Top Candidates To Win The EPL Golden Boot Award This Season

Top Candidates To Win The EPL Golden Boot Award This Season

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By Jonathan Lewis | 18th OCT 2021

It’s no secret that the English Premier League is considered by many football fans as the most exciting and competitive professional football league in the world. Unlike its competitors, like Italy’s Serie A, Spain’s La Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga and in some sorts France’s Ligue 1, the EPL has always maintained the highest regards amongst football betting picks fanatics because of the level of competition amongst all of its teams.

But for many of those fans, the thrills not only come from watching the race to see which teams have the best odds to end up winning the league title at the end of the season, but also from seeing which top-tier player will end up winning the season’s Golden Boot Award for scoring the most goals throughout the competition. With that said, we bring you our picks for the top candidates to win the EPL Golden Boot award this season.

Mohamed Salah, Liverpool

Ever since joining Liverpool from Roma in June 2017, Mohamed Salah has been Liverpool’s go to man when it comes to scoring. If you look at his numbers ever since joining the English powerhouse team, he has consistently netted at least 15 goals per season with his best season being his debut season where he tallied a total of 32 goals throughout the EPL season that year. Given that he has already won the Golden Boot award twice since joining Liverpool, all while helping Liverpool finally win the coveted EPL title in 2019, he is back yet again firing on all cylinders and hoping that his scoring tally, of 7 as of right now will help the team conquer the Premier League title once again this season.

Jamie Vardy, Leicester City

If you’re a true fan of the English Premier League, then you can’t deny that Leicester City’s magical 2015 EPL title run was probably one of the most exciting times in recent English football. Led by a perennial unknown striker who even at an advanced age was taking the EPL by storm, Leicester beat all the odds and was crowned champion. That striker was none other than Jaime Vardy, who has apparently not lost a beat whatsoever when it comes to goal-scoring. Tied with Salah right now for the top position in the Golden Boot race with 7 goals, it seems that age means nothing when it comes to Vardy and if he continues in his scoring ways he could end up taking the top goal-scorer award come season’s end.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United

It would only be fitting or Cristiano Ronaldo’s first season back at Old Trafford to end up with not just Manchester United making a true run for the EPL title, something United fans haven’t seen in years, but also for him to end up being not only the team’s top goal-scorer but also the league’s best striker. CR7 is no stranger to being the top scorer in every team and league he’s played for, including Man United, he even broke the international goalscoring record recently, and while right now he only has 3 goals to his name, we all know it doesn’t take much for the Portuguese legend to get firing on all cylinders and take the league by storm once again.

Sadio Mane, Liverpool

Liverpool’s offense has always looked best when their duo of star strikers, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane are at their best fits. While Salah has made it a constant to always be fighting the top positions of the Golden Boot award ever since joining Liverpool, for Mane, it’s been a slower process to go through. But just like in the 2018-19 campaign, Mane is showing true signs that he is ready to make a serious bid for the EPL’s Golden Boot award once again, and with 5 goals already scored this season, he is looking like a perfect candidate to surpass the 20 goal mark this season and maybe even more.

Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United

Ever since Bruno Fernandes joined Manchester United from Sporting Lisboa, the team went through a complete and uplifting revolution of sorts. When Fernandes came to the team, the “Red Devils” looked like they were roaming aimlessly around the EPL, but after just a couple of matches, the Portuguese midfielder showed that he was ready to take on the role of being United’s new general and leader in the middle of the field. While he came in third last season for the Golden Boot award with 18 goals, Fernandes, who already has 4 goals scored in the season could be looking at passing the 20 goal mark and making a true run for the Golden Boot award, all while continuing to lift United to what it once was.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

Top Candidates To Win The EPL Golden Boot Award This Season