How you can pass the time whilst waiting for the match to start

How You Can Pass the Time Whilst Waiting for the Match to Start

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By Jonathan Lewis | 25th FEB 2022

When it comes to waiting, there is no longer time than waiting for an important match to start. If it is a big match that has a lot riding on it, it can be a tense time not only for the players on the pitch or in the dressing rooms but for the fans in the stands, in pubs and at home.

In these times, it is a good idea to keep the mind active and to use the resources that you and your fellow fans have at your fingertips to ease the time and entertain yourselves until the players come out on the field.

Checking out the news and stats

With the high profile that football has in the country today, what star players do ends up on the front pages as well as the back pages. Along with this, there are a load of facts and figures that are collected by the various TV channels covering the game that you can spend time finding out everything you need to know about what is about to happen on the screen in front of you.

Sharing this between fans can add to the anticipation of the game to come, and you don’t have to limit checking Sky Sports for the latest news on the team that you will be supporting. Knowing who they are up against and the weaknesses and strengths that they will be faced with can be the source of plenty of banter.

Researching the odds

To add a little sparkle to your research, you may want to check out the odds that are being offered online. Well, sporting bets are nothing new and the bookies will be giving higher odds to the team that they think is less likely to win and lower odds the players that are more likely to score. Now not all bookies give the same odds, so it can be interesting to see what differences they think will happen in the on-coming game.

This can also give a good spin on conversation between you and the other fans that are now crowding your home in anticipation of a particularly good match. It is no secret that any sporting game is better watched with a party of people than on your own.

Prepare the in-play snacks and beers

With this being said, you should make sure that you have plenty of snacks and nibbles as well as beverages to offer your crowd of friends and family members so that they can thoroughly enjoy the experience of not only watching the game at your place but also the general hospitality and the feeling of a good afternoon, evening or night out – depending on how long the parting goes on for after the game has finished or whether there is the chance of watching another game after the first.

Either way, it is a well organised person that makes sure there is enough food and beverages to last the day, evening, and night just in case.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

How you can pass the time whilst waiting for the match to start