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By Jonathan Lewis | 6th FEB 2022

When Diogo Jota got the ball from Trent Alexander-Arnold at the 19th minute during Liverpool’s league cup game at Emirates, he had quite a lot to do. The 25-year-old Portugal forward was 35 yards away from the goal, but he managed to make his achievement look simple.

Diogo Jota took the ball in between Takehiro Tomiyasu’s legs, taking him out of the equation before heading for the ‘D’ towards the edge of the penalty area. The Liverpool forward ascended his run to slightly get a yard space, before firing a shot outside the box. This shot wrong-footed Aaron Ramsdale, rolling casually behind Arsenal’s net.

While Jota added another goal before the end of the match, it was this score that effectively gave the Reds their 13th League Cup title as it helped break the deadlock and Arsenal never managed to fight back. His achievements during the game also impressed Betway punters who wagered on the Liverpool.

The achievement was notable in another instance but in a slightly less obvious aspect. This was Jota’s first goal from the 27 scores he has recorded for Liverpool in all competitions that were scored beyond the penalty area’s edge.

Jota’s “Fox in the Box” demeanor predates his transfer to Anfield, with all the 35 EPL goals that he has recorded in his career being from around the 18-yard box. The Portuguese forward scored from long range during the championship in England during the first season and got another goal two seasons later in the Europa League. However, his CV doesn’t have any goals scored outside the area.

Looking at Jota’s statistics, especially from this season, you’ll know why he’s so prolific at scoring from a relatively close range. He’s also among the best players you can wager on with Betway during Liverpool matches.

According to statistics, Jota’s average shot this season in league football has been recorded from 10.8 yards. That makes him among the player who has taken at least 30 shots at close range in France, England, Italy, Germany, or Spain. Edin Dzeko is the only player who has taken shots closest to the opposition’s goal at 10.1 yards.

Considering Jota’s achievement, it’s interesting to see whether he’ll become the team’s top penalty box predator. Many have compared Jota to Robbie Fowler, who scored several spectacular goals from a similar distance over the years. Jota’s current teammates haven’t scored a significant number of goals standing outside the box either.

Mohamed Salah has recorded six premier league goals, with Roberto Firminio scoring five and Sandio Mane recording two. However, Jota’s record suggests that the Portuguese forward has a chance to be the ultimate penalty box finisher of the modern era as he’s already superior in the standings.

Two forwards expected to compete with Jota are Westham’s Michail Antonio and Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus. Antonio currently has 54 premier league goals, while Jesus has recorded 52 goals with the box. The two players might surpass Tim Cahill, who currently holds the record with 56 goals without any long-range efforts.

Other players who are ahead of Jota include Javier Hernandez (with 53), John Terry (41), David Unsworth (38), and Kevin Doyle (37). However, Jota seems like he might be near the top a year from now, considering that he has scored 10 EPL goals in around half this season.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer


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