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Football Alliance 1889-90 to 1891-92
Football Alliance 1889-90 to 1891-92.
Details of the Football Alliance from 1889-90 to 1891-92, after which it became the Second Division of the Football League.

The Football Alliance was an association football league in England which ran for three seasons, from 1889–90 to 1891–92.
It was formed by 12 clubs as a rival to the Football League, which had begun in the 1888–89 season, also with 12 member clubs.
The Alliance covered a similar area to the League, stretching from the English Midlands to the North West, but also further east in
Sheffield, Grimsby and Sunderland.
At the end of the Alliance's first season, when Stoke dropped out of the Football League, the Alliance accepted them as a new member. The following year, Stoke and Darwen, another Alliance club, were accepted into the League, taking its membership to 14 clubs.
In 1892 it was decided to formally merge the two leagues, and so the Football League Second Division was formed, consisting mostly of Football Alliance clubs.
The existing League clubs, plus three of the strongest Alliance clubs, comprised the Football League First Division.
Football Alliance
The Wednesday FC
Newton Heath (later to become Manchester United)
Ardwick (later to become Manchester City)
The Wednesday
Nottingham Forest