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Qatar Champions Innovation with Supporters Tickets

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By Martin Graham | 6th Apr 2022

The local organising committee of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar have announced the creation of new ticket categories for fans: Supporter Tickets and Conditional Supporter Tickets.

The second batch of ticket sales opened on April 1 and fans have begun to apply to be eligible to purchase them. On Tuesday, the LOC announced that fans who identify as supporters of certain teams in the World Cup outside their teams and would like to sit with the fans of that team, can now purchase supporter tickets or conditional supporter tickets.

However, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) noted that some teams require that fans be part of their official fan clubs in order to get the supporter tickets.

Fans will also be able to request for tickets of up to two matches a day, another first for the World Cup. This is possible because of the compactness of this edition – all matches are taking place in, as well as in towns in close proximity to Doha, the capital of Qatar.

All the categories of tickets on offer by the LOC after the latest announcement are as follows:

  • Individual Match Tickets: Tickets for a specific match, available across four different price categories.
  • Supporter Tickets: Group-stage tickets for supporters of a certain team, available across three different price categories.
  • Conditional Supporter Tickets: Tickets for supporters of a certain team for a second-round match that could potentially feature their team, available across three different price categories.
  • Four-Stadium Ticket Series: Tickets for fans who want to sample the atmosphere across four different matches and iconic stadiums on successive days.
  • Accessibility Tickets: Tickets that provide access to tailored facilities and spaces for disabled people and people with limited mobility, covering a range of requirements, as part of any of the above products.

The SC of the LOC once again reminded fans that tickets must be bought in order to secure accommodation as the country will not be able to handle people who travel to Qatar for sightseeing purposes alone in the duration of the World Cup.

Martin Graham is an MFF sports writer