The Deciding Factor Of A Competition

Article: The Deciding Factor Of A Competition by Jonathan Lewis

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By Jonathan Lewis | 7th JUNE 2021

What does it take to place a good bet? Do you ever feel that people around you are winning almost all the time, but for you, it happens so seldom? It takes experience, a lot of research, and skill to come to that level where you will know which team has the best chance of beating those odds. Maybe even a little bit of luck. But no worries. We are here to help you. Especially now when the gambling industry has taken a lead role in accepting cryptocurrency. This is great news for all of us who have been fearing security leaks and data theft.

The Deciding Factor Of A Competition

These days so many bookmakers are accepting the different cryptocurrencies, even some who will not take other methods of payment. They provide a great variety of anonymous betting sites where your private data will be protected. As long as they are licensed and regulated you can claim big odds and start a great journey. The real reason why you can do everything anonymously is when you use crypto they don’t require much of your data to make the transaction. No need to give you a credit card or bank details. You get the most protection and security with the best offers there are.

When choosing a sports team to bet you can read about them all you want but it can still happen that they don’t win. That’s why we want to show you what things you need to pay attention to and how to read between the lines.

For us, football statistics have been a valuable treasure of information important to have when making decisions of choosing a team to bet on. Don’t just go with your favorite. Look around and read how they have been playing and if there are any last-minute changes to the team. Players come and go but the style of the game should stay the same. Sometimes you will have to know a little history too. That’s what makes it so exciting and today everything can be found online. If you do a good job in your research you will be making some good bets. Good bets mean good money.

The Use Of Statistics In Betting

The use of statistics can seriously enhance your betting game and give you a greater chance of beating the bookie. Statistics can be found on various platforms. But you will still need our help on how to use them to your advantage. Understanding how best to apply the use of certain statistics to specific markets is key to ensuring you make the most of the information at your disposal.

If you are new to sports betting there will be a lot of confusing information that is hard to make sense of at first. That’s why we suggest maybe go with your favorite sport that you have the best knowledge of. And for us, that would be football. Don’t just choose by your gut feeling. There is more to sports betting than listening to your heart. We want to win so give your best effort. People who enjoy casual betting on football as a hobby for instance will use basic statistics in the shape of league tables, form guides, and head-to-head records (H2H) before determining which way they’re to place their money.

More serious bettors will consider the above but also dig deeper into statistics highlighting the more intricate parts of the game, which can also be put to good use. A team may be averaging a certain number of corners per game for instance, while another could be particularly good at winning penalties.  Information that can potentially lead to money being made, if not directly but further down the line. This way you can start building your betting models and strategy. It will consume more of your time but you will also start to enjoy it when all the pieces start to come together. If you don’t have as much time to dedicate to making Excel sheets there are many models available online that you can try. The more informed you are about your favorite teams the closer you get to win big.

The Statistics To Consider When Betting

The incredible development in technology means that we can learn everything we need to know about a specific team or a player. But using that information to your advantage is a different thing. There are definitely things that could help us to make a better bet and we need to know about them. Information on sports teams’ health, wins, losses and injuries are all tools we can use when coming to a decision on who to place our bets.

League position

Considering the current league position of a side can sometimes be overlooked but it should be your first port-of-call when weighing up which way to place your bet. This isn’t worth doing when a tournament or a season is just starting. But after ten games or so the league table should begin to take shape and serve as a basic guideline  to give you a hint on how a team has been performing.

Recent form

A quick overview of wins, losses, and drawn on their last couple of games can provide more of a detailed insight into how a team is performing at any given moment. Websites often color code a win (green), a draw (yellow), and a defeat (red) to give a clear representation of form and make it easy to draw quick conclusions. Good runs and bad runs are there to be beaten at the end of the day. Generally, though, we’d rank recent forms as a piece of valuable information that needs to be taken into consideration.

Head To Head (H2H)

Players and managers come and go, especially in this day and age. But regardless of who’s in the top position or taking to the field, a particular team may have a weak side that for whatever reason they come up short against. So even if a team or a player looks really good on paper, that doesn’t make their performance a sure win. Check how they have played or did against the same opponent in the past and then you will be able to see all their weaknesses.

Goal Averages

Investigating how many goals a team usually scores in their games can be a very helpful tool. There is a possibility to show you if they play offensive or a defensive style of game. As is knowing if a specific fixture is known for being an entertaining affair and always featuring goals, or an encounter where the two defenses tend to come out on top. Goal markets such as both teams to score and Under/Over have never been as popular as they are today and are considered to be very profitable providing you know your stuff.

Decision Making

Decision-making is a fundamental element of any sport, especially open, fast, dynamic team sports such as volleyball, football, soccer, rugby, and basketball. In order to succeed in winning any game and competition at the national and international level in all individual and team sports, there is a need to reconsider all success factors in order to make a better decision to win. Although there are no systematic ways of decision-making in sports for agents such as coaches, athletes, and referees, there are some characteristics that seem general enough to take away from these fields.

Other Elements Play A Part Also

Using statistics in betting can enhance your prospects of landing a successful bet and also help level the playing field between you and the bookmaker. Just remember that using statistics is just one of many factors that should be considered before placing a bet.

There are a  number of elements out of your control that may prevent them from working their magic. Things such as weather, travel arrangements, player injuries, team illness, managerial changes, change in formation are just a few but the list is endless. It’s easy to rely on stats but they can quickly become irrelevant if any of the other elements come into play.

The health of the players and their injury histories is also something you need to be aware of. How long they have played in the same club or team, or even with the same coach. There are so many various factors outside of stats that could give you valuable information. Of course, players in all sports need to pass a health check to be able to compete but it’s not the same if they are fresh out of recovery or didn’t have an injury for a long time.

The world of sports betting is constantly changing and developing. With the use of crypto, you can bet on really small or really large amounts in a blink of an eye. And nobody needs to know about it. Even your bookie will not receive the information about your true identity. They will know only the identity of your crypto wallet when you are ready to place a bet or collect your winnings. One of the reasons why so many people enjoy betting in sports is because they get to analyze, investigate, calculate and at the very end even guess who is going to be the lucky winner. There are so many factors to take into consideration and so much potential to make money.

If you are really dedicated to becoming more experienced and have a lot of motivation there are no limits. Learn as much as you can on the type of sports that interests you and try to implement that knowledge when you are ready to place a bet with your favorite bookkeeper. If you have never tried it before, maybe crypto bets will give you that nudge in the right direction. Nobody will know if you lose. Just make sure to bet with the money you can afford to lose. It will be an exciting journey.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer