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England National Football Team Home & Away Strips 1872-2021

An illustrated guide to all of England’s home & away strips from 1872 to 2021.
The first match England played was against Scotland on 30 November 1872 at the ground of the West of Scotland Cricket Club in Glasgow. England wore white jerseys emblazoned with the three lions crest of the Football Association, white knickers, navy hose and caps.
Players probably provided their own jerseys, some of which had a diamond design woven into the fabric in the centre of the chest.
England and Scotland continued to meet each March and England played in all-white until 1880 when records lapse.
In March 1882 England wore navy blue knickers, perhaps for the first time. It appears, however, that both white and dark knickers were worn (often in the same game) at least until 1897, which suggests that the players provided their own knickers and stockings.

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England Home & Away Kits

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