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Article: Online Football Betting Tips Explained for the Novice

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By Jonathan Lewis | 23rd NOV 2020

Over the past decade football has become the number one sport for betting on. As online casinos and bookmakers have become more accessible due to the rise of the internet and smartphones, it’s now possible to place a bet on a football match from wherever you are in the world.

But, as football betting has become more and more popular, so has the choices of different bets you can now make on the matches. No longer can you only bet on which team will win or who will score, but now there are more obscure and sometimes bizarre bets you can place such as how many throw ins there might be in a match.

Let’s take a look at some of the types of bets you can place to help get you started.

Choosing Your Online Casino

There are literally thousands of online casinos to be found on the world wide web but the first thing you should be looking for is to make sure they offer sports betting.

Although a vast majority of online casinos do offer sports betting, not all do, so make sure they have sports betting available before signing up to use their services.

Pretty much any online casino you sign up to use will offer some kind of bonus or reward for signing up and depositing money to gamble with. Make sure if you’re only planning on betting on football or other sports that these types of bonuses are available to use with sports betting as sometimes they are restricted to be used on casino games such as slots or roulette.

Choosing Which Football Games To Bet On

If you are planning on making the more traditional type of bets such as who will win, goalscorers and such like it’s better that you choose football matches that you have some knowledge regarding the teams taking part.

Unlike slot games such as pharaohs riches or automaty online where winning is mainly down to pure luck, betting on football although some luck may be needed is more down to your knowledge of the game and being able to predict what may or may not happen.

So choose teams or leagues where you have some knowledge about the teams.

If you are betting on more obscure types of bets such as who will kick off first, how many throw ins, how many offsides in a match and the such like then as these bets are more about luck than knowledge you can pick any football match to bet on.

In Game Betting

Another advancement if football betting with the rise of smartphones has been in game betting. As we can now just pull out our smart phone from our pocket and make a bet instantly, there are now a lot more in game bets that can be made.

This is great if you are watching the game live at the match or on the television as it can add another dimension of excitement to the game.

Should you feel while watching the match that one team is likely to score soon then you can place that in a game bet before it happens.

Early Cash Out

Much like the advancement within game betting, early cash outs is a new feature that has been developed in the last few years.

For example, you may have bet on one football team to win the match, and in the game with only ten minutes left they are currently winning, but the other team now looks like they may score and equalise.

This would be a good time to use the early cash out option, although your winnings will be less than waiting until the full time whistle has blown, if it gives you a safety net you should feel that the tide is turning in the game.

This is a great feature to use, as with football anything can happen so sometimes it’s better to cash out and walk away while you still have a chance to win.


This is a type of bet where you are betting on more than one result to come in. You can bet from two games all the way up to hundreds of different results to go your way.

The more games you add into the accumulator tho higher the odds and bigger your winnings will be. But beware; the more games you add to the accumulator, the less chance of it actually happening.

This type of bet can be a fun and exciting way to bet with small amounts as should the bet land you are likely to win a tidy profit.

Treat these types of bets more like the lottery as the chances of it winning are quite small, depending on how many results you actually bet on.

Longer Bets

Although most people like to flutter on bets of which they do not have to wait a long time to find out if they have won or not, some people prefer the thrill of a longer placed bet.

So choosing which team will win the league or a cup or which teams may get relegated or promoted are longer bets. As you will bet on this happening but have to wait until the season has ended before knowing if you have won or lost.

The earlier in the season you place these types of bets the better odds you should get, as with a whole season of football there are many different variables that can happen to change the outcomes.

To Sum Up

Betting on football is a great way to pass the time and can add extra excitement and thrills to a boring match.

It is important to only ever bet with money that you can afford to lose though as nothing is ever certain in football so there are no guaranteed winners.

To be more successful try and bet on matches that you have some knowledge about rather than random football games that you have no knowledge of.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF Sports Writer

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