Football Association Vase Final Statistics 1974-75 to 2013-14
Football Association Vase Final Statistics 1974-75 to 2013-14
The Football Association Challenge Vase is an annual football competition for teams playing below Step 4 of the English National League System. Until 1974, football players were either professionals or amateurs. Professionals were paid to play by their clubs, and the only cup competitions such clubs were allowed to enter were the FA Cup and for clubs outside The Football League, the FA Trophy. Amateurs, on
the other hand, did not get paid (at least not officially) by their clubs, and such clubs had their own cup competition, the FA Amateur Cup.
In 1974, with many of the top amateur players receiving payment for playing, The Football Association abolished the distinction,
scrapped the Amateur Cup and introduced the FA Vase for the majority of clubs who had previously played in the competition.
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Dunston UTS - FA Vase Winners 2011-12