Watching The World Cup 2022: How To Prepare

Watching The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: How To Prepare

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By Jonathan Lewis | 27th Jun 2022

The FIFA World Cup is something everyone looks forward to. It’s the chance to get down to the pub with your friends and spend some time being patriotic and supporting your country. This year, the world cup is hosted in Qatar, and due to its extreme climate, the world cup will take place in the wintertime instead of the summer. This will be very different from the usual world cup antics in the UK as the world cup is synonymous with sunny days spent in a beer garden. However, this doesn’t mean that the world cup won’t be fun. You can still spend plenty of time supporting England but just not basking in the summer sunshine at the same time. So, if you are a big football fan, then here are our tips on how to prepare for this year’s world cup.

Support The Local Pubs

If you are planning on watching a lot of the world cup on the big screen at a pub, then now would be the best time to support all your local pubs. Especially in the winter months, your local pubs may not be getting as must custom as they used to, so the world cup is the perfect opportunity to support all of your local pubs. It would be a good idea to get all of your friends together and maybe create some sort of list that takes you around the different pubs in your area. Although the world cup isn’t for a few months, you should easily be able to find out if they are showing the game by seeing if they currently show sporting games. Once you have a good idea of this, then you can start making a list of all the local pubs in your area that will be showing the world cup.

Start Practising Betting

Another good way you can start preparing for the world cup is to start practising betting. If you are someone who likes to bet on football games, then it is likely you already would have some experience in betting. However, if you are just starting off in the world of gambling, then you may be unsure how best to place bets and how to get your money’s worth. One easy way you can practice your gambling skills is to play in an online casino. Online casinos, like those found at,  are a good way to practice some of your gambling skills as there is such a wide variety of games to choose from. If you are just starting off, then perhaps start off by placing small bets, before you move on to bigger ones. Gambling responsibly is all about knowing your limits and budgeting yourself, so make sure that you have all of this established before you start gambling with bigger amounts of money.

Book Some Time Off Work

Booking some time off work is another good way you can prepare for this year’s world cup. By now, you should have an idea of when some of the games will be played, so take this information and book some time off work around it. If you know that a major game is being played during the week, then you could book both that day and the next day off. This will not only give you plenty of time to get to the pub, but it also means that you have the whole next day to recover from your drinking. The last thing you want is to be hungover at work, so sort it out in advance by booking a few days off now. It could be a good idea to suggest it to your friends too, so you can all book off days together. This way, none of you have to take it easy or go home early at the pub, instead you can enjoy the evening to the fullest without any repercussions. Booking days off now is much better than having to call in sick the next day because you are severely hungover.

Wrap Up Warm

As mentioned in the introduction, due to Qatar’s hot climate, this year’s world cup will be taking place in the winter, from November-December. While this is great news in terms of the players not having to play in the scorching heat, for everyone in England, it means wrapping up warm and bracing the cold outdoors. So, in preparation for this year’s world cup, it would be a good idea to invest in some warm clothes, just in case you have to be sat in a beer garden. Make sure that your winter wardrobe is completely stocked, so that when winter does come around, you are prepared for the chilly evenings. If you do end up having to sit outside to watch some of the games, then it would be beneficial to invest in some thermal clothes. Thermal clothes are great because not only will they keep you warm, but you can just layer them under your normal clothes, so you do not have to sacrifice your style for warmth.

Host Some Games

If you have decided that a trip to the pub for every game is not for you, then it could be a better idea for you to host some games at yours instead. Having your friends over for a game is definitely going to be the cheaper option as it means you can just buy your own food and drink to have indoors. Additionally, it will save you the hassle of having to find some space in a busy pub, which is always a nightmare during the world cup season. So, if you are thinking about hosting some games, then perhaps it would be useful to start practising your hosting skills and learn how to make some quick and easy snacks for everyone to enjoy. And if you and your friendship group are big fans of cocktails, then you could start practising how to make some cocktails. It could be a fun idea to learn a cocktail from each country, and then serve that drink whenever the team is playing.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

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