England Domestic

English Domestic Football Major Trophies Winning Managers
Pre-WWII English Trophy Winners
Pre-WWII English Trophy Winners from 1871-72 to 1938-39
Post WWII English Trophy Winners
Post-WWII English Trophy Winners Table 1945-46 to 2018-19
All-Time English Football Trophy Winners 1871-72 to 2017-18
All-Time English Trophy Winners Statistics 1871-72 to 2019-20
English League Championship Winners all Four Flights 1888-2019
England Charity Shield
FA Charity & Community Shield Winners & Runners-Up 1908 to 2019
England Charity Shield
FA Charity & Community Shield Order of Merit 1908-2019
Goal of the season
BBC Television Goal of the Season Awards 1970-71 to 2019-20
Table combining stats of the last 32 clubs in both the Football Association Cup and Football League Cup from 1871-72 to 2010-11.
Combined FA CUP & League Cup 1871-72 to 2010-11
Last Major Trophy WOn
Last Major Trophy Won by English Clubs from 1874-2020
British European Cup Winners
British Clubs Order of Merit in UEFA Major Competitions 1955-2019
Football Personalities Honours List
Football Personalities United Kingdom Honours List
Record British Transfer Fees
British Football Player Transfer Records from 1893 to 2018
Watney CUp
WATNEY CUP 1970 to 1973 - First Sponsored Competition in England
Texaco Cup
TEXACO CUP 1970-71 to 1974-75 - Sponsored by Texaco Petroleum
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