How To Watch Manchester United Matches for Free

Article: How To Watch Manchester United Matches for Free?

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By Jonathan Lewis | 25th AUG 2021

Can’t find any free streaming platform for MU games? Experiencing lagging or hung football streaming websites? The channel you are watching has too many ads and malicious information? Then you should try the sites that stream Manchester United matches for free that Thabet shares below. Thabet is the number 1 bookmaker in Asia today, known for many types of services such as online sports betting, lottery, lotto, casino online, card game…. Besides, Thabet also offers a free streaming service where you can watch full Manchester United football live for absolutely no cost. Just register as a member and you can access and enjoy.

TV Stream Man United

Top Sites to Watch Manchester United Matches for Free


The Youtube platform is not unfamiliar. Thus, the usage is also effortless to understand for the majority of users around the world. Whatever area you’re in, head over to, sign up for an account and start watching.

Currently, many Champions League football matches are free-handed on Youtube. This platform even has Premier League and other tournament games available. And you can get highlights of past Red Devil matches that you’ve missed for free.

You can search for Manchester United matches on Youtube in two ways. The first way is to search with keywords. Example: Manchester United vs. Liverpool live. The second way is to search for live football game channels that you already know.


  • The platform to watch MU matches is 100% free, from account registration to viewing stage. If you like it, you can register as a member of some channels to support them for a small fee.
  • Safe platform, no malicious ads or invasion of personal information security.
  • Often, some e-sports channels buy match rights and broadcast on Youtube. So you won’t need to worry about legality.


  • Many live-streamed matches will be deleted later on due to copyright-related issues.
  • When many people watch at the same time, the server is easy to lag and freeze.
  • Videos shown on Youtube will have ads at the beginning, middle, and end of the video that are annoying.

YouTube Manchester United

2. TOTALSPORTEK.COM is where you can find live streaming links for almost all the significant sports matches worldwide. World Cup, Euro, Champions League to MMA, F1, etc., any matches as long as you search for.

Claiming to be a money-related sports blog, offers you more than just broadcasting the matches. It’s all here on this website from finding out about player profiles, team profiles, football history, or sports-related financial articles.

Using Totalsportek is also very simple. You don’t even need to log in or create an account! You just need to visit, search for the tournament keyword you want to watch. The website will offer a series of related articles with a live stream link for you to see. And of course, these are entirely free!


  • The site is speedy to access, not blocked in many countries to be accessed anywhere.
  • No ads or data running in the background makes the web heavy, laggy.
  • There is a lot of useful general information.


  • The website interface is not beautiful and not convenient for searching by keywords.
  • Broadcasting links for matches are usually only available for 1 hour before the game starts and do not have many options.

3. Cricfree TV

Claiming to be the home of streaming, Cricfree TV is no stranger to sports fans. This platform is purely a place for people to watch the top matches, including the fiery games at Old Trafford, for FREE.

Like, Cricfree does not require users to sign up for an account. You just need to visit the website and select the match you want to watch. The platform gives you ten different types of sports to choose from – very diverse.

How to watch free Manchester United matches on Cricfree? Unfortunately, this platform does not give you the option to search by keyword. You need to know the Red Devils schedule in advance. Based on that calendar, you will search for the appropriate match on Cricfree and click on it. The website will provide a free viewing link for you. Usually, these links will lead you to sport betting sites.


  • No need to log in. You can still get the link to watch the live stream.
  • The platform runs fast. There are a lot of rules to keep users safe.


  • The interface is not eye-catching. It looks like a scamming platform.
  • There is no search function. This website only provides you with a list of matches about to be live-streamed.
  • Direct viewing links are directed to betting sites with lots of ads.

4. MamaHD

MamaHD is a more convenient version of Cricfree TV. This sport game streaming platform is also very famous and trusted by many people. More than 15 sports worldwide are available on this website with free live streaming links.

Why do we say this is an upgraded version of Cricfree? First, the web has a keyword search feature. Therefore, Red Devils fans can easily find the list of upcoming matches of the home team to follow.

Besides, the website provides many different free viewing links. Usually, there will be at least 3-4 links to backup if other links go down.

Before the match starts, you should search for MU matches live stream platforms that MamaHD provides. Then, proceed to log in and follow the other sites’ steps to view most smoothly.


  • Friendly interface, easy to use.
  • Provide many different streaming platforms. This is very suitable for fans in many other countries to be able to watch throughout the match.
  • There is a keyword search function so that MU fans can follow the team schedule.
  • No login is required.


  • Websites linked to by MamaHD either require a login or have complicated steps to use.
  • The websites linked to by MamaHD all have ads.

HesGoal, Bet365, FirstRowSports, VIPBox, VIPLeague, Ronaldo7, etc., are also popular free broadcasting MU matches that you can find on the internet.

Or with the gamblers. You can watch the full range of Manchester United football matches streamed for free through the Tha (Thabet) bookie. Matches of all leagues will be streamed for free in high quality. In addition to the live screen of the matches, there are also statistics on the situation of each team, force, penalty cards, and form. These parameters will be the necessary data for you to win easily. Members after registering an account will be able to use all services from Thabet for free.


However, let us state one more time: it is illegal to find a platform to watch MU matches for free. Your information may not be safe on illegal streaming platforms, and illegal viewing is never encouraged.

If possible, invest a small amount of money in legitimate platforms like MU’s own app (MUTV) or other mainstream e-sports channels.

But we understand, not every MU fan is eligible to watch copyrighted football. So we genuinely hope the website streaming Manchester United matches for free above can help!


Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer