Football Jackpot in Fantasy5 Online Game

Article: Football Jackpot in Fantasy5 Online Game by Jonathan Lewis

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By Jonathan Lewis | 16 MAR 2021

Football Jackpot in Fantasy5 Online Game

As we have been locked away for the past year, football will have been essential for helping people relieve boredom. Without the chance of getting into the ground and sometimes not even getting into a betting shop, there is now a way to back your favourite players online. And it’s free. This is as good as being able to get to play free slots no download.

Australia has become the latest country to access the 20Shots Fantasy5 Online game. The companies at the forefront, there are EliteBet, PlayUp, and TopSport, as they are the Generation Web clients. Players will join other people across the world who are already entering this competition weekly.

What Is Fantasy5 Online Game?

As mentioned, the game is free to enter, and this is surprising considering the prize is so high. It is a version of Fantasy Football League and can be played as well as the original version. The lucky weekly winner will receive £10,000, and all they must do is select the five players who will gain the most points for their performance.

In many ways, this is easier to take part in as only five players have to be selected. There is quite a bit to learn about how the players can gain points, so make sure that you check it regularly.

Rules for Fantasy5 Online Game

The rules are clearly explained and are easy to understand. It is easier to select your players for this than choosing the full squad of 11 you need to have if you want a fantasy team.

  •  There is an age limit, and you must be at least 18 years old, but this is not unusual when it comes to sports betting.
  •  Each person can only enter once per round, so make sure your players are the ones you want. There is not a second chance.
  •  Five games will only be involved to find that your favourite player or favourite team is not one of the ones chosen. Entering a player from a different game will not get you any points.
  •  Only one player can be selected from each of the games, so make sure you do not slip up and add a second.
  •  You do not have to keep to a cost limit when selecting the players. You can choose the five best regardless of their cost when in a fantasy league team. There is no cost to any player here. However, if you do pick the best 5, you need to remember that this will require them to attain a higher points target, then players are considered less skilled.
  •  Make sure the team is in before the first game kicks off, or you will not be entered.
  •  Scoring will be easy to understand if you play Fantasy Football League as both are the same. The only difference is that here you cannot get bonus points.

How Are Points in Fantasy5 Online Game Allocated?

Before selecting the players you want, remember how many points they can gain by playing. Before you have to make your selection, you will know what your player must achieve. It will help if you know about the player, as their recent match history will be necessary. Do they start on the bench, or are they substituted a lot? Do they help defend as well as play further forward? As you would imagine, there are many more options for gaining and losing points to consider when selecting a goalkeeper. If you make the right choice with that position, it could be the difference between winning and losing.

Time Spent Playing

The number of time players spend on the pitch is essential. There is a point and an additional one for playing up to an hour to play for more than 60 minutes. Therefore, it is necessary to know if the player always starts or gets injured a lot. The goals points will also be affected. If they are not on the pitch when a goal is conceded, they will not lose points.

Scoring and Assisting

When assisting with a goal, it does not matter what position the player plays in. Everyone who helps a teammate to score will get 3 points added to their total. Scoring, as you would imagine, is a different matter. The position of the player will determine how many points they get. As you would imagine, a striker is expected to score to receive four issues a goal.

Midfielders are also expected to chip in, so they will get 5 points a goal. As it is less likely that a defender or goalkeeper will score, they will get 6 points if they manage to the net. Not all goals will be good as there will be a 2-point deduction if an own goal is scored.


Strikers are not always going to accrue points, and it is here that they lose out to the rest of the team. If there is a clean sheet, then the goalkeeper and defenders will be awarded 4 points. As the midfield is less likely to be involved, they will be given just one point. 2 goals conceded will lead to the goalkeeper and the defenders losing 1 point, so at least strikers and midfielders are protected here.

As the goalkeeper’s position is one of a kind, they can gain points where no one else can. If they save three shots in the match, they get 1 point. If they save a penalty, they get 5 points. The penalty taker will lose two if the penalty is saved or just missed. For this reason, knowing your goalkeeper is vital.

A few Extras

Choosing well-behaved players can be an advantage, as there are deductions for indiscretions. Every time a player is booked, they will lose a point, and if they then go on to be sent off, it is a further 3-point deduction. Losing these points can prevent a player from hitting their target.

Winning the Fantasy5 online Game

Football Jackpot in Fantasy5 Online Game

The winner will be decided after all of the games involved have finished. If there are multiple winners, the pot will be shared between them. If no one wins, there will not be a rollover, but there will still be the £10,000 up for grabs next time.

Players will be able to track their players’ performance in live time and have the excitement of seeing the points they earn going up. As all players are shown, they will also see the performance of the players they did not choose. That could be less fun to watch.


The popularity of the Premier League is one reason why this game is so popular around the world. There are players from so many different countries that it is understandable that gamblers worldwide know the teams and the players’ ability. So far, there are over 46,000 players, and as the number of involved countries increases, so will the number of players.

If you like to test your knowledge of football players, this will help you get involved with gambling and not pay a penny. Free slots may give you a thrill for a while; playing this can let the excitement last for hours, and in the end, you could end up winning an amazing amount of money.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF Sports Writer