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Top 3 Amazing Facts about Manchester United

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There are few clubs in the history of football that can boast of as illustrious a history as Manchester United. The team has performed consistently well over the years, and has established itself as one of the biggest clubs in the English Premier League.

It is this very stature that has contributed to the club’s astonishing popularity amongst both fans and punters. The club has been a hot favourite in gambling circles for several years, and this trend has only increased with the growth of online betting platforms such as Betway which allow one to bet on both casino games as well as sports, and moreover I read here that Betway accept Canadian players as well, making it an incredibly convenient option for betting on football. Here we’ve compiled a list of the 5 most amazing facts about Manchester United, which make the legend of the club even more interesting.

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Most goals, wins and clean sheets in the EPL
It is no coincidence that Manchester United is considered to be the best team of all time to have played in the English Premier League. Over the course of the last 25 years in the league, United has scored a total of 1909 goals, beating Arsenal in this regard by over 160
goals. On the whole, these goals have helped United win 622 matches, beating second place Arsenal by 84 wins. With a world class lineup of keepers, United also have the highest number of clean sheets in the Premier League, numbering at 433, with Edwin van der Sar contributing significantly to this tally.
First to score 1,000 goals at home in the EPL
While United had a turbulent stint in the Premier League in the 2015-16 season, it nevertheless managed to reach a substantial milestone in its history during this season, becoming the first club to score 1000 goals on their home turf thanks to an incredible strike by Anthony Martial. On the whole, however, the season was a disappointing one for punters, with United’s successive losses causing huge losses to them as well. In such a scenario, casino gambling seemed like a better option with many punters switching to the 888 casino. You can have a look at this Canadian 888 casino review for more information.

First English team to participate, and win the European Cup
Before it was known as the UEFA Champions League, the cup was branded as the European Champions’ Cup or just, the European Cup.
Manchester United participated in the competition as English Champions in 1956, becoming the first English team to participate in the competition.
United had a stellar run in the Cup, from managing to beat Andelecht 10-0 in the first round, to staging a brilliant comeback in the second leg of the quarter-final rounds against Athletic Bilbao, wherein United managed to beat the club 5-6 on aggregate. While 1956 was not United’s year as Real Madrid defeated them 5-3 in the semi-finals, the Red Devils eventually managed to win the elusive cup in 1968 after defeating Benfica to become the first team from England to ever win the European Cup.
There are few clubs in the history of football that have been held in such high regard, and Manchester United has continuously strived to live up to this incredible legacy
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