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Qatar 2022 updates: LOC Set to Reveal Official Mascot for World Cup

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By Martin Graham | 1st Apr 2022

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) of the local organising committee for the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar has announced that the official mascot for the 2022 World Cup will be unveiled on Friday.

The director general of the SC, Yasser al-Jamal, said the mascot will be unique and different from all the others before it. He also claimed that the mascot will appeal to many and will be seen differently by all who view it.

Qatar is also preparing to host the World Cup draws on Friday and Al-Jamal claimed that the draw will also have a special twist to it, in line with making everything about the Qatar World Cup as unique as can be.

Al-Jamal specifically stated that the draws which will be held at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre (DECC) is going to be a draw “another level from all the previous ones”.

Khaled al-Nama, the SC’s spokesperson, reiterated his boss’ comments on Qatar Radio, stating that there will be various programmes and surprises for the audience at the draw ceremony.

“The ceremony will not be limited to the draw, but there will be a number of surprises for the audience who follow its activities,” al-Nama said.

Al-nama also gave updates concerning the tickets and accommodation of fans who will be coming from all across the world to witness the World Cup come November-December.

There have been reports in the media that the prices of match tickets were going to be increased in the next phase of ticket sales which begin in April.

Al-nama debunked the reports, while urging all interested fans to hurry up and book when the window opens again.

Fans will have to apply to be able to purchase the tickets like in the last ticket sales window from April 5. Those who are unable to secure a ticket during the application stage will also have other opportunities to get their tickets during the second phase.

Fans who fail to get tickets in the second phase will have to wait for the next one, which will be a lot closer to the World Cup. Al-nama also urged fans to get their Hayya cards alongside their tickets.

Elsewhere, the LOC have also introduced another accommodation option for fans.

With the current accomodation options only able to cater to less than a quarter of the one million plus fans expected to attend the global showpiece, the LOC is working tirelessly to get more options ready before the event.

The latest update to come out from that area is the provision of five-star beach camps in Doha.

The beach camps will be built in the summer on a stretch of beach that backs on to the desert and will have their own bedrooms and bathrooms.

Angel Tindoy, a supervisor at the company who will run the beach camps, told the media that the camps will accommodate thousands of fans.

“There will be hundreds of fans here – perhaps a thousand,” Tindoy said. “We have a lot of guests coming from around the world. They can expect five-star…service amenities and facilities.”

The exact number of cabanas to be installed on the beach will depend on bookings by fans, and the prices of the camps are still to be finalised. Tindoy, however, has promised they will be affordable.

Martin Graham is an MFF sports writer

FIFA World Cup Mascots