Will Spurs Win A Trophy Under José Mourinho?

Article: Will Spurs Win A Trophy Under José Mourinho?

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By Jonathan Lewis | 11 MAR 2021

Speaking ahead of an FA Cup game against Marine FC, back in December 2020, José Mourinho said “I came to England in 2004 and I remember in that period I had to learn the meaning of the cups here.” Such is the Portuguese manager’s desire to win cups that it is no secret that Tottenham Hotspur Chairman Daniel Levy brought him over to Spurs to do just that. Mourinho added “I always took it seriously. If there is any secret it is to take it seriously.” The question all Spurs fans and some of the best soccer tipsters in the world keep asking is will Spurs win a trophy under José Mourinho? We will be assessing this likelihood with an overview of where Spurs stand today.

The term Spursy has been plaguing Spurs supporters since the 1990’s, when they always seemed to get close to winning trophies but never seemed to manage to cross the line. Apart from a solitary League Cup trophy back in 2008, under Spanish manager, Juande Ramos, it is fair to say that for the past three decades, there was not much to cheer about for Spurs fans who have had enough of being an almost team. Well, apart from finishing above Arsenal in the league in recent years, some are sure football betting tips will be pipping Spurs to do so again this season.

The tragic departure of current PSG manager, Mauricio Pochettino, after five years at the helm when they had Champions League football every season as well as finishing runners up in the competition has left a lot more to desire and vitally to achieve. Hence why Levy opted to go for the assured recipe of a manager that has won 22 trophies so far in his career. The Special One is ready and able to deliver, perhaps this season with Spurs still chasing a trophy in the Europa League and next month they are in the final of the Carabao League Cup against Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

If Spurs manage to win either of the trophies we mentioned above, this season, then it is no doubt going to set them on course to trying to win more trophies in the years to come, especially if they manage to keep the likes of Harry Kane, Son Heung-Min and perhaps Gareth Bale that together contributed to 34 of Spurs’ goals this season so far which amounts to just over a third of the North London team’s goals.

Mourinho has a track record for provoking and appeasing star players to get what he wants. His time at his previous club Manchester United was concluded after numerous clashes with players such as Luke Shaw and Paul Pogba. It seemed that history was repeating itself with his vocal treatment of Spurs midfielder, Tanguy Ndombele and more recently Dele Alli with the former recollecting earlier this year of his time with José spent at a common after his substitution at Burnley and during one of the lockdowns in London last year “it was incredibly tough, I was even calling home to my friends in France saying I wanted to come back. Undoubtedly, it had a role to play in the injuries I got. My body needed to get used to that sort of work and it was the shock of it to begin with that had a role to play in the fitness problems I had.”

This shows how José treats his job, he demands the best out of his players, all the time, and if they do not deliver, they are out of his plans. This tactic is what made him such a successful manager and one that all Spurs fans will help propel their team to many trophies to come as Daniel Levy approaches 20 years as Chairman of Spurs.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF Staff Writer

Will Spurs Win A Trophy Under José Mourinho?