The Champions League and one of the most Historical Events within it

The Champions League and one of the most Historical Events within it

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By Jonathan Lewis | 17 FEB 2021

The Champions League is one of the biggest if not the biggest league in the world. Most players recall naming it the cup of dreams, taking the most skillful players back to their childhoods, they live, breathe and dream about the cup that was designed for purebred champions. The club who wins the championship earns an enormous amount of money, that money estimating to 19,000,000 to take home and the runners up receive 15,000,000.

The trophy itself was crafted by Italian born Guerrino Giorgi, it weighs eight kilograms and is fought for by the most prestigious teams known in Europe. It takes place every year starting in late June national champions obviously take part automatically and the strongest leagues in Europe have the opportunity to let runner ups of their league take part usually the top 4 of said league enter. It begins with the preliminary rounds taking everyone’s eyes onto the television screens or if one’s lucky they may have the chance to attend the match within the stadiums themselves.

The Champions league began over 66 years ago however was rebranded in 1992 with the total number of teams entering being 79. Nowadays, the Champions League is one of the most popular sports competitions in the world within sports betting giants like mobilebet and many more. The current champions are the German Giants Bayern Munich but even though they are the reigning champions the most successful team within the Champions league are Spanish champs Real Madrid who have acquired players such as football sensation Cristiano Ronaldo the Portuguese star has taken the world by storm and has won this cup with Real Madrid multiple times.

One of the most historical finals that has ever taken place happened in 2005 ……. Italian stars Milan versus the scousers of England Liverpool. The atmosphere was electric with the stadium being jam packed with supporters chanting their team’s anthems. Milan had astonishing players taking part in this incredible game against Liverpool such as Kaka, Pirlo and goalkeeper Dida. They demolished Liverpool’s defence within the first half leading by 3 goals but during halftime something was stirring inside all the Liverpool players and that was the willpower to keep on fighting for the cup of their dreams.

Liverpool’s captain Steven Gerrard created a battle cry for Liverpool raising everyone’s hopes that Liverpool stood a fighting chance. Just before the whistle blew for the second half to commence one of the Milan’s players touched the cup as if to create the stamen that the UEFA trophy is already owned by his club ,  however he’s yet to have the future of that cup revealed with the final whistle. Liverpool made history by regaining there pride and gaining 3 goals before the final whistle blew and the nerve wracking penalties began .Milan crumbled under pressure , the supporters were on the edge of there seats and after Liverpool’s goalkeeper saved the last penalty the stadium erupted with a roar from the Liverpool supporters. The winners and new cup holders of the champions league title of 2005 was English club Liverpool.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF Sports Writer