The Beginners Guide to Betting on Football

Article: The Beginners Guide to Betting on Football

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By Jonathan Lewis | 7th Jul 2022

Trying to get into the world of betting on football can be a bit daunting. What do you do if you want to bet? Where can you find games that are available for a bet, and which teams are worth betting on? There are many websites out there that offer advice on the basics of football betting.

They’ll tell you that you can win money if you pick the right team, but they won’t give away any tips on how to do this.

This article will help to answer these questions and provide some guidance for those who want to start betting on football but don’t know where to begin.

What do you want to bet on?

There are a few different options when it comes to placing a bet on football. This has created a worldwide pastime, so whether you are interested in sports betting in India or you are an English sporting fan, and you want to bet on the outcome of a single match, the performance of an individual player, or a range of games there’s a bet to suit you.

Match Bet

The most common is a match bet, where you bet on the outcome of a particular game. You can bet on three different outcomes. These are whether the home team wins, the away team wins, or the game ends in a draw. The result is finalized after 90 minutes, irrespective of any extra time.

Bet Builder

A bet builder is where football bettors make several bets that are linked. For example, you could bet on the time of the first goal, the number of corners, and the number of yellow cards issued in the game. The bet is a type of accumulator. Therefore the potential winnings can be large because the odds of each element of the bet happening rise quickly.

Player props

You can bet on individual players to perform a specific action during a football match. Player props are popular among sophisticated bettors because they offer high returns. For example, you could bet on a player to score the first goal of the game, or you could bet that he will receive two yellow cards in the match.


This type of football betting involves placing several bets on multiple matches. Accumulators are riskier than other bet types because you have to win all of the games in the accumulator to claim the winnings. However, if you can pick several winners, the potential winnings are far greater. A great example of an accumulator is when Leicester City was confirmed as Champions of the 2015-16 Premier League. The initial odds of doing so were 5000/1.

The most important thing to remember when you’re just starting out is that betting on football is an art and not a science. You’ll need to study the teams, look at their recent form and find out as much information as you can. Some players will have better statistics than others, but certain statistics aren’t what they seem. For example, a player could have a good pass completion rate because he’s passing the ball to an opposition player with no pressure on him in his own half of the pitch.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

The Beginners Guide to Betting on Football