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Article: Premier League’s Greatest All-Time Goal Scorers

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By Jonathan Lewis | 6th APR 2020

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Just who has been the greatest Premier League scorer of all time? There are certainly some major contenders for this prize, and we’ve listed them here.

Main Contenders

1. Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer is more than just a legend amongst England football fans. He was the first Premier League striker to surpass the 200 goal milestone, and he has only been joined by one other player since, as you will soon find out. Shearer really was a legend in his time, and he proved to be pivotal for the success of clubs like Newcastle and Blackburn Rovers.

Who can forget the trademark celebration of the hand going up in the air when shearer hit the back of the net? It was so simple yet such a symbolic mark of the greatness of this man, and he really was the best that the Premier League has ever seen.

2. Wayne Rooney

Rooney burst onto the Premier League scene when he was just a teenager, but he certainly made his mark rapidly. It was clear right from the offset that he possessed some serious talent with a ball at his feet, and he finished his Premier League days with more than 200 goals. This is something that he and Alan Shearer are the only players to achieve as it currently stands.

He may have started out at Everton, but he went on to have an incredible career with Manchester United. He was fiery, quick,  powerful, and seemingly incredibly acrobatic based on his famous bicycle kick. Now, after enjoying considerable success across the pond in the MLS, Rooney has returned back to English football, which we are very excited about.

3. Andy Cole

We must admit before we conducted the research for this article, we did not expect to see the name Andy Cole in the top 3. Cole was a player who had seemingly itchy feet in the Premier League, for he played for a series of different clubs throughout his career. Clubs like Manchester United, Newcastle, and Manchester City have all been treated to a slice of Andy Coles talent in the past.

Cole finished his Premier League career with 187 goals, leaving him agonizingly close to joining the 200 + club. This being said, we are sure that he doesn’t lose too much sleep about that these days!

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF Sports Writer