Cup FINAL110,820CPSheffield UnitedD22Brown (2)
3527-Apr-01FA Cup FINAL REP20,470BPSheffield UnitedW31Cameron, Smith, Brown
3625-Jan-02FA Cup 125,000HSouthamptonD11Copeland
3729-Jan-02FA Cup 1 Replay10,000ASouthamptonD22(a.e.t) – Hughes (2)
383-Feb-02FA Cup 1 2nd Rep10,000EPSouthamptonL12Kirwan
397-Feb-03FA Cup 125,641HWest Bromwich AlbionD00
4011-Feb-03FA Cup 1 Replay35,000AWest Bromwich AlbionW20Dryburgh,Woodward
4121-Feb-03FA Cup 218,750HBristol CityW10Woodward
427-Mar-03FA Cup 324,500HAston VillaL23Woodward, Copeland
436-Feb-04FA Cup 125,000AEvertonW21Woodward, Balmer og
4420-Feb-04FA Cup 232,000HAston VillaAb01(Abandoned due to crowd trouble after 38 mins)
4525-Feb-04FA Cup 2 Replay30,000AAston VillaW10Jones J.
465-Mar-04FA Cup 315,500HSheffield WednesdayD11Jones J.
4710-Mar-04FA Cup 3 Replay31,000ASheffield WednesdayL02
484-Feb-05FA Cup 125,000AMiddlesbroughD11Glen
499-Feb-05FA Cup 1 Replay18,000HMiddlesbroughW10O'Hagen
5018-Feb-05FA Cup 219,013HNewcastle UnitedD11Walton
5128-Feb-05FA Cup 2 Replay26,755ANewcastle UnitedL04
5213-Jan-06FA Cup 120,000HBurnleyW20Woodward, Kyle
533-Feb-06FA Cup 226,000HReadingW32Bull, Walton, Kyle
5424-Feb-06FA Cup 328,000HBirmingham CityD11Kyle
5528-Feb-06FA Cup 3 Replay34,000ABirmingham CityL02(a.e.t)
5612-Jan-07FA Cup 127,033HHull CityD00
5717-Jan-07FA Cup 1 Replay18,000AHull CityD00(Abandoned after 10 mins of extra time, result stood)
5821-Jan-07FA Cup 1 2nd Rep20,000HHull CityW10Chapman
592-Feb-07FA Cup 224,963ABlackburn RoversD11Watson
607-Feb-07FA Cup 2 Replay29,900ABlackburn RoversD11(a.e.t) Reid
6111-Feb-07FA Cup 2 2nd Rep18,000VPBlackburn RoversW21Walton, Reid
6223-Feb-07FA Cup 325,000ANotts CountyL04
6311-Jan-08FA Cup 121,000AEvertonL01
6416-Jan-09FA Cup 120,000AManchester CityW43Morris (pen), Minter (2), Steel R
656-Feb-09FA Cup 233,008HFulhamW10Steel R
6620-Feb-09FA Cup 321,838HBurnleyD00
6724-Feb-09FA Cup 3 Replay30,000ABurnleyL13Coquet (pen)
6815-Jan-10FA Cup 110,200APlymouth ArgyleD11Humphreys
6919-Jan-10FA Cup 1 Replay17,000HPlymouth ArgyleW71Minter, Humphreys (3), Steel R, Middlemiss (2)
705-Feb-10FA Cup 231,766AChelseaW10Humphreys
7119-Feb-10FA Cup 311,818ASwindon TownL23Minter, Steel R
7214-Jan-11FA Cup 121,464HMillwallW21Minter, Carmichael og
734-Feb-11FA Cup 225,000ABlackburn RoversD00
749-Feb-11FA Cup 2 Replay26,946HBlackburn RoversL02
7513-Jan-12FA Cup 122,000AWest Bromwich AlbionL03
7611-Jan-13FA Cup 118,677HBlackpoolD11Rance
7716-Jan-13FA Cup 1 Replay16,926HBlackpoolW61Tattersall (2), Cantrell (2), Steel R, Middlemiss
781-Feb-13FA Cup 217,794AReadingL01
7910-Jan-14FA Cup 19,454ALeicester FosseD55Walden, Minter, Cantrell, Bliss (2)
8015-Jan-14FA Cup 1 Replay20,252HLeicester FosseW20Walden, Bliss
8131-Jan-14FA Cup 236,256AManchester CityL12Bliss
829-Jan-15FA Cup 117,000HSunderlandW21Walden, Bliss
8330-Jan-15FA Cup 29,758ANorwich CityL23Cantrell, Lansdale og
8410-Jan-20FA Cup 117,000ABristol RoversW41Cantrell (3), Bliss
8531-Jan-20FA Cup 235,527HWest StanleyW40Banks, Wilson (2), Bliss
8621-Feb-20FA Cup 347,642HWest Ham UnitedW30Grimsdell, Wilson (2)
876-Mar-20FA Cup 452,179HAston VillaL01
888-Jan-21FA Cup 135,175HBristol RoversW62Clay (pen), Smith, Walden, Seed, Cantrell, Bliss
8929-Jan-21FA Cup 239,048HBradford CityW40Banks, Seed (3)
9019-Feb-21FA Cup 311,600ASouthend UnitedW41Banks, Seed, Cantrell, Bliss
915-Mar-21FA Cup 451,991HAston VillaW10Banks
9219-Mar-21FA Cup SF44,668HilPreston North EndW21Bliss (2)
9323-Apr-21FA Cup FINAL72,805SBWolverhampton WanderersW10Dimmock
947-Jan-22FA Cup 112,964ABrentfordW20Seed, Cantrell
9528-Jan-22FA Cup 247,660HWatfordW10Bliss
9618-Feb-22FA Cup 353,810HManchester CityW21Wilson, Bliss
974-Mar-22FA Cup 455,000ACardiff CityD11Seed
989-Mar-22FA Cup 4 Replay53,626HCardiff CityW21Wilson, Dimmock
9925-Mar-22FA Cup SF50,095HilPreston North EndL12Seed
10013-Jan-23FA Cup 123,928HWorksop TownD00
10115-Jan-23FA Cup 1 Replay23,122HWorksop TownW90Seed, Lindsay (4), Handley (3), Dimmock
1023-Feb-23FA Cup 238,333HManchester UnitedW40Lindsay, Handley (3)
