Wealthiest English Premier League Club Owners

Article: Wealthiest English Premier League Club Owners

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By Jonathan Lewis | 15th NOV 2021

It’s fair to say that football is now a rich man’s game! That is even more the case when you take a look at the English Premier League. Yes, what brings a club success is a great manager and talented players, but what brings them in the first place is a wealthy owner. By looking at cubs such as Man City, you can see the transformation that is brought about by an injection of money.

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While we dream of our next progressive jackpot fortune, let’s take a look at the top 5 wealthiest owners in the Premier League:

5 – Nassef Sawiris

Sawiris is the current owner of Aston Villa and is worth an impressive £5.3 billion. With riches this high, you may expect him to be sitting a little higher in the table, but that just goes to show how much money there really is in football.

Sawiris bought a 55% stake in the club back in July 2018. He comes from one of Egypt’s wealthiest families and adds to his wealth through construction, building, and engineering companies.

4 – Stan Kroenke

Kroenke has a long relationship with Arsenal having first got involved back in 2007. It was 2011 when Kroenke took full control and this would have made a slight dent in his £6.35 billion fortune.

Kroenke, who also owns the NFL team LA Rams, is married to the Walmart heiress Ann Walton. His fortune comes from the Kroenke Group, a property development company.

3 – Roman Abramovich

Abramovich, although worth a staggering £9.6 billion, still doesn’t make it to the number one slot. He is well known for being the owner of Chelsea FC and it is his investment since 2003 that has brought the club tremendous success.

Abramovich raised part of his fortune by selling his stake in a Russian gas company back in 2005. Alongside other ventures, he also owns stakes in steel and nickel companies.

2 – Sheikh Mansour

Mansour shows exactly what a wealthy owner can do for a Premier League club. With an estimated fortune of £22.9 billion, since taking over the club in 2008, Man City have gone on to win the title five times.

As chairman of International Petroleum Investment Company, Mansour also holds stakes in Virgin Galactic.

1 – Saudi Public Investment Fund

This fund recently took over at Newcastle United. With a worth of £320 billion, it will be interesting to see exactly what the back of this fund can do for the club on the field. The first casualty of the new owners was the manager Steve Bruce, and now there is pressure for the club to deliver.

The fund is backed by Mohammad Bin Salman who is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. His personal wealth is reportedly around £2.5 billion.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

Wealthiest English Premier League Club Owners