British Home Championships 1893-94 to 1983-84
British Home Championships 1893-94 to 1983-84
The British Home Championship (also known as the Home International Championship, the Home Internationals and the British Championship) was an annual football competition contested between the United Kingdom's four national teams, England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland (Ireland before its partition) from the 1883–84 season until the 1983–84 season.
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1. Northern Ireland continued to compete as 'Ireland' until season 1976-77 when they officially changed their name.

2. The Championships were suspended from 1914-15 to 1918-19 due to World War One and were further suspended from 1939-40 to 1944-45 due to World War Two.

3. The 1980-81 Championship was cancelled due to civil unrest in Northern Ireland.

4. The Four Associations' Tournament, between Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, was launched in 2011.