10324-Feb-23FA Cup 354,000ACardiff CityW32Seed, Lindsay, Handley
10410-Mar-23FA Cup 450,349HDerby CountyL01
10512-Jan-24FA Cup 117,000ACrystal PalaceL02
10610-Jan-25FA Cup 132,718HNorthampton TownW30Seed, Lindsay, Elkes
10731-Jan-25FA Cup 252,635HBolton WanderersD11Seed
1084-Feb-25FA Cup 2 Replay51,774ABolton WanderersW10Seed
10921-Feb-25FA Cup 354,521HBlackburn RoversD22Lane, Dimmock
11026-Feb-25FA Cup 3 Replay48,000ABlackburn RoversL13Dimmock
1119-Jan-26FA Cup 349,800HWest Ham UnitedW50Osborne (2), Dimmock (3)
11230-Jan-26FA Cup 443,653HManchester UnitedD22Thompson, Lindsay
1133-Feb-26FA Cup 4 Replay46,929AManchester UnitedL02
1148-Jan-27FA Cup 344,417AWest Ham UnitedL23Handley, Dimmock
11514-Jan-28FA Cup 336,260ABristol CityW21O'Callaghan, Osborne
11628-Jan-28FA Cup 436,828HOldham AthleticW30Handley, O'Callaghan, Dimmock
11718-Feb-28FA Cup 547,296ALeicester CityW30O'Callaghan (2), Dimmock
1183-Mar-28FA Cup 652,390AHuddersfield TownL16O'Callaghan
11912-Jan-29FA Cup 326,137AReadingL02
12011-Jan-30FA Cup 337,000HManchester CityD22Osborne, Cook
12114-Jan-30FA Cup 3 Replay37,716AManchester CityL14Thompson
12210-Jan-31FA Cup 336,549HPreston North EndW31Harper, Cook, Dimmock
12324-Jan-31FA Cup 440,850AWest Bromwich AlbionL01
1249-Jan-32FA Cup 341,511HSheffield WednesdayD22Hunt GS, Evans W
12513-Jan-32FA Cup 3 Replay30,000ASheffield WednesdayL13Hunt GS (pen)
12614-Jan-33FA Cup 316,662AOldham AthleticW60O'Callaghan, Hunt GS (3), Evans W, Brunskill og
12728-Jan-33FA Cup 417,213ALuton TownL02
12813-Jan-34FA Cup 345,637HEvertonW30Howe, Hunt GS, Evans W
12927-Jan-34FA Cup 451,747HWest Ham UnitedW41Hunt GS (2), Evans W (2)
13017-Feb-34FA Cup 544,365HAston VillaL01
13112-Jan-35FA Cup 348,983HManchester CityW10Evans W
13226-Jan-35FA Cup 461,195HNewcastle UnitedW20Hunt GS (2)
13316-Feb-35FA Cup 570,347HBolton WanderersD11Evans W
13420-Feb-35FA Cup 5 Replay47,453ABolton WanderersD11Hunt GS
13525-Feb-35FA Cup 5 2nd Rep26,692VPBolton WanderersL02
13611-Jan-36FA Cup 348,839HSouthend UnitedD44Sargent (2), Morrison (2)
13715-Jan-36FA Cup 3 Replay23,634ASouthend UnitedW21Sargent, Evans W
13825-Jan-36FA Cup 464,149HHuddersfield TownW10Howe
13915-Feb-36FA Cup 524,053ABradford Park AvenueD00
14017-Feb-36FA Cup 5 Replay35,492HBradford Park AvenueW21Hunt GS (2)
14129-Feb-36FA Cup 622,295ASheffield UnitedL13Morrison
14216-Jan-37FA Cup 332,665APortsmouthW50Morrison (3), Duncan, Miller
14330-Jan-37FA Cup 442,430HPlymouth ArgyleW10McCormick
14420-Feb-37FA Cup 557,149AEvertonD11McCormick
14522-Feb-37FA Cup 5 Replay46,972HEvertonW43Meek, Morrison (3)
1466-Mar-37FA Cup 671,913HPreston North EndL12Duncan
1478-Jan-38FA Cup 335,576HBlackburn RoversW32Sargent, Gibbons (2)
14822-Jan-38FA Cup 413,029ANew BrightonD00
14926-Jan-38FA Cup 4 Replay36,004HNew BrightonW52Morrison (2), Gibbons (2), Lyman
15012-Feb-38FA Cup 530,561AChesterfieldD22Gibbons, Miller
15116-Feb-38FA Cup 5 Replay36,994HChesterfieldW21Sargent, Morrison
1525-Mar-38FA Cup 675,038HSunderlandL01
1537-Jan-39FA Cup 334,896HWatfordW71Ward (pen), Sargent, Hall GW (2), Duncan, Miller (2)
15421-Jan-39FA Cup 442,716AWest Ham UnitedD33Sargent, Morrison, Duncan
15530-Jan-39FA Cup 4 Replay50,798HWest Ham UnitedD11Sargent
1562-Feb-39FA Cup 4 2nd Rep50,468HbWest Ham UnitedL12Morrison
15711-Jan-47FA Cup 365,681HStoke CityD22Ludford, Bennett
15815-Jan-47FA Cup 3 Replay38,631AStoke CityL01
15910-Jan-48FA Cup 337,075ABolton WanderersW20(a.e.t) Duquemin (2)
16024-Jan-48FA Cup 471,853HWest Bromwich AlbionW31Cox, Duquemin (2)
16128-Jan-48FA Cup 628,425ASouthamptonW10Bennett
1627-Feb-48FA Cup 569,049HLeicester CityW52Cox (pen), Jordan (3), South og
16313-Mar-48FA Cup SF70,687VPBlackpoolL13Duquemin
1648-Jan-49FA Cup 347,314AArsenalL03
1657-Jan-50FA Cup 347,000AStoke CityW10Baily
16624-Jan-50FA Cup 466,246HSunderlandW51Walters (2), Bennett (2), Medley
16711-Feb-50FA Cup 572,921AEvertonL01
1686-Jan-51FA Cup 325,390AHuddersfield TownL02
