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By Jonathan Lewis | 12th May 2022

If you’re a football fan rather than just placing a bet at the bookies, you’re going to want to know all about the best football free bets. These offer the perfect opportunity to combine your passion for the sport with a chance to win some real cash.

Of course, winning is never a guarantee, but when you’re not risking your own money, does that really matter? Placing any kind of bet all adds to the excitement of the game, but if you want to learn about free bets, and how to use them when punting on the English Premier League or any other football game then read on.

What even are free bets?

Although it may sound a little unbelievable, a free bet is exactly what it says. It is a bet that you can place without the need to risk any of your own money. You’ll find that these are offered by an array of bookmakers, and the best offers come from the top bookies around.

What’s great about football free bets is that, if you win, you get to keep it all. While casino bonuses have, sometimes, complex rules about wagering, free football bets are so much simpler and more straightforward.

Are free football bets simple to use?

In a word ‘yes’. Free football bets tend to be simple to claim and to take advantage of. What you will find is that exactly what is offered will vary from one bookie to another. At times, the variation can be major and that’s why it’s always worth taking the time to hunt down the very best free bets.

While free bets certainly are free, what you’re likely to find is that you’ll have to stake a little of your own money first. The free bets tend to be a reward for the fact that you have risked a little of your own money. That being said, it is possible to find offers when all that you need to do is open an account.

So, are free bets free?

You will find with many bookies that, before you can claim a free bet to place on your favourite team, you’ll need to deposit some cash first. The type of offer that you’ll come across will look something like “Bet £10 and get £30 in free bets”. No matter how you look at it, these bets are still free and still worth claiming.

When you stake your initial £10, this is called a qualifying bet – this bet allows you to qualify for the free ones. Be sure to check out the conditions attached to this. You may find that there are certain terms that stop you from betting on a dead cert just so that you can claim your reward.

What are money-back offers?

If you’re searching for the best football free bets, you may find that some don’t actually offer you a free bet. Confused? Well, instead of offering a free bet, they will instead offer something that makes your bet risk-free. This is in the form of a cashback offer.

This type of offer allows you to place a bet of your choice with your initial deposit. if you win, you win, as simple as that. However, if you lose the bookie will refund your stake. This could be in the form of another bet of equal value or it could be cash that you can withdraw straight away.

Boosted odds

This is another way that bookies can reward you when it comes to placing a bet on football. Boosted odds are just what they say they are. You will find bookies that offer you enhanced odds for your chosen bet as a way of encouraging you to place your bet with them.

The only thing to keep an eye out for here is that your maximum bet may be limited. With the odds being increased significantly, it’s common to find that the bookies won’t allow you to stake more than £5. To be honest, though, this doesn’t tend to be a problem as the payouts still turn out to be more than just a little generous.

How can I claim a free football bet?

Claiming the best football free bets is easy. You’ll often find that bookies have pages dedicated to just this. As soon as you find the free bet that works best for you, it’s just a case of creating an account and ensuring that you’ve taken note of the terms and conditions. Do this and your free football bet will be credited in no time.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer


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