Top best female football players in the world in 2020

Article: Top Best Female Football Players in the World in 2020

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By Jonathan Lewis | 3rd FEB 2021

Compared to men’s football, women’s football receives less attention. Find out which of the best female players in the world.

Football is the king sport, it is a fierce competition of strength, technology, .. However, for excellent female players, no matter how harsh they are, they can still shine. Women’s football continues to grow in popularity and expand around the world. Do you already know which female soccer stars make the top best female footballers in the world? Below is the post synthesized by the live football website Let’s find out who these outstanding faces are through the article below.

Linda Caicedo

In his first professional season, Linda Caicedo became the top scorer of the Colombian league and helped the American de Cali club win the first championship in history.

However, she was not able to compete in the Copa Libertadores with only one reason that she was too young. Under Copa Libertadores law, players aged 16 and over are eligible to apply. Caicedo is the youngest player to appear in the Liga Aguila tournament of Colombia, and also the youngest to become a contender for the Player of the Year title, only turning 15 in February.

Anyway, she is about to turn to a new page of her career as she prepares to join Barcelona in the future. A lot of pressure is on the shoulders of such a young player. However, she still knows how to move forward, as well as meeting her expectations.

Linda Caicedo is an outstanding young player in 2020

Kate Wiesner

Penn State’s training facility continues to bring talent to the American women’s football village. After Alyssa Naeher and Ali Krieger, the World Cup champions of 2015 and 2019, this place produced another promising tomorrow star.

“Kate Wiesner is a world-class player and she will prove it right here.” – Coach Erica Dambach, who has worked with countless excellent players in his 13 years at the club, claims.

Wiesner – who can play well at both back and left winger – is only 19 years old, but already has a lot of international experience. She was even called into the U19 team in the US when she was only 16 years old.

Participating in the typical squad of the North American U17 Championship in 2018, Wiesner converges all the factors to become an indispensable name in the US national team in the future.

Gift Monday

The debut of Gift Monday in Nigeria’s shirt color in September 2019 marked the first steps in the path to the peak of this talent.

The 18-year-old is the star of the Blue Eagle at the U20 Women’s Football World Cup in 2018. Here, she showed great qualities to reach the quarterfinals with her teammates. Just a year later, Gift Monday became the first person to “shoot” for the campaign to conquer the African Games, helping bring Nigeria’s first gold medal after 12 years of waiting.

Coach Christopher Danjuma always affirms that Gift Monday’s contributions are “extraordinary”. The 18-year-old player himself has also shown remarkable maturity during the past time.

At this time, Gift Monday is aiming to make a mark on the national team colors. But before that, she will need to host Nigeria’s U20s in the U20 World Cup qualifiers.

Gift Monday a young girl with extraordinary inner strength

Melchie Dumornay

Haiti is not a country that produced too many football stars in history, but now they have Melchie Dumornay – a very special talent.

In 2018, the midfielder was present in the Outstanding Team of two CONCACAF regional U20 championships. Just before that, she did the same thing at CONCACAF U17, even won the Golden Ball title here.

Last February, at the Olympic qualifiers, 16-year-old Dumoray proved he could shine alongside his seniors, contributing to a massive 6-0 win over Panama – with one goal and one phase assist.

Jordyn Huitema

For many young athletes in North America, both attending college and practicing sports is the number one choice. Possessing specialized knowledge will help them get career opportunities right after graduation.

Most of the athletes show natural talent before turning 18, and Jordyn Huitema is just one of them. However, she bravely left the curriculum to find Europe and put on her Paris Saint-Germain shirt.

At the age of 18, Huitema made 30 appearances for Canada Tel. This female player also contributed greatly in bringing back a ticket to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics this summer.

Jordyn Huitema is a beautiful and outstanding female football player

Lena Oberdorf

German football history has turned a new page, when Lena Oberdorf first appeared at the Women’s World Cup 2019. Entering the pitch instead of Birgit Prinz – one of the greatest names in women’s football history, Oberdorf became the youngest player of the Tanks to play at the world’s No. 1 playground.

Despite her grandiose appearance, just two days before, she had to … take a semester exam for 3 hours at the headquarters of Germany!

Right now, Oberdorf is playing in a variety of roles based on his coach’s arrangement. Players on the SGS Essen payroll can play as a center-back, central midfielder, full-back and even a winger.

With his versatility and natural talent, Oberdorf has become an indispensable pillar at the club and national team – just turning 18.

Claudia Pina

Spain is the birthplace of many players with great technique and Claudia Pina is one of them. Barcelona’s striker can handle all situations skillfully, always keeping his composure and confidence in front of goal.

Pina’s scoring record at Spain’s youth levels is remarkable: As of February 2020, the 18-year-old has 37 goals in 39 appearances for U17, U19 and U20 teams. Accompanied by the title of European and World Championship U17s.

In Barca, where the player made her first team debut at the age of 16, she is still looking for an opportunity to express herself. Even so, the day Pina shines may not be too far away.

If you are a person who has a passion for women’s football, perhaps you should learn about the excellent young players shared above. Maybe they will be the motivation for you to become more interested in women’s football. The gameplay of these players will not be inferior to men’s football. Although the tournaments are limited and the broadcasting channels are not many, the attraction of this subject is growing stronger. Online soccer website still provides a link to view all women’s soccer matches in the world. Visit and update the schedule, results, standings for the season.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF Sports Writer

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