16912-Jan-52FA Cup 322,652AScunthorpe UnitedW30Baily, Duquemin (2)
1702-Feb-52FA Cup 469,009HNewcastle UnitedL03
17110-Jan-53FA Cup 321,537ATranmere RoversD11Bennett
17212-Jan-53FA Cup 3 Replay31,541HTranmere RoversW91McClellan (3), Duquemin (2), Hollis (2), Baily (2)
17331-Jan-53FA Cup 434,956APreston North EndD22Withers (2)
1744-Feb-53FA Cup 4 Replay55,601HPreston North EndW10Duquemin
17514-Feb-53FA Cup 536,995AHalifax TownW30Bennett (2), Duquemin
17628-Feb-53FA Cup 652,348ABirmingham CityD11Bennett
1774-Mar-53FA Cup 6 Replay59,543HBirmingham CityD22Bennett,Duquemin
1789-Mar-53FA Cup 6 2nd Rep50,801MolBirmingham CityW10Walters
17921-Mar-53FA Cup SF68,221VPBlackpoolL12Duquemin
1809-Jan-54FA Cup 341,645ALeeds UnitedD33Walters, Bennett (2)
18113-Jan-54FA Cup 3 Replay35,023HLeeds UnitedW10Bennett
18230-Jan-54FA Cup 451,182AManchester CityW10Bennett
18320-Feb-54FA Cup 546,839AHull CityD11Bennett
18424-Feb-54FA Cup 5 Replay52,934HHull CityW20Walters, Baily
18513-Mar-54FA Cup 651,049AWest Bromwich AlbionL03
1863-Jan-55FA Cup 318,842AGatesheadW20Brooks (2)
18728-Jan-55FA Cup 450,684HPort ValeW42Gavin, Duquemin, Brooks (2)
18819-Feb-55FA Cup 521,000AYork CityL13Robb
1897-Jan-56FA Cup 346,185HBoston UnitedW40Duquemin, Smith R (2),Robb
19028-Jan-56FA Cup 441,895HMiddlesbroughW31Norman, Dunmore, Robb
19118-Feb-56FA Cup 530,436ADoncaster RoversW20Brooks, Smith R
1923-Mar-56FA Cup 669,118HWest Ham UnitedD33Harmer (pen), Duquemin, Robb
1938-Mar-56FA Cup 6 Replay34,911AWest Ham UnitedW21Harmer, Duquemin
19417-Mar-56FA Cup SF69,788VPManchester CityL01
1955-Jan-57FA Cup 356,492HLeicester CityW20Blanchflower, Robb
19626-Jan-57FA Cup 466,398HChelseaW40Medwin, Harmer, Smith R, Stokes
19716-Feb-57FA Cup 525,892ABournemouth & Boscombe AthL13Medwin
1984-Jan-58FA Cup 342,716HLeicester CityW40Medwin, Smith R (2), Stokes
19925-Jan-58FA Cup 451,136HSheffield UnitedL03
20010-Jan-59FA Cup 356,252HWest Ham UnitedW20Smith R, Jones
20131-Jan-59FA Cup 450,561HNewport CountyW41Smith R (2), Dunmore (2)
20214-Feb-59FA Cup 567,633HNorwich CityD11Jones
20318-Feb-59FA Cup 5 Replay38,000ANorwich CityL01
2049-Jan-60FA Cup 322,655ANewport CountyW40Blanchflower, Smith R, Allen (2)
20530-Jan-60FA Cup 420,000ACrewe AlexandraD22Allen, Jones
2063-Feb-60FA Cup 4 Replay64,365HCrewe AlexandraW132Harmer, Smith R (4), Allen (5), Jones (3, 1pen)
20720-Feb-60FA Cup 554,745HBlackburn RoversL13Jones
2087-Jan-61FA Cup 354,969HCharlton AthleticW32Allen (2), Dyson
20928-Jan-61FA Cup 463,721HCrewe AlexandraW51Mackay, Jones, Smith R, Allen, Dyson
21018-Feb-61FA Cup 565,474AAston VillaW20Jones, Neil og
2114-Mar-61FA Cup 661,236ASunderlandD11Jones
2128-Mar-61FA Cup 6 Replay64,797HSunderlandW50Mackay, Smith R, Allen, Dyson (2)
21318-Mar-61FA Cup SF69,968VPBurnleyW30Jones, Smith R (2)
2146-May-61FA Cup FINAL100,000WLeicester CityW20Smith R, Dyson
2156-Jan-62FA Cup 346,096ABirmingham CityD33Greaves (2), Jones
21610-Jan-62FA Cup 3 Replay62,917HBirmingham CityW42Medwin (2), Allen, Greaves
21727-Jan-62FA Cup 440,040APlymouth ArgyleW51Medwin, White, Greaves (2), Jones
21817-Feb-62FA Cup 553,539AWest Bromwich AlbionW42Smith R (2), Greaves (2)
21910-Mar-62FA Cup 664,000HAston VillaW20Blanchflower, Jones
22031-Mar-62FA Cup SF65,000HilManchester UnitedW31Medwin, Greaves, Jones
2215-May-62FA Cup FINAL100,000WBurnleyW31Blanchflower (pen), Smith R, Greaves
22216-Jan-63FA Cup 332,756HBurnleyL03
2235-Jan-64FA Cup 349,382HChelseaD11Dyson
2248-Jan-64FA Cup 3 Replay70,123AChelseaL02
2259-Jan-65FA Cup 320,000ATorquay UnitedD33Norman, Gilzean (2)
22618-Jan-65FA Cup 3 Replay55,081HTorquay UnitedW51Robertson, Greaves (3), Gilzean
22730-Jan-65FA Cup 443,992HIpswich TownW50Greaves (3, 1pen), Gilzean (2)
22820-Feb-65FA Cup 563,205AChelseaL01
22922-Jan-66FA Cup 337,349HMiddlesbroughW40Mackay (2, 1pen), Saul (2)
23012-Feb-66FA Cup 450,611HBurnleyW43Gilzean (3), Saul
2315-Mar-66FA Cup 536,792APreston North EndL12Greaves
23228-Jan-67FA Cup 341,260AMillwallD00
2331-Feb-67FA Cup 3 Replay58,189HMillwallW10Gilzean
