Fun facts and the lucky goals of Euro 2021 that fans should know

Fun Facts and the Lucky Goals of Euro 2021 that Fans Should Know

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By Jonathan Lewis | 13th SEP 2021

Looking back at Euro 2021, what do we have? Apart from some new records, controversial decisions, traumatic events, or exciting wins, we also have some lucky goals of Euro 2021 that should be mentioned.

In 2021, fans of football see the return of one of the most exciting football events in the world, the UEFA European Football Championship. Although there weren’t a lot of audiences at the stadiums due to the pandemic, the football matches are just as intense as they have always been at the tournament. Besides the most impressive goals from talented players, there were some goals that they couldn’t have had without luck. In this article, we will talk about the lucky goals of Euro 2021 as well as some fun facts about the tournament.

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The lucky goals of Euro 2021

How do you think that a goal is considered a lucky goal? It can be the way the ball finds its way into the net without any intention. Or it isn’t supposed to be a goal but it ends up being one. People have different views about it. In this list, we will take a look at some of the lucky goals that are scored in Euro 2021. Read on!

Spain vs Croatia: Unai Simon had an own goal

Spain’s goalkeeper Unai Simon made a dreadful mistake during the team’s match with Croatia, giving his opponent an easy goal. The careless action turned a back pass into an own goal for Spain in Euro 2021. This is such a howler that will surely be mentioned in the next tournaments.

Fun facts and the lucky goals of Euro 2021 that fans should know

Luckily, Spain won the game in extra time, giving relief to Simon. However, he might feel embarrassed for his terrible error for a while as it will be a footnote in one of the biggest football events in the world.

In this situation, Spain’s youngest player Pedri who was 18 at the time, got the ball around the center circle. He decided to punt it back to Simon as a simple pass. Little did he know, his keeper miscalculated the control and let the ball easily run into an empty net.

The 24-year-old goalkeeper had definitely no pressure at the time because there weren’t any Croatia players in the area. And when the ball was on its way back to him, he had the entire pitch to himself. It was entirely his fault that he might not want to talk about it for a while.

Poland vs Slovakia: Wojciech Szczesny’s own goal

Watching Euro 2021, fans witnessed some major mistakes from the goalkeepers. And this time, it’s from Wojciech Szczęsny, the goalkeeper of Poland. He just didn’t have much luck in the game with Slovakia, scoring his own goal in his first game at the European Championships.

In fairness, he couldn’t really do much about the situation. When the ball deflected off the post, onto his arm as he lay on the ground, and found its way into the net, Szczesny was trying to stop a shot from Robert Mak. It was a lucky goal for Slovakia but bad luck for the goalkeeper.

England vs Denmark: Harry Kane’s penalty shot

Fun facts and the lucky goals of Euro 2021 that fans should know

It was controversial when the referee awarded England a penalty as Raheem Sterling was fouled in the penalty area. Even with the VAR review, many people didn’t really agree with the referee’s decision. But it wasn’t just all about the decision because Kane missed the original penalty as it was saved by Kasper Schmeichel. Lucky for England, Kane scored on the rebound.

Some fun facts about Euro 2021

Most tournaments are left with new records, newfound talented players, and new victories. The Euro 2021 is no different. Below are some fun facts about Euro 2021.

Cristiano Ronaldo was the first player to score in five consecutive tournaments

Apart from the controversial decisions or the lucky goals of Euro 2021, we still need to mention some fun facts about the tournament. CR7 scored which was not a surprise because he has always been a top scorer. But scoring in five tournaments is incredible, and he was the first one to do it. With his goals in Euro 2021, CR7 became the all-time leading scorer of the tournament with 14 goals.

England had their first victory at the knockout stage since 1968

England met Germany at the knockout game of Euro 2021. It had been a long time since they had won a match at the Euro knockout stage. In this tournament, England made the whole world remember them. They were also the first team to win a group with only two goals. It was quite a successful Euro for the team, except for not winning the trophy.

Denmark made history after 29 years

Denmark started the tournament with a traumatic event in the stadium when Christian Eriksen had a stroke and left the Euro 2021. Everyone thought that it would have been a big loss for the team and that they would have struggled. However, they became the first team to reach the semifinals even though they lost the first two games in the group stage.

Unfortunately, Denmark’s potential path stopped when it lost in the semi-final against England. Sign up for Thienhabet to participate in betting on World Cup Championship 2022 favorites.

Italy won its second trophy after 53 years

Fun facts and the lucky goals of Euro 2021 that fans should know

Italy won the tournament, and it was also their second Euro victory after 53 years, making it the longest gap in the history of the UEFA European Football Championship. Not to mention, the team’s captain, Giorgio Chiellini, was also the oldest captain to ever win the tournament. He was almost 37 years old at the time.

As you can tell, Euro 2021 is full of exciting, controversial, and unforgettable moments. But on top of that, it brings joy, fun, and tears to football fans around the world. The lucky goals of Euro 2021 are not all about the players, the teams, the victories, or the failures. They added more memories to the tournament, and that’s why Euro has been one of the most exciting football events in the world.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer