Guide: Helpful Tips and Advice for Betting on the English Premier League

Guide: Helpful Tips & Advice for Betting on the English Premier League

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By Jonathan Lewis | 3rd JUNE 2021

The English Premier League is not only the most popular league in the world of football, but also the most attractive one in terms of betting. It attracts a large global following, perhaps due to its
marketing structures, as well as the fact that it incorporates talents from all over the world.

Nearly 85 percent of all soccer fans in the world support one of the English Premier League clubs drawn from the 20 teams.

For those interested in betting on EPL matches, here are a few very important tips that should help you make profitable betting.

#1. Select a betting site – As the battle for online betting supremacy continues to rise, there are so many betting sites operating today. Your overall betting experience is likely to be determined
by the authenticity of the bookmaker you register with. Betway is one of the most popular betting sites that covers all EPL matches, and offers users multiple markets for selection. There are attractive bonuses, and you can also bet on mobile via a user-friendly Betway app.

#2. Know your teams – Before placing a wager, it is important to conduct an in-depth research of the teams involved. Furnish yourself with details such as team form and head to head. Also,
ensure that you find out if any of the teams’ top players is suspended or out injured. Remember, home ground plays a big role in EPL matches.

#3. Hear out tipsters – There are no giveaways in the world of football, or betting for that matter. However, you can do a little consulting and exploration. Place your picks on the table
and compare what you have with what tipsters are saying. It is one way to get a clearer direction, and hence, increasing your winning chances.

#4. Diversify your markets – Besides the ordinary win, lose, or draw options, there are several other markets that you can capitalize on. For example, Betway offers a wide array of options
with high paying odds. They include players to score, handicaps, overs and unders, bookings, half with most goals, half time/full time scores, among many others. How well you understand
teams playing gives you an edge to make confident wagers.

#5. Get high quality odds – It may not occur to you right away, but the higher the number of selections you make, the lower your chances of winning. It doesn’t matter how confident you are
about a given outcome, but betting in the EPL can be a complicated matter given the number of surprises. It is advisable to settle for a few picks with high-quality odds as opposed to filling up
your bet slip to increase your profits.

Ideally, the essence of soccer betting is to have fun, and to make profits at the same time. With the above simple tips in place, you should be able to enjoy your betting experience from the
onset. However, this is a venture where you can win or lose in equal measure. Aspire to practice safe, responsible betting at all times. Nothing is guaranteed.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

Guide: Helpful Tips and Advice for Betting on the English Premier League