23418-Feb-67FA Cup 457,910HPortsmouthW31Greaves, Gilzean (2)
23511-Mar-67FA Cup 554,610HBristol CityW20Greaves (2, 1pen)
2368-Apr-67FA Cup 651,500ABirmingham CityD00
23712-Apr-67FA Cup 6 Replay52,304HBirmingham CityW60Greaves (2), Gilzean, Venables (2), Saul
23829-Apr-67FA Cup SF55,000HilNottingham ForestW21Greaves, Saul
23920-May-67FA Cup Final100,000WChelseaW21Robertson, Saul
24027-Jan-68FA Cup 363,500AManchester UnitedD22Chivers (2)
24131-Jan-68FA Cup 3 Replay57,200HManchester UnitedW10(a.e.t) Robertson
24217-Feb-68FA Cup 447,088HPreston North EndW31Greaves (2), Chivers
2439-Mar-68FA Cup 554,005HLiverpoolD11Greaves
24412-Mar-68FA Cup 5 Replay53,658ALiverpoolL12Jones
2454-Jan-69FA Cup 318,779AWalsallW10Greaves
24625-Jan-69FA Cup 448,985HWolverhampton WanderersW21Johnson, Greaves
24712-Feb-69FA Cup 549,986HAston VillaW32England, Greaves (2, 1pen)
2481-Mar-69FA Cup 648,872AManchester CityL01
2493-Jan-70FA Cup 323,000ABradford CityD22Greaves, Morgan
2507-Jan-70FA Cup 3 Replay36,039HBradford CityW50Pearce (2), Greaves (2), Morgan
25124-Jan-70FA Cup 443,948HCrystal PalaceD00
25228-Jan-70FA Cup 4 Replay45,980ACrystal PalaceL01
2532-Jan-71FA Cup 334,170HSheffield WednesdayW41Mullery (pen), Gilzean (2), Peters
25423-Jan-71FA Cup 425,369ACarlisle UnitedW32Gilzean, Peters, Neighbour
25513-Feb-71FA Cup 546,366HNottingham ForestW21Gilzean, Chivers
2566-Mar-71FA Cup 654,731ALiverpoolD00
25716-Mar-71FA Cup 6 Replay56,283HLiverpoolL01
25815-Jan-72FA Cup 333,702HCarlisle UnitedD11Gilzean
25918-Jan-72FA Cup 3 Replay21,560ACarlisle UnitedW31Gilzean, Chivers (2)
2605-Feb-72FA Cup 436,903HRotherham UnitedW20Gilzean, Peters
26126-Feb-72FA Cup 550,511AEvertonW20Gilzean, Peters
26218-Mar-72FA Cup 643,937ALeeds UnitedL12Pratt
26313-Jan-73FA Cup 38,500AMargateW60Knowles, Pratt, Pearce, Chivers (2), Peters
2643-Feb-73FA Cup 437,895ADerby CountyD11Chivers
2657-Feb-73FA Cup 4 Replay52,736HDerby CountyL35(a.e.t) England (pen), Gilzean, Chivers
2665-Jan-74FA Cup 328,280ALeicester CityL01
2674-Jan-75FA Cup 323,355ANottingham ForestD11Chivers
2688-Jan-75FA Cup 3 Replay27,996HNottingham ForestL01
2693-Jan-76FA Cup 326,715HStoke CityD11Duncan
2708-Jan-76FA Cup 3 Replay29,751AStoke CityL12Perryman
2718-Jan-77FA Cup 327,868ACardiff CityL01
2727-Jan-78FA Cup 343,731HBolton WanderersD22Hoddle, Duncan
27310-Jan-78FA Cup 3 Replay31,314ABolton WanderersL12(a.e.t) Taylor (pen)
27410-Jan-79FA Cup 331,081HAltrinchamD11Taylor (pen)
27516-Jan-79FA Cup 3 Replay27,878MRAltrinchamW30Lee (3)
27612-Feb-79FA Cup 427,120HWrexhamD33Hoddle, Jones, Roberts og
27721-Feb-79FA Cup 4 Replay16,050AWrexhamW32(a.e.t) Jones (3)
27828-Feb-79FA Cup 516,097AOldham AthleticW10Perryman
27910-Mar-79FA Cup 651,800HManchester UnitedD11Ardiles
28014-Mar-79FA Cup 6 Replay54,510AManchester UnitedL02
2815-Jan-80FA Cup 345,207HManchester UnitedD11Ardiles
2829-Jan-80FA Cup 3 Replay53,762AManchester UnitedW10(a.e.t) Ardiles
28326-Jan-80FA Cup 426,000ASwindon TownD00
28430-Jan-80FA Cup 4 Replay46,707HSwindon TownW21Armstrong (2)
28516-Feb-80FA Cup 549,936HBirmingham CityW31Armstrong, Hoddle (2, 1pen)
2868-Mar-80FA Cup 648,033HLiverpoolL01
2873-Jan-81FA Cup 328,829AQueens Park RangersD00
2887-Jan-81FA Cup 3 Replay36,294HQueens Park RangersW31Galvin, Hoddle, Crooks
28924-Jan-81FA Cup 437,532HHull CityW20Archibald, Brooke
29014-Feb-81FA Cup 536,688HCoventry CityW31Hughton, Ardiles, Archibald
2917-Mar-81FA Cup 640,629HExeter CityW20Miller, Roberts
29211-Apr-81FA Cup SF40,174HilWolverhampton WanderersD22Archibald, Hoddle
29315-Apr-81FA Cup SF Replay52,539HbWolverhampton WanderersW30Crooks (2), Villa
2949-May-81FA Cup FINAL100,000WManchester CityD11Hutchinson og
29514-May-81FA Cup FINAL REP96,000WManchester CityW32Villa (2), Crooks
2962-Jan-82FA Cup 338,421HArsenalW10Crooks
29723-Jan-82FA Cup 446,126HLeeds UnitedW10Crooks
29813-Feb-82FA Cup 543,419HAston VillaW10Falco
2996-Mar-82FA Cup 642,557AChelseaW32Hazard, Archibald, Hoddle
3003-Apr-82FA Cup SF46,606VPLeicester CityW20Crooks, Wilson og.
30122-May-82FA Cup FINAL100,000WQueens Park RangersD11Hoddle
30227-May-82FA Cup FINAL REP92,000WQueens Park RangersW10Hoddle (pen)
3038-Jan-83FA Cup 338,040ASouthamptonW10Hazard
30429-Jan-83FA Cup 438,208HWest Bromwich AlbionW21Gibson, Crooks
30519-Feb-83FA Cup 542,995AEvertonL02
3067-Jan-84FA Cup 323,398AFulhamD00
30711-Jan-84FA Cup 3 Replay32,898HFulhamW20Roberts, Archibald
30828-Jan-84FA Cup 437,792HNorwich CityD00
3091-Feb-84FA Cup 4 Replay26,811ANorwich CityL12Falco
3105-Jan-85FA Cup 329,029HCharlton AthleticD11Crooks
31123-Jan-85FA Cup 3 Replay21,406ACharlton AthleticW21Falco, Galvin
31227-Jan-85FA Cup 427,905ALiverpoolL01
3134-Jan-86FA Cup 310,638AOxford UnitedD11Chiedozie
3148-Jan-86FA Cup 3 Replay19,136HOxford UnitedW21(a.e.t) Waddle, Allen C
31525-Jan-86FA Cup 417,546ANotts CountyD11Allen C
31629-Jan-86FA Cup 4 Replay17,393HNotts CountyW50Chiedozie, Falco, Allen C, Hoddle, Waddle
3174-Mar-86FA Cup 523,338HEvertonL12Falco
31810-Jan-87FA Cup 319,339HScunthorpe UnitedW32Mabbutt, Waddle, Claesen
31931-Jan-87FA Cup 429,603HCrystal PalaceW40Mabbutt, Allen C (pen), Claesen, O'Reilly og
32021-Feb-87FA Cup 538,033HNewcastle UnitedW10Allen C (pen)
32115-Mar-87FA Cup 615,636AWimbledonW20Waddle, Hoddle
32211-Apr-87FA Cup SF46,151VPWatfordW41Hodge (2), Allen C, Allen P
32316-May-87FA Cup FINAL98,000WCoventry CityL23Allen C, Mabbutt
3249-Jan-88FA Cup 316,931AOldham AthleticW42Thomas, Allen C (2), Waddle
32530-Jan-88FA Cup 420,045APort ValeL12Ruddock
3269-Jan-89FA Cup 315,917ABradford CityL01
3276-Jan-90FA Cup 333,134HSouthamptonL13Howells
3285-Jan-91FA Cup 39,563ABlackpoolW10Stewart
32926-Jan-91FA Cup 431,665HOxford UnitedW42Mabbutt, Gasgoigne (2), Lineker
33016-Feb-91FA Cup 526,049APortsmouthW21Gasgoigne (2)
33110-Mar-91FA Cup 629,686HNotts CountyW21Nayim, Gasgoigne
33214-Apr-91FA Cup SF77,893WArsenalW31Gasgoigne, Lineker (2)
33318-May-91FA Cup FINAL80,000WNottingham ForestW21(a.e.t) Stewart, Walker og.
