Milan Mayor Denies Reports of San Siro Abandonment by Inter and AC Milan

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By Martin Graham | 31st Mar 2022

Milan’s mayor Giuseppe Sala has come out to debunk the rumours of AC Milan and Inter Milan abandoning the San Siro to build their new home stadium elsewhere.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reported on Monday that the remodelling of the San Siro in an area not too far from the original stadium to match global standards by both Milan giants, dubbed “the Cathedral project” has been abandoned and that both clubs are looking for a new area – possibly outside Milan – to build.

Milan mayor Sala signed the approval papers in December 2021 in hopes that the mega project will create jobs and generate revenue for his region.

The target date for the completion of the project is 2027, and its redesign will be overseen by Populous, the firm who designed the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.

La Gazzetta dello Sport claimed that both clubs chose to abandon the project after environmentalists protested against the impact of the mega project on the environment, which led to mayor Sala opening a public debate on the issue.

However, mayor Sala has published a document debunking the news from La Gazzetta dello Sport while also inspiring that alongside the two clubs, the state of Milan is committed to the project.

The document was signed by both clubs last week and was posted by Sala on his Instagram to counter the media’s reportage. His caption on the post reads: ‘”We inform you that we are preparing the dossier of the project that the coordinator of the public debate will use to conduct it.

“As you can see from the image, the two clubs confirmed last week that they are preparing the documents for the public debate. Last week, not months ago.

“Nothing has happened since I received this letter. Today [Monday], La Gazzetta dello Sport published a scoop regarding Milan and Inter’s intention to build the stadium somewhere else.

“Now, or La Gazzetta dello Sport are looking for a good title, or the clubs are telling me something different (and they write it too). Having an official document in my hands, I want to think about the first option.

“That being said, I want to tell everyone that the municipality has many other things to think about in this difficult moment.”

Martin Graham is an MFF sports writer

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