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Article: On-Line Casinos Sponsoring Premier League Football Clubs
On-Line Casinos Sponsoring Premier League Football Clubs

In this article, we endeavor to delve deeper into the subject, to gain a better understanding of the benefits of gaming companies sponsoring football clubs.

It was just a few years ago that Bayern Munich and casino gaming company Tipico signed a deal a four-year deal. As part of this deal, Tipico was made a premium partner of Bayern Munich and was able to join the ranks of other major brands like the German airline Lufthansa and the global logistics firm DHL.

AFC Bournemouth, who are now an established member of the Premier League after their recent second-tier Championship, has taken advantage of its new position as well. The football club entered into a deal with Mansion, who were once associated with Tottenham Hotspur, to make the online operator their official shirt sponsor.

As you can see, it's becoming more commonplace for betting companies and football clubs enter into Partnerships. All this at a time when the lower-tier clubs are still trying to attract the interest of big-name global brands. On-line Casinos, such as Casinosinuk.co.uk are incresingly popular in Great Britain while other European sites like www.casinosverige.me are enjoying success further afield.

In fact, no fewer than ten of the twenty 2016-17 Premier League clubs have shirts sponsored by Gaming or Betting companies.

In the meantime, popular online gaming companies like Watford FC with 138.com and TLCbet are replacing popular consumer brands, like Walkers crisps, Reebok, and Dr. Martens, as football sponsors.

Why is this happening? How are these football clubs so easily able to replace these major brands? Based on information from Antony Marcou, the CEO of Sports Revolution (a popular sponsorship agency) many of the big football clubs are not able to offer the major brands the commercial returns that they're looking for.

These brands use their football scholarships as part of their marketing campaigns, to build brand awareness. But, although football is a popular sport in nations all over the world, the major brands feel that they are unable to receive the marketing packages that they want.

None of this seems to hinder the gaming companies, they are using their club shirt sponsorships as a way to build the brand awareness, not necessarily the brands themselves. Although it sounds similar, what the gaming companies are actually doing is using the football clubs as direct response marketing vehicles.

And while this may be profitable for them, this is not so good for the football clubs, as it may affect their ability to be considered valuable Brand Building partners. And when you consider that the global exposure that the football clubs can provide, this could possibly be a big mistake.
What do you think that the football clubs can do to ensure that their worth is realized and valued? Have they already gone too far down the rabbit hole?
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