3345-Jan-92FA Cup 329,316AAston VillaD00
33514-Jan-92FA Cup 3 Replay25,462HAston VillaL01
3362-Jan-93FA Cup 326,636A*Marlow (*at White Hart Lane)W51Barmby (2), Samways (2), Sheringham
33724-Jan-93FA Cup 415,005ANorwich CityW20Sheringham (2)
33814-Feb-93FA Cup 526,529HWimbledonW32Anderton, Sheringham, Barmby
3397-Mar-93FA Cup 634,050AManchester CityW42Nayim (3), Sedgley
3404-Apr-93FA Cup SF76,263WArsenalL01
3418-Jan-94FA Cup 319,169APeterborough UnitedD11Dozzell
34219-Jan-94FA Cup 3 Replay24,893HPeterborough UnitedD11Barmby (won on 5-4 Penalties)
34329-Jan-94FA Cup 422,539AIpswich TownL03
3447-Jan-95FA Cup 325,057HAltringhamW30Sheringham, Rosenthal, Nethercott
34529-Jan-95FA Cup 421,135ASunderlandW41Klinsmann (2, 1pen), Sheringham, Melville og
34618-Feb-95FA Cup 528,091HSouthamptonD11Klinsmann
3471-Mar-95FA Cup 5 Replay15,172ASouthamptonW62(a.e.t) Rosenthal (3), Sheringham, Barmby, Anderton
34811-Mar-95FA Cup 639,582ALiverpoolW21Sheringham, Klinsmann
3499-Apr-95FA Cup SF38,226EREvertonL14Klinsmann (pen)
3506-Jan-96FA Cup 38,806AHereford UnitedD11Rosenthal
35117-Jan-96FA Cup 3 Replay31,534HHereford UnitedW51Sheringham (3), Armstrong (2)
35227-Jan-96FA Cup 432,812HWolverhampton WanderersD11Wilson
3537-Feb-96FA Cup 4 Replay27,846AWolverhampton WanderersW20Rosenthal, Sheringham
35414-Feb-96FA Cup 5xANottingham ForestAb00(match abandoned due to snowstorm)
35528-Feb-96FA Cup 518,600ANottingham ForestD22Armstrong (2)
3569-Mar-96FA Cup 5 Replay31,055HNottingham ForestD11Sheringham (Lost 1-3 on penalties)
3575-Jan-97FA Cup 352,495AManchester UnitedL02
3585-Jan-98FA Cup 327,909HFulhamW31Clemence, Calderwood, Brady
35926-Jan-98FA Cup 428,722HBarnsleyD11Campbell
3604-Feb-98FA Cup 4 Replay18,220ABarnsleyL13Ginola
3612-Jan-99FA Cup 336,022HWatfordW52Iversen (2), Anderton (pen), Nielsen, Fox
36223-Jan-99FA Cup 422,229AWimbledonD11Ginola
3632-Feb-99FA Cup 4 Replay24,049HWimbledonW30Sinton, Nielsen (2)
36413-Feb-99FA Cup 539,696ALeeds UnitedD11Sherwood
36524-Feb-99FA Cup 5 Replay32,307HLeeds UnitedW20Anderton, Ginola
36616-Mar-99FA Cup 618,793ABarnsleyW10Ginola
36711-Apr-99FA Cup SF53,609OTNewcastle UnitedL02(a.e.t)
36812-Dec-99FA Cup 333,116HNewcastle UnitedD11Iversen
36923-Dec-99FA Cup 3 Replay35,415ANewcastle UnitedL16Ginola
3706-Jan-01FA Cup 312,336ALeyton OrientW10Doherty
3717-Feb-01FA Cup 418,101ACharlton AthleticW42Rufus og, Anderton, Leonhardsen, Rebrov
37217-Feb-01FA Cup 536,040HStockport CountyW40King, Davies (2), Flynn og
37311-Mar-01FA Cup 626,048AWest Ham UnitedW32Rebrov (2), Doherty
3749-Apr-01FA Cup SF63,050OTArsenalL12Doherty
37516-Jan-02FA Cup 320,758ACoventry CityW20Poyet, Ferdinand
37626-Jan-02FA Cup 427,093HBolton WanderersW40Anderton (pen), Iversen, Etherington, Barness og
37717-Feb-02FA Cup 530,696HTranmere RoversW40Ziege, Poyet (2), Sheringham
37810-Mar-02FA Cup 632,896HChelseaL04
3794-Jan-03FA Cup 325,589ASouthamptonL04
3803-Jan-04FA Cup 332,340HCrystal PalaceW30Kanoute (3)
38125-Jan-04FA Cup 447,000AManchester CityD11Doherty
3823-Feb-04FA Cup 4 Replay30,400HManchester CityL34King, Keane, Ziege
3838-Jan-05FA Cup 336,094HBrighton & HAW21King, Keane
38429-Jan-05FA Cup 422,441AWest Bromwich AlbionD11Defoe (pen)
38512-Feb-05FA Cup 4 Replay27,860HWest Bromwich AlbionW31Keane (pen), Defoe (2)
38619-Feb-05FA Cup 535,640HNottingham ForestD11Defoe
3872-Mar-05FA Cup 5 Replay35,640ANottingham ForestW30Pamarot, Keane, Mido
38813-Mar-05FA Cup 651,307ANewcastle UnitedL01
3898-Jan-06FA Cup 319,844ALeicester CityL23Jenas, Stalteri
3906-Jan-07FA Cup 320,376ACardiff CityD00
39117-Jan-07FA Cup 3 Replay27,641HCardiff CityW40Lennon, Keane, Malbranque, Defoe
39227-Jan-07FA Cup 433,406HSouthend UnitedW31Keane, Jenas, Mido
39318-Feb-07FA Cup 518,655AFulhamW40Keane 2, Berbatov 2
39411-Mar-07FA Cup 641,517AChelseaD33Berbatov, Essien og, Ghaly
39519-Mar-07FA Cup 6 Replay35,519HChelseaL12Keane
3965-Jan-08FA Cup 335,243HReadingD22Berbatov (2)
