The Best Ways to Compare Football Betting Bookmakers

Article: The Best Ways to Compare Football Betting Bookmakers

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By Jonathan Lewis | 28th SEP 2021

There are tons of bookmakers out there with diverse offerings and football coverage. This makes it quite difficult to pick the best one for your football betting. Your choice of bookmaker may affect your chances of winning, losing, or enjoying the betting experience. This article shares the best ways to compare football betting bookmakers and select the best fit for your gambling needs.

Games Coverage

There is no denying that many people worldwide love playing football. Therefore, there can be hundreds of football games taking place each day worldwide. While no bookmaker may be able to cover all the sporting events in the day – the ideal one should cover most of them, especially in England. This includes friendlies, grassroots football and major tournaments like the Champions League.


A wide coverage offers you a good choice of events to bet on, thereby increasing your chances of winning. When choosing a football betting platform, it is good to check how many games are covered in the football section. Compare different bookmakers and pick the platform with the highest coverage of the sport.

Available Betting Markets

The betting markets may vary according to the game at hand. However, the bookmaker should provide several markets on any football game to give you a wide choice. Just like a wide coverage, the availability of several betting markets increases the chance that you will get good odds and a market that best fits your prediction.


It is good to compare various bookmakers for the number of markets available in several individual events. This is an indicator of the average number of markets available for similar future events.

Available Promotions

Promotions are a popular way bookmakers attract players to their sites to bet. Some of the popular bonuses include ACCA boost, cashback offers, odds boosts and insurance offers. Sites with regular promotions give you a chance to increase your wins or protect your bets without any added cost. Therefore, it is good to compare offers among bookmakers before picking one.

On the other hand, it is good to check a few of the available promotions and see if they offer any value. Some bookmakers give many and strict terms for their bonuses, lowering the chances of making any money with the offers. Such terms include huge wagering and large deposit requirements, a narrow choice of games, high odds requirements, and very low deposit bonuses. Avoid such bookmakers just as you would for the ones that do not provide any promotions. Use this area to compare bookmakers too.

Usability of the Site

You need to pick a sportsbook that is easy to navigate, place bets, make payments and withdraw cash. Unfortunately, gambling platforms can be complex and hard to navigate due to the many events and sports covered. This would mean that you would have to work harder when placing your bets. Compare bookmakers with the quality of the user experience after checking other factors discussed in this article.

In the same breath, it is good to check the quality of the mobile platform. You will likely use the mobile platform for most of your betting if your work involves moving outdoors. The ideal platform should be easy to use and navigate. If you wish to bet regularly, you may consider comparing mobile apps and pick one that enables you to bet on the go.

Minimal Deposit and Betting Amounts

The minimal amount that you can deposit and bet with varies from one bookmaker to the other. Ideally, a bookmaker should give a wide range for both deposits and bets – to accommodate both value seekers and high rollers. When choosing a betting platform, ensure that you compare bookmakers for the minimums and pick an ideal limit for your betting preferences.

Customer Service

You are bound to get into problems when using a bookmaker website. There can be technical hitches that prevent you from placing a bet. You may want to add or remove a payment method, pause your betting, or experience problems when transacting with your account. Any of such cases may require you to contact customer service. Therefore, it is good to pick a platform that has reliable customer service.

Compare bookmakers on the quality of the customer service. Check the number of methods available to reach the service. Popular ones include phone, email and live chat. Some may also be on social media platforms. Second, check how it takes to get a response. You can determine this in customer reviews or send a simple message to a few selected sites. Finally, check if the customer service works around the clock.

Available Payment Methods

Having a wide choice of payments options that are available in your jurisdiction saves you from the headache of having to transfer cash across various methods and incurring charges as you do so. Compare football betting sites with the number of payment methods available. Ideally, a bookmaker should have two or three readily available methods.

On the same note, check the deposit and withdrawal terms across various platforms. Determine the period it takes for the deposit and withdrawals to reflect in the required accounts. Note the charges for different methods as well as other limitations that may affect your transactions. Settle on a bookmaker that offers a good mix of payment methods, lenient transaction terms and speedy withdrawals.

There you have them! Easy ways to compare football betting bookmakers. Use each feature discussed here to narrow down your search for the best football sportsbook. Enjoy betting at the betting site that best covers these areas.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

The Best Ways to Compare Football Betting Bookmakers

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