Article: The Health Benefits of Playing Football You Should Know

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By Jonathan Lewis | 12th NOV 2020

Dubbed the king sport, football is one of the most popular and popular sports in the world. Football players will practice the ability to move, walk faster, and increase agility as well as high endurance. Football is not only good for men’s health, but today many girls are also pursuing it. The most special thing about this sport is that you can play with almost any group of people regardless of the number and in any place with open space that brings many benefits to you.

Football is not only good for men’s health, but today many girls are also pursuing it

Increased endurance limit

Continuous jogging for 90 minutes, regardless of intensity, requires high stamina as well as physical strength in the athlete. Therefore, football players often have higher endurance limits than ordinary people.

The players also often practice resistance training exercises before they officially go to competition. This means they can transition from walking to sprinting and can recover quickly to do this continuously throughout the game.

Improve heart health

On average, each player must run at least 8 – 11km in a match lasting about 90 minutes. These 90 minutes of continuous walking and jogging help keep their heart rate high, just like when you do cardiovascular fitness exercises.

From there, this continuous exercise can help you enhance heart health, limit the formation of plaque in the coronary arteries, reduce blood pressure in the body and burn excess calories.

Helps you gain muscle and lose fat

Football is a great sport and ideal to help you burn excess body fat, help you gain muscle and lose fat. This is because playing football helps you move your muscles as well as your heart in a variety of ways.

Playing football helps to build muscle mass and burn fat better than other sports by simultaneously stimulating fast-contracting muscle fibers and slow-contracting muscle fibers. Playing football also consumes more calories than other activities because you are forced to continuously use the energy produced through your respiration.

Reduce the time spent on electronic devices and the screens.

In the modern world, we have so many options to spend our free time. Most of nha cai uy tin makes the most of all information channels to reach customers. The subjects were mostly from fans. Therefore, it is very easy to spend time and money on video games, betting useless. That will create a positive habit and lifestyle, especially for young people.

Strengthen muscle muscles

The healthy lower body needed to be able to perform kick, jump, and swivel movements also helps form the foundation for speed and agility.

The strength of the upper body that you need to support the ball and withstand the collision with your team player also contributes to the overall health of the body. Players often improve their health by using their whole body in the process of playing football.

Players often improve their health by using their whole body in the process of playing football

Promotes bone health

Normally, the strength as well as the proportion of human bones will decrease through the aging process. However, in football players, the process of supporting weight during a match is a great way to help strengthen the health of the skeleton.

Furthermore, maintaining athletic practice through playing football is a great way to help keep bones healthy.

Develop coordination

In the game, players need to constantly switch between walking, running and even sprinting, so coordination is very important in football. Body movement coordination is improved through complex movements, such as swinging the ball, which is performed at different speeds and angles depending on the player.

Hand-eye coordination improves when the players kick the ball or pick up the ball from their teammates. The better coordination between your body parts the better you will benefit in the match.

Promote teamwork

In addition to personal benefits, such as health, you will also be able to enjoy community benefits such as the ability to work in groups with others.

In addition, you and your teammates can share a goal together while helping each other to achieve that goal. The ability to work in groups is very beneficial to you when you do other things in your life.

Improve brain function

Football increases concentration and perseverance skills as well as helps you to set your own rules. This is a fast-paced sport, which means you need to make quick and decisive decisions on the pitch.

This is a fast-paced sport, which means you need to make quick and decisive decisions on the pitch

Even as the progress of the game slows down, the players are constantly looking for their own advantage through trying to take advantageous positions to receive the ball or defend the goal and easy areas being attacked.

Reduce stress

Football makes our life more comfortable. Exercises can help stabilize mood and reduce negative thoughts. People suffering from depression or insomnia can kick football and be surprised at the change.

Besides, this sport helps viewers relax their minds when they put all their attention to the match. Forget about the stress of school or work to enjoy the excitement of the game.

Entertain and cultivate emotions

Playing football was fun and watching it became even more emotional. This sport can engage people with every action in a match. It could be a technical ball game, more humorous than the strange actions of the players or the enjoyment of seeing many handsome and hot players.

Become extroverted

Another great benefit of football is that it helps introverts become more social. Introverts prefer to spend time with themselves rather than socializing with others. On the other hand, extroverts are the ones who actively communicate and get along with those around them. Regardless of your job, salesman, doctor, lawyer or entrepreneur, you need to know how to deal with people. You cannot live without socializing with others.

Football helps everyone in this society to get along. We see this happening a lot in children. At first, most of them are withdrawn and shy. Football will help them become more active and learn to have better social behavior.

Football not only helps you relax after a tiring working day but can also help improve your health very well. Make an appointment with a group of friends or go to the park to play with your kids to take advantage of the benefits of playing football right away!

And now, it’s time to get in touch with your group, get together and practice. Or would you steer to watch top football matches around the world, consult soccer ty le keo and place bets?

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF Sports Writer

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