39715-Jan-08FA Cup 3 Replay22,130AReadingW10Keane
39827-Jan-08FA Cup 475,369AManchester UnitedL13Keane
3992-Jan-09FA Cup 334,040HWigan AthleticW31Pavlyuchenko (2, 1p), Modric
40024-Jan-09FA Cup 475,014AManchester UnitedL12Pavlyuchenko
4012-Jan-10FA Cup 335,862HPeterborough UnitedW40Kranjcar (2), Defoe, Keane (p)
40223-Jan-10FA Cup 435,750HLeeds UnitedD22Crouch, Pavlyuchenko
4033-Feb-10FA Cup 4 Replay37,704ALeeds UnitedW31Defoe (3)
40414-Feb-10FA Cup 513,596ABolton WanderersD11Defoe
40524-Feb-10FA Cup 5 Replay31,436HBolton WanderersW40Pavlyuchenko (2), Jaaskelainen og, O'Brien og
4066-Mar-10FA Cup 624,533AFulhamD00
40724-Mar-10FA Cup 6 Replay35,432HFulhamW31Bentley, Pavlyuchenko, Gudjohnsen
40811-Apr-10FA Cup SF84,602WPortsmouthL02
4099-Jan-11FA Cup 335,698HCharlton AthleticW30Townsend, Defoe (2)
41030-Jan-11FA Cup 421,829AFulhamL04
4117-Jan-12FA Cup 335,672HCheltenham TownW30Defoe, Pavlyuchenko, Dos Santos
41227-Jan-12FA Cup 415,384AWatfordW10Van der Vaart
41319-Feb-12FA Cup 56,332AStevenageD00
4147-Mar-12FA Cup 5 Replay35,757HStevenageW31Defoe (2), Adebayor
41517-Mar-12FA Cup 634,541HBolton WanderersAb11Match abandoned after 41 minutes Walker
41627-Mar-12FA Cup 630,718HBolton WanderersW31Nelsen, Bale, Saha
41715-Apr-12FA Cup SF85,731WChelseaL15Bale
4185-Jan-13FA Cup 335,766HCoventry CityW30Dempsey (2), Bale
41927-Jan-13FA Cup 429,943ALeeds UnitedL12Dempsey
4204-Jan-14FA Cup 359,476AArsenalL02
4215-Jan-15FA Cup 39,348ABurnleyD11Chadli
42214-Jan-15FA Cup 3 Replay24,367HBurnleyW42Paulinho, Capoue, Chiriches, Rose
42324-Jan-15FA Cup 435,548HLeicester CityL12Townsend
42410-Jan-16FA Cup 335,805HLeicester CityD22Eriksen, Kane (pen)
42520-Jan-16FA Cup 3 Replay30,006ALeicester CityW20Son, Chadli
42630-Jan-16FA Cup 49,920AColchester UnitedW41Chadli (2), Dier, Carroll
42721-Feb-16FA Cup 535,547HCrystal PalaceL01
4288-Jan-17FA Cup 331,182HAston VillaW20Davies, Son
42928-Jan-17FA Cup 431,440HWycombe WanderersW43Son (2), Janssen (pen), Alli
43019-Feb-17FA Cup 522,557AFulhamW30Kane (3)
43112-Mar-17FA Cup 631,137HMillwallW60Eriksen, Son (3), Alli, Janssen
43222-Apr-17FA Cup SF86,355WChelseaL24Kane, Alli
4337-Jan-18FA Cup 347,527WAFC WimbledonW30(at Wembley Stadium) Kane (2), Vertonghen
43427-Jan-18FA Cup 49,836ANewport CountyD11Kane
4357-Feb-18FA Cup 4 Replay38,947WNewport CountyW20Butler OG, Lamela
43618-Feb-18FA Cup 58,480ARochdaleD22Moura, Kane (pen)
43728-Feb-18FA Cup 5 Replay24,627WRochdaleW61(at Wembley) Son (2), Llorente (3) Walker-Peters
43817-Mar-18FA Cup 617,498ASwansea CityW30Eriksen (2), Lamela
43921-Apr-18FA Cup SF84,667WManchester UnitedL12(at Wembley) Alli
4404-Jan-19FA Cup 312,553ATranmere RoversA70Aurier (2), Llorente (3), Son, Kane
44127-Jan-19FA Cup 419,491ACrystal PalaceL02
4425-Jan-20FA Cup 326,693AMiddlesbroughD11Moura
44314-Jan-20FA Cup 3 Replay49,202HMiddlesbroughW21Lo Celso, Lamela
44425-Jan-20FA Cup 429,282ASouthamptonD11Son
4455-Feb-20FA Cup 4 Replay56,046HSouthamptonW32Stephens (OG), Moura, Son
4464-Mar-20FA Cup 558,007HNorwich CityD11(Lost 2-3 on Penalties) Vertonghen
44710-Jan-21FA Cup 3N/AAMarineW50Vinicius (3), Moura, Devine
44825-Jan-21FA Cup 4N/AAWycombe WanderersW41Bale, Winks, Ndombele (2)
44910-Feb-21FA Cup 5N/AAEvertonL45(After Extra Time) Sanchez (3, 57), Lamela (45+3), Kane (83)
45009-Jan-22FA Cup 340,310HMorecambeW31Winks, Moura, Kane
45105-Feb-22FA Cup 454,697HBrighton & Hove AlbionW31Kane (2), March OG
45202-Mar-22FA Cup 5 AMiddlesbrough
453 FA Cup 6   
454 FA Cup SF   
455 FA Cup FINAL   

Tottenham Hotspur FA Cup Records 1894-2022

Tottenham Hotspur FA Cup Record 1894-95 to 2020-21
(Plus 3 FA Cup matches abandoned & 1 annulled)
Index to FA Cup Neutral Venues
VenueStadium & LocationGames
BPBrunden Park, Bolton1
CP(Old) Crystal Palace, London1
EPElm Park, Reading1
ERElland Road, Leeds1
HbHighbury Stadium, London N52
HilHillsborough, Sheffield5
MolMolineux, Wolverhampton1
MRMaine Road, Manchester1
OTOld Trafford, Manchester2
