Why Is There an Emerging Popularity of Casino Sponsors in Football?

Why Is There an Emerging Popularity of Casino Sponsors in Football?

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By Jonathan Lewis | 1st JUNE 2021

Over the last few Premier League seasons, there has been an increase in casino sponsors, with more than half of the competing teams signing deals with betting and casino companies. This increase in betting sponsors has also increased in England’s second-tier league, The Championship. That’s a significant change in the last few years, considering that most of these teams were previously sponsored by local beer and meat pie companies. Others like Chelsea can also remember being sponsored by glass firms.

The huge following in football clubs has presented an excellent marketing channel for online casino operators like free slots NZ to create awareness about their gambling platform. This growing popularity of casino sponsors in different football leagues around the world is all thanks to five main reasons, including:

Excellent Marketing Channel

Thanks to the huge following that football commands worldwide, there’s a huge notion that sponsoring them is an excellent marketing strategy. Sports betting is also a highly popular form of wagering worldwide, which explains why casinos are motivated to try and tap into the market by sponsoring teams.

Most football clubs also have loyal fans who are always willing to support businesses associated with their clubs. Casinos are therefore trying to tap into this huge following by being the clubs’ sponsors. That has contributed to the rise in the popularity of casino sponsors on the football scene.

TV Deals

Almost every elite football league in the UK broadcasts its games worldwide. The EPL, in particular, attracts a global following, with millions of viewers watching the game live on TV. By sponsoring teams in these leagues and having their brands printed on their shirt, casinos can put their name out there in a huge way. As a result, these operators can amass a substantial customer base, even when only a small percentage of fans proceed to check out their site.

Money Talks

Betting companies are among the few sponsors that are capable of meeting the sponsorship demands of leading football teams in the world. Money plays a huge role in the current football scene, as it helps in attracting top players and winning competitions. Unfortunately, not many industries can compete with online casinos and receive similar benefits from the deals.

Football Teams Get Massive Benefits

Modern football teams require multiple revenue streams to handle their financial responsibilities. While online casinos may not offer much value compared to other large sponsorship deals, they can still offer millions of dollars to market their platforms. These clubs use the investments to fund talent development, player salaries, and club initiatives. The cash also helps the teams to maintain their training facilities, stadiums, and paying support staff.

Changing Perception Towards Gambling

While the public initially viewed gambling as an illegal activity, many jurisdictions are embracing different forms of betting worldwide. That has transformed the industry into a multi-billion dollar market with thousands of operators. These operators have also made enough profits for them to afford to sign deals with leading football clubs.


The increase in casino sponsors in soccer goes down to money. These casinos have made enough cash over the last few years to afford the huge sponsorship costs, although that significantly helps them get their brand out there. As such, you can expect these casino sponsorship deals to keep rising in the coming years.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

Why Is There an Emerging Popularity of Casino Sponsors in Football?