Free Kick Monuments in Football History

Article: Free Kick Monuments in Football History

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By Jonathan Lewis | 7th DEC 2020

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Number 10: Jose Luis Chilavert

No goalkeeper in the world has scored as many goals as Chilavert. During his career, the Paraguayan goalkeeper scored 62 goals, including 8 for the national team. In addition to the goals on the 11m mark, Chilavert is also a direct free kick expert. His shots are not very technical, but powerful and have very high accuracy.

Chilavert’s free kick, which sets him apart from the great majority of goalkeepers, was not natural. “No matter what people say, I have a strong belief in my abilities, in the difference I possess. From the very beginning of my career as a player at Luqueno, then Guarani or San Lorenzo, I always spent more than an hour – after every training session with the team – to practice free kicks. At Zaragoza, every day I practice 80-120 free kicks and this level has always been maintained throughout my career.

Number 9: Roberto Carlos

Carlos does not have a pair of skillful feet like teammate Ronaldinho or Ronaldo because he is just a defender. However, the goals he scored were worth the respect of the world. Have you seen the classic free kick in the match between France and Brazil in the money-winning quarter-finals of the 98th World Cup? Until now, even the best physics experts could not explain the puzzling trajectory of the ball. Not only did he have that spectacular goal, but Carlos also authored many lightning free kicks during his peak football time.

Roberto Carlos - The free kick breaks all laws of physics

Roberto Carlos – The free kick breaks all laws of physics

Number 8: Paul Gascoigne

With the nickname “the king of the dead ball”, the goals from Gazza’s free-kicks always leave viewers with unforgettable impressions. Paul’s free-kick went down in London’s history when he authored the goal from a stunning free-kick in Tottenham’s 3-1 win over Arsenal in the FA Cup BK at Wembley in 1991.

Number 7: Diego Maradona

People remember Maradona as a monument of world football because of natural talent and a lifetime goal in the 1986 final World Cup which was scored by hand. However everyone forgot, the football “golden boy” of world football also has a great free kick. Just one beat to get momentum before kicking the ball with his left foot and sending the ball into the top corner of the goal, that’s Diego’s unmistakable style.

Number 6: Stuart Pearce

When he was a coach, England U21 was one of the Premiership’s best free-kick specialists. His shots are often very stretchy and highly dangerous. If anyone has ever seen the FA Cup final in 1991 surely will not forget Pearce’s opening goal. A lightning shot from a distance of about 35m made the Spurs goalkeeper stand still like heaven.

Number 5: Matt Le Tissier

As one of the Southampton’s heroes in the ’90s, Tissier always terrified the Premiership goalkeepers whenever he was faced with free kicks. One must write great articles, or hold polls, about Matt Le Tissier’s Top 10 beautiful goals. There are also specialized details in Le Tissier’s scoring style, which are said to be almost “extinct” in today’s football. Remote ball tire for example, Le Tissier defeated Peter Schmeichel and the defense led by Gary Pallister with such a goal helping Southampton win M.U by 6-3 or a ball from 40m against Blackburn, in the season in which this team won the Premier League.

Matt Le Tissier - The great lost man

Matt Le Tissier – The great lost man

Number 4: Sinisa Mihajlovic

No one dares to think that a player can score up to 3 goals from free kicks in a match. But Mihajlovic has done the seemingly impossible. In the 1997-1998 season when Lazio returned to face his old team Sampdoria, the former Yugoslav defender surprised tens of thousands of fans when he scored a hattrick from three successful free kicks.

Number 3: Pierre van Hooijdonk

In the 2001-2002 season, Feyenoord took the throne in the UEFA Cup with a great deal of Hooijdonk. Once famous for his free kick ability, but only after seeing this striker score, can viewers admire his talent. Nine of Hooijdonk’s 11 goals were all scored from the free-kick. While playing for Feyenoord, Pierre van Hooijdonk once created a series of 14 consecutive scoring matches in all fronts.

Number 2: David Beckham

Referring to Beck, no one can forget his branded free kicks. The flaps in the right leg send the ball to spin and the trajectory is too difficult for the opponent’s goalkeepers to judge. The goal scored in the net by Greece in the 2002 World Cup qualifiers is a typical example. More important than that goal helped Tel officially participate in the finals in Japan and Korea.

Those who have seen David Robert Joseph Beckham play football must know he is a man who has been successful in a career of passion and a career in finance. He is a real gentleman on the pitch, every electronic football newspaper, every fashion magazine has his image. Not only the male fans, but he also has a strong female fan base.

David Beckham with the historic MU debut

David Beckham with the historic MU debut

George Best has revealed that David Beckham cannot shoot with his left foot and does not know how to head especially he does not have a tack on the field, plus these factors we can completely explain. Why did he score so few goals? But that doesn’t mean he isn’t talented.

Number 1: Juninho Pernambucano

The Brazilian midfielder deserves the title “king of free kicks”. From all positions, from all distances Juninho’s shots hit the opponent’s goal. His shots did not follow a certain trajectory or direction. It is always diverse and transformative, so that the goalkeepers can only watch when Juninho finishes.

In football, scoring from a free kick is also an art. The majority of football heroes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham and Thierry Henry have all scored some superb free-kicks. A free kick really excites me to increase the enjoyment of watching the ball and betting on it. In betting you can bet on the first free kick, last free kick or number of free kicks. Now, you can dang ky Ku Casino to participate in whatever bet and online game you want. Watching matches and choosing a bet type to bet on some money is really fun.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF Sports Writer