Cristiano Ronaldo Urged to Retire by France Legend, My Football Facts

Cristiano Ronaldo Urged to Retire by France Legend

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By Martin Graham | 25th Feb 2022

Frank Leboeuf has urged Cristiano Ronaldo to hang up his boots at the end of the season.

The former France international and Chelsea defender has spoken up in light of recent poor performances from the Portuguese superstar, who is regarded as one of the best players in the world.

During his 20-year career, Ronaldo has been crowned the best player in the world five times, and has contributed to over 1000 goals in that time. He has also won a plethora of trophies including two for Portugal.

However, at 37, his output has greatly reduced and he has sometimes looked a shadow of the player he once was. Regardless of that, he remains Manchester United‘s top goalscorer this season with 15 goals in 209 matches, but those numbers can also be said to be a reflection of Manchester United’s poor form this season.

Leboeuf believes that Ronaldo has achieved all there is and should begin considering retirement to keep his legacy intact.

The World Cup winner said to ESPN FC: “Do you know what? I think there is a time where you have to think, ‘what do I do with my life and my career?’

“And maybe it’s time for Cristiano Ronaldo at the end of his career to wonder and have a discussion with himself, and maybe some of his family, to know what he has to do for the rest of his career, if there is a future in his career.

“I don’t want to watch Ronaldo and have pity because he’s been on the top for so many years.

“I don’t want him to be a normal player. He’s been an exceptional player for so long.

“I’d prefer him to give up his career at the top instead of maybe trying and play for two or three more years and not being the player that he used to be.”

Martin Graham is an MFF sports writer