A Summary of 2021-22 English Premier League’s sacking so far

A Summary of 2021-22 English Premier League’s Sacking So Far

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By Jonathan Lewis | 15th NOV 2021

With the Premier League now four months into the current season, the expected merry-go-round of managers has already begun. Once upon a time, so early in the season would have seemed a little unfair, but it has become the norm. The pressure is such for clubs to perform that there is now little patience nor time given for managers to turn things around. The exception here, so far, has to be Ole Gunnar Solskær who is somehow hanging on at Manchester United.

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Let’s have a look at the managers who have already been let go this season and who may be seeking new hobbies:

Xisco Munoz – Watford

Munoz takes the honours for being the first managerial casualty of the 2021-2022 season. What makes this sacking all the harsher is that it was under Munoz that Watford secured their place in the Premier League for this season in the first place.

After just seven games, Watford was sitting 15th in the table on 3rd October and so Munoz was shown the door.  He was quickly replaced by Claudio Ranieri who previously led Leicester to the title.

Steve Bruce – Newcastle United

This was one of the sackings that had long been on the cards and cannot have really been a shock to anyone. That being said, with Bruce departing on 20th October, he had hardly been given the chance to get into the swing of things for the new season. So, what led to the swift exit of Bruce?

Newcastle was subject to a Saudi takeover and the new owners were less than impressed with Bruce’s profile. They wanted to replace him with someone much better known and respected. Whether Eddie Howe meets that criteria is up for debate!

Nuno Espirito Santo – Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham has been a somewhat unhappy place to be. Since England’s success in the Euros, Kane has been keen to seek pastures new and the club just didn’t seem to find its feet early on in the season. Only 10 games in on 1st November, the club were eighth in the table, and this saw Santo up and go.

Santo’s replacement, Antonio Conte, has a great deal of work ahead to turn Tottenham back into serious contenders.

Daniel Farke – Norwich City

While 6th November may still seem a little early to see a manager being sacked, it has to be said that Norwich got off to a disastrous start under Farke this season. With 10 games played, there wasn’t a win in sight. Perhaps ironically, the 11th game, straight after Farke’s departure, saw the team claiming its first three points of the season!

Dean Smith – Aston Villa

It may have been Smith who successfully led Villa back into the Premier League, but it appears that in the world of football there is little loyalty. After a poor start to this season, the club decided not to stand by their man and instead sacked him on 7th November.

Former Liverpool legend,Steven Gerrard, has since been announced as his replacement following a three-and-a-half year stint as Glasgow Rangers head coach.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

A Summary of 2021-22 English Premier League’s sacking so far