SBStamford Bridge, London SW61
TPTufnell Park, North London N71
VPVilla Park, Birmingham9
WWembley Stadium, London HA915
Total Games at Neutral Venues41

All-Time Tottenham Hotspur FA Cup Goalscorers 1894-2022

All-Time FA Cup Goalscorers
32Greaves, Jimmy
22Smith, Bobby
21Gilzean, Alan
20Duquemin, Len
20Own Goals
16Jones, Cliff
15Brown, Sandy
15Defoe, Jermain
14Bennett, Les
14Morrison, John
14Sheringham, Teddy
13Allen, Les
13Bliss, Bertie
13Hunt, George
13Kane, Harry
13Seed, Jimmy
12Dimmock, Jimmy
12Keane, Robbie 
11Chivers, Martin
11Hoddle, Glenn
10Cantrell, Jimmy
10Son, Heung-Min
9Allen, Clive
9Crooks, Garth
9Handley, Charlie
8Anderton, Darren
8Evans, Willie
8Joyce, William
8Lindsay, Alex
8Pavlyuchenko, Roman
8Sargent, Fred
7Cameron, John
7Medwin, Terry
7Payne, Ernest
6Dyson, Terry
6Gascoigne, Paul
6Llorente, Fernando
6Minter, Billy
6O'Callaghan, Taffy
6Rosenthal, Ronnie
6Saul, Frank
6Wilson, Charles
5Moura, Lucas
5Archibald, Steve
5Baily, Eddie
5Barmby, Nick
5Berbatov, Dimitar
5Bradshaw, Harry
5Brooks, Johnny
5Clements, Bob
5Falco, Mark
5Gibbons, Jack
5Ginola, David
5Humphreys, Percy
5Klinsmann, Jurgen
5Peters, Martin
5Robb, George
5Steel, Bob
5Waddle, Chris
5Walters, Sonny
5Woodward, Vivian
4Alli, Dele
4Ardiles, Ossie
4Bale, Gareth
4Banks, Jimmy
4Blanchflower, Danny
4Chadli, Nacer
4Doherty, Gary
4Duncan, John
4Eriksen, Christian
4Goodall, D
4Harmer, Tommy
4Hunter, Peter
4Iversen, Steffen
4Jones, Chris
4Lamela, Erik
4Mabbutt, Gary
4Mackay, Dave
4Miller, Les
4Osborne, Frank
4Pryor, H
4Walden, Fanny
3Armstrong, Gerry
3Copeland, David
3Crump, Harry
3Dempsey, Clint
3Dunmore, Dave
3Eccles, JW
3Jordan, Johnny
3Kanoute, Freddie
3King, Ledley
3Kyle, P
3Lee, Colin
3Lineker, Gary
3McClellan, Syd
3Middlemiss, Bert
3Nielsen, Allan
3Pearce, Jimmy
3Poyet, Gus
3Rebrov, Sergei
3Robertson, Jimmy
3Villa, Ricky
3Vinícius, Carlos 
3Walton, Joe
2Armstrong, Chris
2Aurier, Serge
2Black, David
2Chiedozie, John
2Claesen, Nico
2Cook, Billy
2Cox, Freddie
2Davies, Simon
2Duncan, John
2England, Mike
2Galvin, Tony
2Hall, ('Willie') GW
2Hazard, Mick
2Hodge, Steve
2Hollis, Roy
2Howe, Les
2Hughes, Ted
2Hunter, Peter
2Janssen, Vincent
2Jenas, Jermaine
2Jones 'Bristol' John
2Kirwan, John
2Kranjcar, Niko
2McCormick, Jimmy
2McKay, K
2Meads, Tom
2Meek, Joe 
2Mido, Ahmed Hossam 
2Morgan, Roger
2Ndombele, Tangay
2Norman, Maurice  
2Perryman, Steve
2Pratt, John
2Reid, Jimmy
2Roberts, Graham
2Samways, Vinnie
2Sánchez, Davinson 
2Smith, T
2Stewart, Paul
2Stokes, Alfie
2Tattersall, Walter
2Taylor, Peter 
2Thompson, Andy
2Townsend, Andros
2Venables, Terry
2Withers, Charlie
2Ziege, Christian
1Adebayor, Emmanuel
1Allen, Paul
1Almond, Billie
1Bentley, David
1Brady, WL
1Brooke, Gary
1Bull, Walter 
1Burgess, Ron
1Calderwood, Colin
1Campbell, Sol
1Capoue, Etienne
1Carroll, Tom
1Chiriches, Vlad
1Chapman, Herbert
1Clay, Tommy
1Clemence, Stephen
1Coquet, Ernie
1Crouch, Peter
1Cubberley, AW
1Davies, Ben
1Devine, Alfie
1Dier, Eric
1Winks, Harry
1Dos Santos, Giovani
1Dozzell, Jason
1Dryburgh, Bill
1Elkes, Jack
1Etherington, Matthew
1Ferdinand, Les
1Fox, Ruel
1Gavin, Johnny
1Ghaly, Hossam
1Gibson, Terry
1Glen, Alex
1Grimsdell, Arthur
1Gudjohnsen, Eidur
1Hall, AE
1Howells, David
1Hughton, Chris
1Johnson, Neil
1Knowles, Cyril
1Lane, Billy
1Lennon, Aaron
1Leonhardsen, Oyvind
1Lo Celso, Giovani
1Ludford, George
1Lyman, Colin
1Malbranque, Steed
1McElhaney, Dick
1McNaught, James
1Medley, Les
1Miller, Paul
1Modric, Luka
1Morris, Tom
1Mullery, Alan
1Neighbour, Jimmy
1Nelsen, Ryan
1Nethercott, Stuart
1O'Hagen, Charlie
1Owen, ML
1Pamarot, Noe
1Rance, Charlie
1Ruddock, Neil
1Saha, Louis
1Sedgley, Steve
1Sherwood, Steve
1Sinton, Andy  
1Smith, JMA 
1Stalteri, Paul
1Tannahill, R
1Thomas, Mitchell
1Van der Vaart, Rafael
1Ward, Ralph
1Watson, John
1Winks, Harry
1Vertonghen, Jan
1Walker-Peters, Kyle
1Wilson, Clive
903Total FA Cup Goals

Tottenham Hotspur


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