2020 -21 UEFA Champions League - Fixtures Results and Predictions: Odds & Betting Tips

2020-21 UCL – Fixtures, Results & Predictions: Odds & Betting Tips

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By Jonathan Lewis | 6th MAY 2021

The UEFA Champions League has a rich history of famous rivalries, clashes, and encounters among the best clubs. A league founded in 1955 has proven its worth and value from time to time. According to football pundits, after the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League is a highly demanded and prized league.

Because only top teams from across the world-renowned leagues like, LaLiga, EPL, Serie-A, etc., can take part in it. Many bettors fancy their chances of winning lucrative deals in the Champions League.

What is happening in the UEFA Champions League?

The first leg of the semi-finals took place between PSG and Man City, and Chelsea and Real Madrid. Let’s first talk about PSG and Man City as it was the most anticipated match of the season. Both were in the form, but PSG were the favorite for being at home.

The odds were in favor of PSG, and they got the lead in the first half. Then it was some magic from Kevin De Bruyne and Riyad Mahrez, who scored two back-to-back goals in a gap of seven minutes. Anyone who betted on Man City would have made some fantastic money as they came back being one down.

Chelsea and Real Madrid took part in their first leg a day earlier. Most experts favored Madrid, as it was on a stronger side competing at home. But fortune favors the brave as Chelsea gave Madrid a hard time in the first UEFA Champions League semi-final. Chelsea went ahead after thirteen minutes, but Benzema had the game tied in the twenty-ninth minute. The match ended 1-1, which should have ended in favor of Chelsea.

How to win a bet at UEFA Champions League?

According to FanDuel Sportsbook, the odds have changed drastically so do favorites as we enter the week of the second leg. Since the matches are being played on English soil, Man City has become favorites to win the match. So if you bet on Man City, you will win $100 on $145 and $350 on $100 if you pick PSG, and for the tie, the odds are +320.

Similarly, betting on Chelsea will give $120 on $100 and $240 if you pick the underdogs, Real Madrid. For the tie, the odds are +220. Not many Champion League fixtures are left after the second leg, so only the final will take place in Turkey on 29th May 2021.

So don’t wait until it’s too late; suit yourselves up, and check out FanDuel’s site for more special offers.

What are the tips for betting on the UEFA Champions League?

If you’re new to betting on the UEFA Champions League, then it can be a little daunting at first. There’s no need to worry because here you will find the best tips for betting on this year’s tournament.

Follow the UEFA

Get your skin in the game and learn about the teams, fixtures, and matches. Try to study teams and follow their matches. One of the best ways to win is to know the players; this way, it will become easy to predict the scoring probability and will increase your chances of winning.

Go through predictions

There are multiple choices when it comes to following experts, tipsters, pundits, or any information regarding UEFA. You can also visit FanDuel for valuable content that will help in analyzing the betting odds.

Forget personal favorite

Think twice if you can’t afford to go against your favorite team in betting. Betting is a game of chances no matter what team you root for; if they lose, you will lose too. So bet wisely and fancy the chances of the favorites to win.

 Experiment and test your potential

When starting, there is no thumb rule to follow. Test the waters first and choose a betting platform of your choice. But you must keep track of your bets, the ratio of winning and losing, the amount you put in, and the overall return you made.


If you have the right knowledge and expertise, the UEFA Champions League is likely to be a profitable betting league. With only three matches left, the stakes will keep getting higher.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

2020 -21 UEFA Champions League - Fixtures Results and Predictions: Odds & Betting Tips