Qatar builds monument in shape of 2022 to mark historic World Cup

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By Martin Graham | 26th Feb 2022

FIFA 2022 World Cup host nation Qatar have built a monument to mark their hosting of the global showpiece.

The monument, a building in the shape of the Year 2022, designed by Architect Ibrahim M Jaidah was built at Doha sports city opposite the Khalifa International Stadium, one of the eight hosting stadiums of the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

The developer, Nasser bin Hamad Al Thani, describes the iconic 2022-shaped building as “the first building in the world to resemble a year”.

The architect, Ibrahim M Jaidah, was also responsible for the design of the Al Thumama stadium in Doha which is shaped like the traditional Arab cap worn by Arab men, the gahfiya.

Jaidah said of the project: “The project is unique because it started with a simple idea.

“Sheikh Nasser said to me: ‘Ibrahim, I have a challenging idea for you’, and showed me a 2022 sketch.”

The 2022 building costs a supermarket, a cafe, restaurants and a sports centre as well as a health club. It also hosts several offices for Qatar’s different sporting bodies.

A view from the side and above show the year 2022 boldly as the architect was keen to immortalize the year as an important part of Qatar’s history.

“We started with how to transform the project from just an idea to a complete design and how it serves the purpose behind its creation,” he said.

“On the day I started working on the architectural design I noticed that many photos of stadiums are taken from above, so I wanted to design even the roof in the shape of 2022.”

The developer, Al Thani, hopes that, alongside the iconic stadiums being built by Qatar for the World Cup, the building will be a monument to mark Qatar hosting the biggest football festival in the world.

Al Thani, however, had the option of a building that resembled the World Cup trophy but opted for the 2022 design instead. “We had a design option inspired by the World Cup trophy,” he explained.

“But, the trophy does not belong to Qatar – the year 2022 belongs to us.

“We wanted to create a building related to the year and the generation that made the tournament happen. I want the building to stand as a beautiful memory.”

Martin Graham is an MFF sports writer

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