European Football League Statistics
European Football League Statistics.
Statistical Analysis of the Top 50 European Leagues, including UEFA Rankings, Major European Titles won,
Goals per Game, Home & Away win percentages, Average player's ages, percentage of Foreign Players,
Average & Total Attendances, Matchday Population percentage and Stadium capacities.
UEFA Ranking (UEFA coefficient) shows a snapshot taken after the 2011 finals. 2nd Divisions are not ranked by UEFA.
CL/EC Titles lists Champions League (1992-2011) and European Cup (1955-1991) wins.
EL/ECWC/UEFA Titles lists Europa League (2009-2011), UEFA Cup Winners' Cup (1961-1999) and UEFA Cup (1971-2008) wins.
Average Goals per Game takes all league games in account.
% of Foreign Players consists of players whose nationality differs from the country they play in. If a player has dual citizenship, the first nationality decides.
Total Attendance: Some leagues consist of 24 teams, while others have 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12 or even 10 teams.
% of Population per Matchday is the average percentage of a countries population attending on a matchday.
Stadium capacity only takes stadiums in account where a team plays their home games.
European Football League logos
European Football League logos
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